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  1. Sweet! now to find some 8.4 nimh hump packs in the US!
  2. I got it in like 1987, And the instructions for this motor controller (that I still have) states it is rated for 100A Continuous Current, and 400A Instantaneous Current. 7.2V-8.4V rated, with a regulator output of 6V/2 A max. I have it in my Old Sand Scorcher, and I want to know if I need to stick to NiCads, or if I can move up to NiMH batteries. I like the idea of lots of current capacity, and have pretty much ruled out LiPo's, as they seem like I need to keep a fire hazard out of my car, and that much current will have me blowing another counter gear. I currently have my original 540 motor, with no real plans to go nuts with it, as I want to run it with out buying parts all of the time. So, what do I do? And where in the States do I get reasonably priced quality packs, or do I break out the old Weller Soldering gun and start connecting tabs, heat shrinking, and wiring my own? Parish
  3. Parish

    I need gears

    they are ordered! Thanks!
  4. I need the m-15 and m-16 gears for the Sand Scorcher, more specifically, the m-15 counter gear, as mine is blown up, and Tamiya has none in stock.
  5. What are you all using to lubricate your chassis? Oils have collected too much grit and acted like a rouge to wear out parts...anything dry out there that works well?
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