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  1. My brother used to be heavily into collecting parts for, and racing, older chassis, but recently he decided to cut back and offered me all of his older chassis, which I happily accepted. What I received was the following: In total there are: 1x TA03F Pro 1x TA03R converted from a TA03F 3x FF01, two rolling, one donor 2x M01, both hopped up 1x FF02 with a TL01 long arm conversion The parts piles consist of mainly hopups and spares for TA03s and M01/02s, all sealed, including several sets of brand new M01 B and A parts, carbon TA03F chassis parts... the list goes on. Any idea of what I should do with this haul? Any ideas on value? I'm not looking to sell any of it, but man do I love me some vintage Tamiya goodness
  2. tamiyafier

    Joined the FF-01 Club!

    Oh wow, I've been away a while, haven't I? The FF-01 has changed quite a bit since those last photos, and now has: Slicks Lightweight steering pins Painted rims A new rear end (found in a discount bin at a hobby shop) Adjustable camber links And last but not least.... Man, this shell was a nightmare. For one, it is ridiculously thin, especially at the rear, so I even had a hard time trimming it out. It also had several mould defects, such as a circular protrusion from the bonnet and wavy headlights, but those were all covered by decals, so all is peachy with regards to that. The rear did not have dimples to mark the holes for the spoiler, so I had to measure the holes out myself. Furthermore, many of the decals needed a bit of stretching to fit, especially the slab of blue on the roof. But I did my best, and it's almost finished Just need to finish up the wing and wing mirrors and she'll be done.
  3. tamiyafier

    My M-04XL Porsche 911

    It's actually a bit narrow, with non-offset rims. Can't remember it off the top of my head, but the front wheels (26mm) are installed in the high-offset direction. The rear tires are Tamiya "wide" racing slicks The wheels are 32mm.
  4. tamiyafier

    5 most iconic Tamiyas?

    I think we need to start defining what "iconic" means at this point
  5. tamiyafier

    5 most iconic Tamiyas?

    Um, yes...
  6. tamiyafier

    any lunchbox fans here? show me yours ?

    My little rascal:
  7. tamiyafier

    5 most iconic Tamiyas?

    Very obscure list you have there... only 3 out of the five ever went into production. I think you may have misread the title
  8. tamiyafier

    Retroracing Escort Shell Help

    I'm pretty sure standard procedure is to paint the two separate pieces, then bond them together using glue. Not sure though.
  9. tamiyafier

    5 most iconic Tamiyas?

    Being somewhat younger, the definitive Tamiyas in my opinion are: 1: Sand Scorcher 2: Lunch Box 3: Clod Buster 4: Bruiser 5: Wild Willy 2
  10. tamiyafier

    How Cool is this ?

    That's definitely a cool shell... Also, just to confirm it, extending and widening an M-04 definitely works: I haven't driven it that much yet, but one thing's for sure- don't skimp on grippy rear tires
  11. That's what I wanted to ask. All the chrome is a bit too blingy for my taste.
  12. tamiyafier

    What bodies do you run on your TA02T?

    WAIT! $37 shipped... http://www.ebay.com/itm/*****-FORD-f150-F-150-TRUCK-BODY-/150625095754?pt=Radio_Control_Vehicles&hash=item2311f4904a
  13. tamiyafier

    What bodies do you run on your TA02T?

    Eh, I'll pass on those... Thanks though! I think my best bet as this point is to just run the F-150.
  14. tamiyafier

    What bodies do you run on your TA02T?

    I dunno... I originally thought that the S10, Prerunner and F-150 shells would be cheap, what with all the re-releases and everything. I just can't justify dropping $30+ on a shell alone, without decals or anything. I'll try and explore my options...
  15. I would like to run my F-150 shell, but I feel that it would be too good to ruin. The S10 and Prerunner shells by themselves are pretty overpriced for what they are, so buying one off eBay is out of the question. Are there any alternative shells that fit relatively well and still look like trucks? Or will I have to run a hacked up TC shell?