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  1. I'd be keen to see how you print the bonnet area and bumpers, as it looks to me you'd have to print lots of supports. As for getting the doors in one piece, I probably would have gone the easy way and just printed two of the middle section, rough trimming doors out of one and sanding back, vice versa for the roof section. Or the other way to do it if you are keen is to just cut the doors out with some cotton thread, you can get a really thin cut that way, but takes a bit of work.
  2. that's looking really good. Given its such an iconic part part of the car, will you try and get the driver side to open?
  3. I'm hoping! But I agree with your sentiment, have to be very careful what you laser cut. Not only the surface finish, but plastics like polycarbonate give off nasty gases.
  4. true, but what I have is design for a laser, it's made by romark and called Romark LaserMax Brushed Silver/Black. This stuff, https://rowmark.com.au/collections/lasermax/colour_brushed-silver
  5. nice hotshot and some interesting mods there too. Would you mind sharing the upgrades that you did?
  6. my trend of very little rc time continues, but I did manage to set up a cheap chinese laser cutter I'd bought about 6 weeks ago. Although the software is terrible, it does the job, and was easy enough to work out. The manual is even worse though! Its 60W and looks like its actually a 60W laser with matching power supply. With this I should be able to cut up to 700 x 500 mm. While this is for work, I do have a few RC related projects in mind. In particular, laser cutting car badges from a material called Romark (Romark is a brand name). Its a 2 colour layer, thin plastic, used primarily from engraved signs. I have a chrome/black sheet that I should be able to laser cut into the car badges you use to see on cars in the 70s and 80s. Yes, its cutting in mirror, haven't found the setting to stop that yet some 6 mm acrylic and just better make sure I keep these cuts to a minimum
  7. I'm here with ya, its been 18 months now that I've had glasses after 48 old years of really good eye sight. I need them close up, long distance is still good, short distance seems to be getting worse by the day. Apparently in couple of years when the decline stabilises I can get laser surgery
  8. you can still screen print, it's just for small runs, it makes the stickers really expensive. But you can get colours that you can't print easily like metallics etc. Below is a pic of a screen print I did for a customer last year. I bought the screen kit from an Art store and made my own jig to screen them. I had about 100 to do. The screen I used cured under sunlight, so I didn't need too many special chemicals or anything. The hardest part was getting the screen really tight on the frame, as it needs to be super tight so there is no sag. otherwise you get bleed through the edges. When going onto PVC or vinyl, you'll want better inks, so they are permanent. One colour onto cardboard is easy once I was setup. But for multiple colours, you'll also need a better setup, as you have to register each colour precisely, so that means a much better setup. Also you have to make a screen for each colour, plus you have to buy inks in minimum quantities, so for white or black etc, that would be fine, but if you've got special colours, they either have to be mixed or you ending up buying more than you need. Compare all that to a wide format printer (what a sticker is generally printed with). I just have to load up the artwork, make sure I have the right media and press print. If there is unused space, I can fill it with other artwork. We have a matching cutter too, so when setup correctly, it'll print and then cut the stickers to shape. Relatively very little work, when compared to screen printing for small runs, that can still give decent results.
  9. always love a Big Bear rebuild. Will get to mine someday, but in the meantime, keep them pics and updates coming
  10. thanks, that's good to know. It gives me hope for the Honda S800 box I got in the mail a couple of months ago. I bought it for the complete body set inside, but had assumed the seller would have at least wrapped up the box, but nope, this is how I received it
  11. cheers @Juggernut that is a great idea. I'll give it a go, I've got nothing to lose. and I suspect the Fox box might come up pretty well.
  12. i'm personally hoping for a Subaru Forrester X body, 2009, but that's only because I use to have one, and I figured if they did the Honda.
  13. I wonder what sort of updates they've done to the chassis. I have 3 CC01's and I'll probably get a CC02 at some point, although not particularly keen on a G500.
  14. well, I was initially hoping for a 6m x 9m space that was part of the house, which is now looking like a 6m x 6m glorified garden shed, but I will take what I can get (and afford)!
  15. no worries, if I do get rid of it, you'll be the first to know Otherwise have done very little RC wise this year, too much work but that meant more money, such I get to tear down and rebuild my house at the end of the year. Hoping to get a better work area in the process. I did manage to buy a proper Ford Escort Mark 1 3D model for printing. So I will give that a go soonish. I've also got a resin 3D printer now, so hoping to see how that prints. It won't be strong enough to use as a one off, but it should print a better finish and then I can mild/recast a proper body from that.
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