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  1. Ebay (which usually means either Hong Kong based or Tony's - UK), or rcmart have come to the party on some things I wasn't expecting. Sadly though its been years since I've bought a Tamiya part from inside Australia.
  2. what are you wanting to get printed?
  3. not wanting to wait forever and day for these to arrive in Australia, I ordered one from Hong Kong, only took a week and a bit to get here. A little pricey though, especially with freight, but really wanted one . I'll do box art, and the body I got a week ago will be a red and black Colin MCrae rally version. This also means I have currently one each of MF-01X to date (Merc, Beetle, Jimny and now the Escort) Also with the order, a Tamiya CC01 barrel spring set.
  4. the silver version looks awesome!
  5. thanks, I have every intention of getting back into things, but have to make hay while the sun shines! But all this work has allowed Mrs Yogi-bear and I to tear down and rebuild our house (its about 2 months now from completion). Once that is done, I plan on building a decent sized shed which will give me some proper space to tinker (It will also serve as a Lego room for my son). if you want more info on the Volvo build and the vac former I built (work in progress)
  6. wow, someone remembers! however like all my rc projects, the are moving too slowly but I intend on finishing it. My last update was just over 2 yrs ago and I'd made an attempt at vac forming the body from the buck I'd machined. I wasn't expecting a lot as it needed a bit more work. Plus the vac former needed some improvements. My biggest issue now is work has been insanely busy the last few years and especially the last few months and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Still minor progress has been made: I have still been able to upgrade the vac former with much better suction, I rebuilt the hinge mechanism and was even able source some 1mm Polyarbonate. I've also upgraded my cnc machine slightly and will probably machine a new buck at some stage. This is where I got up to, pics of the first attempt on a FF-01 chassis
  7. funny you should say that, Im in the process of getting a new wide format printer. It will mean I can print onto clear a lot better too, and I'm targeting one that does a much better print and cut on small stickers
  8. all good, first come, first serve and I don't really need it Two Keys has some good prices too and I see he now has the De Lorean cheaper than what I paid for it! I am hoping he gets some more of the Celica 1600 bodies in though.
  9. it is indeed, and I had my eye on that very same MK1 body, but was too slow to pull the trigger. That guy also had a Celica 1600 that looked quite good too but I was also too late on that one The one I bought will be painted up one day, but at the moment I am very slow getting anything RC done, too much work on.
  10. Its a more generic body, so the rear wing is also vac formed, but so are the headlights, so there is opportunity to put LEDs in them. there is one left, check out this eBay store, he is in country NSW, has some interesting stuff too, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-10-RC-Clear-Lexan-Body-Shell-Toyota-Celica-GT4-Rally-with-decals-Rally-or-Race/124480057901?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648
  11. Mk II Escort Body by Tamiya and a generic Toyato Celica GT4 rally body
  12. there is a 1/10th scale Ford Escort on thingiverse, will see how it compares with the Tamiya body and if the grill can be made to fit. Although making a new one shouldn't be too hard It also has some bumpers and dash that might be useful. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2914461
  13. well, I caved and ordered one
  14. it will fit directly onto a M08 chassis, no modifications. RC Kicks goes through it,
  15. $225 was the cheapest I paid for a MF-01X kit (Mercedes) which I thought was about right, but now the cheapest I can find is $255 (inc delivery). Both the Beelte and Jimmy cost me around $300 a pop, and lots seem to be priced way over $350, but I guess stock is limited now. $300 is about my limit for this, but only because I think these will go quickly, otherwise I'm tempted to wait it out a bit. It is a pity they don't offer the chassis separately, I guess its not a common thing to do?
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