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  1. picked up a GB-01 tam tech chassis kit. a Tamtech Gear Hotshot body which may or may not go on the above chassis my new inkjet printer arrived too (well I've actually had it for two weeks, what arrived was Phil the technician to set it up ). It took him 3 hours to get it out of the box to this stage where he could boot it up. Tomorrow it gets commissioned and I can do some test prints (and actual jobs!). This is a business purchase, but it will allow me to print my own decals, using white ink on clear. I've got a couple sets I've made up that I will try tomorrow and will post the results. ink cartridges and printheads, each ink cartridge holds 1 litre of ink! Colours are White, black, magenta, light magenta, cyan and light cyan. Plus two mixture cartridges (no idea yet what they do) and an optimiser fluid for helping it stick to different media
  2. yogi-bear

    Marui Hunter

    both the Grasshopper and Hornet would have been lighter cars I think. And the Grasshopper only had a 380 motor, so I guess run times would have been longer. The Galaxy would have handled much better though and is probably more comparable to the Frog, but was slightly cheaper and why I got mine. I quite liked the Galaxy, and I did eventually get a secondhand hornet, which I must say took a lot more abuse I think I remember something about the Big Bear too, and did a quick look through my bookmarks I saved when doing some research. It seems V2 had an updated differential, a different heat sink and apparently a cover for the mechanical speed controller. You are definitely doing well to get so many parts so quickly! I got my collection over a few years and lots of junk/part buys just to get some usable parts. I've also managed to piece together 2 Big Bears (which I need to finish off and restore one day) and while it would be nice to get some of the other cars, I'm going to stop with what I have. my printer got installed this afternoon. It too about 3 hours to get it out of the box and being able to be turned on. Tomorrow the techs come back and finish it off, so I should have some sample Hunter decals by the afternoon. I'm keen to see how the white ink prints.
  3. what we need is some sort of open source repository (much like those free vector logo sites) where people can submit artwork for whole or parts of decal sheets.
  4. yogi-bear

    Marui Hunter

    I do indeed have the parts to build both the red and blue. It took me a while to find everything though. With the parts I managed to collect I can build about 4 blue versions with one being all from NIP and 1 Red one with mostly NIP items. I even managed to find a set of the silver rims that came with the Red one, that was a lucky find! Its all packed up at the moment and one day I intend to restore my original (that's pretty much done), build a shelf queen of Red//Blue and Hunter and a runner for the Galaxy, but modernised a little. The left over parts I'll probably sell off the rest at some point. I think Mauri did have plans for other cars, and I seem to recall reading somewhere there was a least one prototype that didn't make it to market (A Pajero from memory, a quick google finds this Tamiya club thread - ) and it's a shame they left the RC market, as while their initial offering of cars wasn't perfect, I think it was a pretty good first run in an early market.. The still exist, but seem to focus on air guns.
  5. yogi-bear

    Marui Hunter

    that is a very lucky find! The excess part things, I remember went I built Galaxy wondering what they were for, so they must have been intended for something else. And I have about 3 or 4 Broken chassis, so looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  6. yogi-bear

    Marui Hunter

    yeah, I do a lot of signage and odd stuff for film and tv props. Being able to print my own stickers for my cars is just a bonus. In saying that, there are cheaper options, but still probably out of most peoples price range. You can apparently get a vinyl sticker for inkjet printers (but not have tried myself) and I would recommend sealing that as I doubt it would be waterproof. And if you are careful with the registration, you could probably also cut them out with that cutter you bought. Still with that Silhouette, maybe not all still, but I think you will be able to do a lot with a lot without printing. Before I had a wide format printer, we would vinyl cut a lot of signage and just layer the colours to create affects. Plus there are lots of colours including metallics, chromes etc available. There should be a blade available for fine cutting (it might be listed as a 60 degree blade) which means you could cut small text around the 4 mm in height (you might need to play around with the settings). This is all vinyl cut and I would imagine you machine is just as capable. on this Audi, I cut most of these, except the car number stickers and ones like the red BOSCH and Votex as they just had a bit too much detail. But you could do a version with a little less detail. The Audi Sport on the fender was cut and overlaid on the grey. I probably could have cut the side door number sticker, but it would be a bit fiddly. Back to the Hunter, you have some interesting ideas to try! The pulley idea actually sounds like the easiest to do, but as for autheniticity, I think it comes down to what you want do with the car once its restored. If it's a part time runner, then I think the mods might be a good idea as the original design does have some failings that will eventually show up again.
  7. shocks aren't stock. And until you can see it and strip it down you would be taking a gamble on what is wrong with it. I would say it would cost a bit than $100. Body alone is probably close to that. Then it'll need a set of tires and at least one rim, and a bumper. It'd still buy it, as it could end up as a donor car, but that's my personal preference and I do like to restore when I can.
  8. yogi-bear

    Marui Hunter

    The printers I use are specifically designed to print onto sticker vinyl, canvas etc. I'm currently using a HP 365 wide format printer (which my father owns). One like this https://graphics.quadient.com.au/large-format-solutions/sign-display-printers/hp-latex-large-format-printers/hp-latex-365-64-large-format-printer After not owning a wide format printer, its time for me to get one. The one I am getting installed this week is the HP 700W, and it was only released a couple of months ago. Like this https://www.perfectcolours.com/large-format-printers/outdoor-and-latex-printers/hp-latex-printers/hp-latex-700w-large-format-printer-64in.html Both these machines allow you to print a sticker and then cut it out to shape. I got the HP 700W as I've wanted a white print capable machine for a long time, but printing white isn't without its challenges and this machine helps overcome some of that. Not cheap, the entire package I am getting (includes a special vinyl cutter and a service agreement for 5yrs) is about $77k AUD.
  9. yeah, could be, but why just one? I was thinking maybe it's been setup for a one way oval track?
  10. hard to tell from just that photo, but one rear tire is looking a bit funky, which could indict odd driving style or a particular type of course setup. Still, I'd take the punt for $40 as these are hard to get. But going in previous purchases like that, I'd be expecting to have to replace some parts.
  11. yogi-bear

    Marui Hunter

    ok, so I have traced the sticker sheet image I had (it wasn't very good) but I don't think this is too bad. GUMOUT is not as accurate as it should be, so I might hunt around for a better example to copy. My printer gets install on Thursday, so this can be one of the first test prints it does.
  12. GIMP will be an bitmap editor, much the same as photoshop, so it won't really do vector graphics. Yeah, would be a lot to learn if you are only doing a couple of stickers.
  13. hmm, I don't know how to use Inkscape (I have Adobe Illustrator etc),so can't help with specific tasks. I would though recommend you convert the file out from jpg or png too if you are going to do a lot of editing. For me this would mean bringing it into photoshop and saving it as a native photoshop file. For Inkscape I am not too sure, hopefully someone can chime in with an alternative. But I say this as both jpg and png are compressed file formats, so each time it is saved, it redoes the compression and you lose a little bit of quality. I'd also keep it as high a resolution as you can and then scale it back to size when finished. I don't know much about Inkscape, but looking just now, it seems to be purely a vector graphics program, (much like illustrator), so if you are just wanting to some editing to the image itself, like making all the windows black or cutting and moving parts, you might also need a free image program like GIMP (its similar to photoshop). And then when you are done, you can bring that file into Inkscape for scaling etc.
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