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  1. I use to manually snipe, now I used a hosted server like gixen, that way it doesn't matter if I forget or have internet issues at the time. It does cost though, about $6US per year.
  2. anything I've ordered from the UK since march has been 4 to 5 weeks. Although I am still waiting for that Revell paint remover to arrive, that's been 5 weeks so far, so hopefully this week. Orders out of China have gotten a lot better though, they are now tracking about 2 weeks.
  3. yeah, it is satisfying, this sort of this is probably what I enjoy the most and I'm hoping over time I can do more, but we'll see what time permits.
  4. I'm trying to learn how to use the lathe and mill, so the last week I had a go at some rims and rear Hornet adapters. The finish could be better (nothing a good polish wouldn't fix), but as a beginner, I'm happy enough with them. I need to make 3 more of the front facing rim and they'll go onto my CC01 Land Freeder.
  5. I've also been trying to do more metal work. First, re-making a film number plate, I've done these before, but I want to get the press more crisp. Anyone want to guess which movie car this one is from? And RC wise, I've been doing some machining on the lather and mill. I use the lathe to machine down some blanks and get the basic shape, in this photo its a rim for my Land Freeder. I did 4, but will have to redo one. and then finish off on the mill. I'm still learning so I think I'll end up doing more on the lathe before I go to the mill. Learning involves making the odd mistake, here I didn't tighten the first rotary table I was using, which could also be angled and ended up digging the mill end in. but after a few goes I got there. I also made some Hornet rear wheel adapters. Once I had the rotary table set up on the mill properly, these were pretty easy to do. What I did forget to do it clean the edges. On all of these, the finish quality needs a bit of work, but for now I am happy enough that I can at least begin to machine my own rims.
  6. hmm, its been awhile, I should post some updates So I have been trying to get back into vac forming, and gave abs ago. The vac former has been upgraded a bit and now seals a lot better and has a much better hinge for raising and lowering. formed in 1.5 mm ABS plastic I also gave the Mk 1 Ford Escort Bod ago. A bit too much webbing, but I can refine that. One of the issues though, is that my molds are plaster casts, and they will dry out. I was going to do the Ford Escort Mk 2 as well, and then this happened. And no I didn't drop it, if fell apart in my hands. So that made we want to try resin casting. I had some cheap cockpit bodies and gave one ago. The inside of the cockpit was sprayed with a de-molding film (although in hindsight I'll give it more coats). I used fibreglass epoxy from the auto store and mixed in Aluminium powder, about 1/3 by weight. I've wanted to try this for awhile as the resin can be worked a lot more than the plaster and can be sanded or added too. It's also a lot stronger, especially for thin sections, like the back of the seat and I'll get a lot more goes at vac forming than plaster. I'll eventually try and copy old shells too, using the fibreglass matting instead of filling it up, but this was an easy test to begin with. I did nearly break the original trying to get it off. Overall not too bad, next is to drill tiny vent holes, clean up the sides and mount to a proper base and then give it a go with some 1 mm HIPS.
  7. awesome rebuild thread. Will we get to see a video of this in action once completed?
  8. hmm, a hard question to answer. It would either be my Marui Galaxy (my first RC, but not great reliability), my Fox (my second new kit I bought as a teenager, lots of fun to drive) or a Wild One I picked up a few years ago. There are others, but these probably mean the most to me, and any decision would come with regrets about the ones I didn't keep.
  9. that's pretty much why I snipe. I can think about my max bid without any pressure or anyone else knowing that I am bidding. The bid goes in at the last few seconds. That way I am a less tempted to over bid.
  10. I use spray putty for light surface and auto repair filler for the deeper bits. Plus a dremel with a sanding bit in it to bring it down. Its a bit of work, but I haven't across anything better yet.
  11. I don't actually mind the black with the silver rims! Do I see a hint of a star patterned based paint scheme in a previous life?
  12. those little details really set it off.
  13. doh, I get it! My initial thought was that it was based on the ute/truck from The Fall Guy, but it would need that logo he had, and the colour is slightly off. - doh again, just read the rest of the comments where it is revealed
  14. I'm not a fan of Mr Bean, the comedy is too awkward for my liking, but in saying that I think it is very well done. He convey's so much without saying much at all. Black Adder was probably my favourite of Rowan Atkinson. Since Tim Brooke Taylor died not too long ago, have been binge watching the entire Goodies series with my son. There is definitely a lot more 'skin' showing than I remembered as a kid!
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