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  1. I'm liking those rear window stickers, and comedic company names sounds like a good idea. Hmm, I'll have to start planing a second sheet. Luckily I haven't got any else much better to do!
  2. sure you (or anyone else) are welcome to submit for input. Ideally its in vector format, so not a bitmap, but if that's all you have, then so be it. Format should be svg, illustrator, coreldraw, pdf or eps. Avoid publisher files, they are a pain in the butt. But give it a go, even if its not perfect, I can tidy it up. For these, as I'll be modifying existing logos anyway, so I won't really have a claim to copyright. And I'll probably make a printable file for download. windscreen stickers, there is a good idea too!
  3. what I think I'll do is firstly work out some logos and post them to see they are liked, and then get feedback on sizing. And agreed, the sheet should be filled. I was also thinking there would be multiples of each logo. I'll see how many different designs I can punch out though, as that will be the limiting factor. At this stage I'll stay away from driver names, I like the idea, but it'll add too much to the work load at the moment.
  4. Tamiya ones are on clear, so it's less noticeable. Plus the machine does it all, so its an easy process. yeah, I'd love to get a white ink printer, but they are expensive! and I don't get enough work to justify the cost
  5. hmm, I did some quick calculations, and I could do an A4 sheet onto an outdoor white vinyl (unfortunately I can't print onto clear), each logo dye cut too, of a number of different logos for about $12 AUD delivered world wide. Packaging wouldn't be flash, as I have to get them into an envelope to make postage out of Australia cheap. Delivery times might be about 2 weeks as well to the US or UK. Would anybody be interested? I'd of course have to do a few more logos, I was thinking maybe around 20 or 30 different logos ones?
  6. last few days gave the Rising Storm a bit of a clean. Just need to get some new tires for it. I have a few cars that have no driver figures, so had a crack at making some moulds and recasting. The first 2 efforts weren't that great, but I am starting to get the hang of it. Today I'll try and re-cast some small lego bits for my son. and I started working on repairing a very dodgy grasshopper body. Its missing one rear corner and is badly cracked. So I cut some Styrene sheet, roughly to shape glued them in place. This took several attempts as I couldn't get anything to stick. I should have really done what I did next, first. I think part of the reason was the car was so grubby, so I ended up stripping it right back. Oddly enough it was only until now that I noticed the big curve out from the rear wing, but I think I'll keep that like it. currently printing some sanding stick clamps and then I can get on with tidying up the body properly.
  7. so I found some existing logos and modified them. I might try and so some more tonight
  8. you should be happy with that, its a very impressive build, well done!
  9. yeah, that one is a tough call. I think leaving it a good idea as you could end up making it a lot worse. I was thinking you could run some Weld-On No.3 along the crack, which would partially dissolve and rejoin it. But that would ruin the paint underneath. You could always reinforce it underneath with a thin layer of epoxy. At least that wouldn't be visible and minimise any future damage.
  10. those rims really do add to the Sand Scorcher!
  11. well, I don't think all businesses are the same, big or small. I have certainly worked with and for businesses the value employees, which is probably my biggest personal gripe with Amazon. My daughter works at McDonalds, and she is certainly treated a lot better than what I have read for Amazon warehouse workers. That is scary. I have been caught before where financial advice has been great until you come across something unexpected and then you find out the disadvantages. I picked on Amazon here as they were mentioned, but yeah, there are others. Amazon is certainly not the only one, but it was front of mind as they have been in the news recently about how they run things here in Australia and overseas. However, there are also plenty of other multi-nationals here that instead of employing people through a 3rd party contractor, they put them on as casual or permanent. Sure they are still cheap labour, but they have more rights as a casual than as a contractor (well here in Australia anyway). Few businesses are perfect, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't call them out.
  12. that is looking really good! But I think the question on everyone's mind is where will the banner go?
  13. ok, this is why I don't like Amazon and won't buy from them. For a seller they are great, Amazon will do a lot of the leg work for you. So for example you have 100 widgets to sell, you pre-package them and ship off to the nearest Amazon warehouse and when you get an order, they take care of fulling the order and sending it. You just have to make sure you keep Amazon stocked. Thats one of the reason they have such large warehouses, they are holding their own goods plus a great deal of their sellers. What it also means is that since the warehouses are so large, even with all their robots, they still employ a large number of people. So far, so good, and easy for small sellers too. Now for the bit I don't like, they don't actually employ that many people, they are all contracted through a third company. In Australia, we tend to take our workers rights quite seriously, but this contract method sidesteps all that. Shifts are not guaranteed week to week (even though they are doing the same thing each week) and because they are contract, they miss out on holiday pay (Australia its 4 weeks a year for full time workers), sick leave (10 days a year), minimum wage, overtime etc. Now there have been lots of reports here about actual working conditions. They say workers have access to water, toilets etc, but the workers are timed every second during the day. So they get and order and will be given a time limit to complete, then they get the next one and so on. If they fail too often to fill and order in the time given, they don't get sacked, they just don't get as many hours and there is nothing they can do. If they were employed, there are workers laws around having to notify of staff about issues, there is appeal system, etc. Now I understand the need for Amazon to turn a buck and to make sure the workers are efficient, but everything I have ever read about how they manage their workers just seems to be worst and nothing more than pure greed, just so we can get cheap stuff.
  14. This week, help a mate build a shed: and painted and stickered by Mad Bull finally. I used left over Hornet stickers. Not the best paint job (its pretty rough close up) and I'll probably add a bit more to the rear wing, but it'll get bashed around when its driven so I am not too concerned. I'll have to find a driver for it too at some point, but for now I'll consider this done.
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