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  1. So also this week, and while not vac former related, I might as well post it here anyway. Months ago I bought a milling machine but wasn't able to set it up. This week that finally happened This package came with a DRO, something that I would consider essential, especially for a novice like me. In the next couple of months I'll also add stepper motors so I can program it. The other project I was able to start on was upgrading my CNC machine. I'd initially done a poor job of wiring up the controller box, it worked, it was just messy. I've now almost completely rewired the controller box and can now add in a homing plate and limit switches. I'll also add in a better vacuum dust collection system. I'd tried machining aluminium in a while ago, but there was some flex in the base. I have solved that with a 20 mm steel plate, that baby isn't going anywhere! That will make the base a lot stiffer. I still need to reduce the flex where the spindle is located, but this will do for the time being. While all these machines are for work, it is my aim to be able to vac form car bodies and machine in some way my own rims. My first project for the milling machine will be doing some Audi BTCC rims.
  2. so I need to finish off @Martell s bodies, that I started a year ago I was hoping to get to this over Christmas, but that didn't happen. Anyway, an opportunity arose this week with a mate and what better way to get a task done that to pass it off to someone else So with the vac former I'd made, I had a couple of issues. I wasn't getting a good seal when forming and the connection from the frame that holds the plastic to the lever system wasn't the best. It had been made of wood which wasn't ideal, so time to bring some metal fabrication in and redesign. The other issue I had was the ball value levers where a bit clunky, and I'd planned on upgrading to solenoids and toggle switches. So this is the updated joint to the lever system. Much more solid now. The other big upgrade was installing solenoids to give better control over timing etc. Today we work out the electrics and got most of it in place. Where I could, I went for the biggest ones I could get. So its a mix of 12V and 24V solenoids. This is the one that connects to the vacuum cleaner. And the power supplies are tucked away underneath. and laser cutting a new control panel. Cut in clear, reverse etch the labels and then it will be backed with black vinyl. What didn't help is I accidentally etch some of the holes that will end up being cut out. Next weeks goal is to finish of the control panel and then remake the base so there are no leaks.
  3. not quite this today, but this week and not quite me, but a mate of mine. I had lots to do setting up and upgrading some of my machines, but wasn't getting the time. A mate of mine was out of work, so I paid him to get me sorted out. So he was able to get my milling machine setup, put a new base in my cnc machine and started doing the upgrades to my vac former I'd been planning for too long. I'll post some pics in my vac forming thread.
  4. this baby arrived today, to go with a M02 chassis I won on eBay.
  5. unfortunately not RC related, but I did get to build my Christmas present.
  6. I'm guessing that title is based on some metric, maybe its the number of posts?
  7. this was yesterday, replaced a radiator my Subaru Outback. Hoping I can do more of my Audi TT02 build on the weekend.
  8. for correct font sizing rounded and curved numbers and letters and slightly bigger than other numbers and letters and that's why the 7 doesn't right.
  9. from memory polycarbonate is about 147C to soften and 155C to melt. Maybe a gentle heat in boiling water will help with pushing it back into shape, but when I try to vac form it, if its not hear temp, it doesn't want to move.
  10. well, that's annoying. Polycarbonate can be softened with heat, but it has a really small window from softening to melting, so you will need to be careful. Personally I think it would be easier to 3D model, then 3D print and cast from there.
  11. that's a very nice kit, looks to be a better design for the gantry. I'm just in the process of updating the machine and then I will give aluminium a proper go.
  12. very true and is another issue I do have. I have a gantry style 6040 frame and the bed has some small flex, but enough to be an issue. I am planning on upgrading the base of the bed with a 20 mm thick steel plate, which should make the machine more rigid.
  13. ah haha , that is a great pic it is related to a thread I started a couple of years ago, which I have projects that are long overdue to be completed.
  14. thanks for that. I have a home made cnc machine and I've done plenty of wood cutting, but only a little bit with aluminium. Your final product is really good, I am hoping I can do the same.
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