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  1. I think it helps in that I am a glass half full person
  2. I've bought a lot of junkers/restoration projects and I've always be interested in what the history of the car was, regardless if it was good or bad. Not that I ever have any hope of learning anything, but more of a reflection of how the car got into the state it did. How did things break, was it abuse or some random event etc. But I don't think I've ever been annoyed, just happy I might have a chance to bring life back to something that got used well. Case in point was a restoration of a Martini Mark II body and chassis parts. It had clearly been abused and well used. I'm guessing it was a younger kids car at some point. The chassis had the middle section of a Mauri Big Bear screwed to it. Liquid paper had been used as paint on the car. Pics to look at horror at! I managed to restore the body though, so while I could get hung up on the torture of a classic, I am happy I was able to bring the body back to life. I managed to flatten out the chassis too, just have to find the time one day to put it all back together
  3. I'd like to make two additions to the build, admire enjoy theme - you should also take photos and post online! and a third one, if it were me, I'd want to run it as well, even if it was just once.
  4. agreed with @Isear2905, build it and enjoy it!
  5. I'm sure I read this a couple of weeks ago, is it the SRB chassis?
  6. More this week than today. I had a go at etching and then filling it with acrylic paint. A little rough, but has potential, have to learn how to clean up afterwards a bit better. I have also been wanting to try laser cutting HIPS (its a plastic very similar to the Evergreen product that is used to scratch building). Now I get two weeks off over Christmas, which should be time enough to build a car. Last year I was able to do the Wild Willy 2, so this year I settled on the re-re Audi A4 STW BTCC. I'm not going to start the car yet, but was hoping to hop it up a little, so I tried cutting and etching an Audi A4 BTCC grille and the backend of some light buckets using 1.5 mm HIPS. With the light buckets, I first hand cut one, and then pulled it apart, scanned the pieces and laser cut a new one, and re-trimmed. I'll then re-scanned those parts and do another version or two. This way I have all the pieces on file and can cut more for two used Audi bodies that I wanted to add light buckets too as well. So first rough version followed by laser cut version. I'll do the rear light buckets the same way. Spray painted and test fit. It'll need some details on the lens to look better, but I'll worry about that when I paint the body.
  7. I have an earlier version of one of these. I like that is got the hot air gun for doing heat shrink. I've had it for about 5 yrs with lot to moderate use and its been pretty good so far https://www.banggood.com/2-In1-Digital-Hot-Air-Rework-Soldering-Station-Soldering-Iron-Solder-Rework-Station-SMD-Desoldering-p-1217994.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN
  8. managed to make another version of a RC car stand. This is my 5th revision. I also managed to laser cut some EVA foam to make the pads. I settled on a size that accommodates a number of different wheelbases and chassis sizes. So far have tested a Wild Willy, CC-01 DF-02 and a TA03F and they sit pretty well.
  9. So my Dad calls me this morning and says the neighbour was throwing away an RC car called a Ninja or something and did I want it. I thought why not, how can I say no to something that is free plus I can always put it in the bin if it's no good. So it turns out to be a Rising Storm! A DF-02, I don't know much about these cars, but despite being quite dirty, it looks in decent enough condition so it could make a cheap runner. The batteries had been left in the controller and had well and truely started to corrode, but luckily no damage yet to the electronics.
  10. OZ RC a hobby store in Brisbane also have a small selection, may or may not suit https://www.ebay.com.au/str/ozrcmodels/Bodies/_i.html?_storecat=5
  11. that calculator would put my Otaki 1/12 scale kit at about $80 in today's dollars! I could only dream of paying that much now
  12. I can remember in 1983 buying a Otaki Lamborghini 1/12 scale kit for $22! Kits prices for a 1/24th scale car here in Australia at a Hobby Store seem to range in the $40 to $50 range for a Tamiya kit or equivalent, yet oddly enough I can get Hotshot, Hornet, Frog etc for the same money or less as back them they were released. I think demand is a bit part of it. When I was growing up, model kits where a dime a dozen and just about every kid would have had a go at some stage, but that is a lot rarer these days. In the end its profit, competition and demand that dictates the end price. I think modelling is becoming more of an old man's hobby.
  13. not quite the same, https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/hobby-diy/automotive/plymouth-roadrunner-printable-body-car but you might get lucky with a 3D printed body
  14. they are like hens teeth, even the HPI ones can be hard to get. Well at least from what I have seen in Australia anyway. I have seen these recently though https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Controlfreax-BMW-E30-Body-Shell-tamiya-190mm-tt01-tt02-btcc-/174030784211?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 but unsure of quality, stickers look a little home made and the listing says 3D print parts. I think the seller is from the UK, good luck
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