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  1. unfortunately not the same stuff, have tried and failed. It is good for removing glue and adhesive though
  2. yeah, we don't have that version here, I've looked for years. I have found Eco-Concepts graffiti removed at Bunnings, but haven't tried it properly.
  3. I don't, but only because I don't have the time to drive anything at the moment. I think of them like the 1:1 vintage counterparts, sure you can appreciate them on the shelf, but to truly enjoy a vintage car, you need to drive it but with respect It also means I am not opposed to modifying them either.
  4. yogi-bear

    this interesting body post location...

    that position is much nicer and makes sense to me, but I can imagine it would be vulnerable to damage from front impacts.
  5. yogi-bear

    What's your most intricate paint job?

    this is not intricate, but I was happy with this because it was one of the first times I used a gloss lacquer over the top, and the condition I got it it meant it was a challenge getting it clean enough to paint. after before
  6. yogi-bear

    eBay Sales

    I get them all the time, and just recently I've noticed a 10% off banner cross the top for the webpage on eBay and mobile app. However quite often its not 10% off everything, but selected goods, or there is a minimum spend. I suspect its because I browse eBay a lot, but don't buy. I've noticed this with Flybuys too, we can bonus offers, so we get sent an offer via email that we have to activate, the offer is to spend a minimum amount to receive bonus flyby points. I've noticed that if I don't activate too many, they change the offer, usually upping it a bit.
  7. yogi-bear

    The rise of Frankenbear

    I'm liking this thread! I have two Big Bears that need restoring one day, one will be a full rebuild, the other a runner, so keen to see what you do with this, especially with the steering
  8. yogi-bear

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    agreed, those tires look good, what brand are they?
  9. yogi-bear

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    while doing some prints for a customer on silver vinyl, I thought I try out some light buckets and other decals as a test. I need to tidy up the artwork, but I'm happy with the results.
  10. awesome thread on the Big Bear rebuild, nice colour choice too.
  11. yogi-bear

    Marui ninja

    looks good, will you run it, or just leave it as a shelf queen?
  12. yogi-bear

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    any box that arrives with a blue star on it has to be good and to end the week, I was able to get a frog. but neither will be built for awhile, too many things to do first plus I am collecting more 1/24 ish models. this one, I'd built one as a kid, so would like to have another go one day
  13. yogi-bear

    Scratch Built RC Holden HX Overlander Panel Van

    that bumper looks awesome! and I am really liking that metallic green, will you do a full body version and I will only accept yes as an answer
  14. yogi-bear

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I am keen to see how you have built/building this, any chance of a build thread?
  15. yogi-bear

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    does this mean you are going to do some vac forming soon?