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  1. that has scrubbed really well. What will you do with the body?
  2. The Jag was a good build too, some of the detailing is pretty clever the way they have done it. I too have the Quattro and the Ferrari (probably my favourite out of all of them).
  3. saw a Karmann Ghia kit listed on eBay at the cheapest I'd seen it in quite some time, so snapped it up. Also received the Lego Formula E Jaguar Speed Champion set for Father's Day, so built that and managed to pick up the GT-R Nismo in the afternoon as well.
  4. if you don't get one, I can always make you one.
  5. this was the first RC car I had as a teenager, you must post pics of your restoration! please
  6. so, ordered mid may from the UK and this finally turned up
  7. scale set of windscreen wipers, happy enough with them that I've now ordered another 3. and a Delorean body. I'm not really fussed on the stickers that came with it, but the body itself is well formed with lots of detail. The plan being one day to scratch build the chassis, 3D print the nose and tail, maybe opening doors, but that's a lot work, so we'll see.
  8. did you order yours direct from them? The expected delivery date is listed up to 3 months for me, so wasn't too keen on that. There is a local hobby store in Brisbane that's stocking some of them, but not all of them.
  9. That looks like a shell from Aplastics, I've seen that one, have a Subaru Forester shell and just ordered a Delorean shell. The shells all seem to come with vac formed light buckets and they have an interesting mix of cars.
  10. All good, but you should try a Monte Carlo, they are nice biscuits, and go well with tea yeah the 180Xs are pretty cool. I'm more keen on 70s Aussie Muscle cars. Unfortunately neither Ford or Holden make cars here anymore, a shame really. this is the car I was talking about, its called the Daihatsu 55 wide, I think its 55 inches wide.
  11. in Australia, a Monte Carlo is a biscuit no that I recalled, although I think I have seen one around at some point. I suspect we have missed out on many cars being a small market.
  12. About 5 yrs ago I started to shift away from trying to drive my cars to trying to work out how to make parts. So I have lots of plans, not a lot of skill, but lots of plans, but I'm patient So in some sort or order: 1. vac form some car bodies - I can kinda do this now, with a home vac former I've built, but I need to do some more upgrades. I have a new vacuum pump to install, as well as a better heater controller. I can vac form PETG, it's pretty easy to use, even on a very basic machine. I would however like to form polycarbonate and ABS, so that means better temp control and better suction. 2. and so I'll need to make some car bucks to vac form. I have tried plaster casting existing bodies, which is do-able, however I'd like to 3D print or machine somehow my own cars. I have tried this with a Volvo 850. 3. make parts on the lathe/mill. I've been able to do some of this lately, like machining some rims for my Land Freeder and some hornet wheel adapters. I am still very much a newbie machinist though. 4. make chassis plates and body panels from pressed metal. I've had a couple of goes, but I think it'll take me a while before I can make anything decent 5. I too like to collect static model kits and I have collected 1/24th scale versions of cars I'd like to build in 1/10th scale, plus a few others of course! 6. Some individual projects include: - Ford Cortina - done up as Ford Cortina GT Mk I 1964 East African Safari Rally driven by P. Hughes. For this and the other 2 Escorts, I'd like to make the chassis for them, bodies will be 3D printed. - Ford Escort Mk 1 - done up as the 1972 Hannu Rally Escort - Ford Escort Mk 2 - done up as some sort of black and red Mcrae version - Ford XB Falcon - an Australian 70s muscle car. - Pantera De Tomaso GTS - I have a polycarbonate body that I want to add pop-up lights too as well as machining some rims. I've already had a go at doing pop-ups that work on the 3rd channel, but it needs improving to be reliable. - Delorean - I had initially wanted to 3D print the body, but have only recently found and bought a vac formed one. I'll replace the front nose cone and back though. I'd like to do a pressed metal version at some stage. - BTCC Volvo 850 station wagon - I got as far as machining a body on my little cnc machine in pine, but it needs a lot of sanding and filling to get a smooth body to vac form. - Audi BTCC - I have both the old and new kit. I intend on making light buckets, machining the rims (I've already done up the plans for them and worked out how I will do them on the lathe then mill). Plus adding in some detail to body. - Datsun 510 SSS - I have the shell and intend on again doing the rally version - Mini Jem - this one I'll have to scratch build. It was a fibreglass kit car in the late 60s and early 70s that use a Mini as the donor car. Dad built a few of them when I was a young lad. Plus I have way too many other restorations to do, but they are most of the main ones. I also take a lot of inspiration from a model maker, Gerald Wingrove, he has some very detailed books on the cars he produced and uses minimal tools to make some truely stunning scale models. I know I am aiming for both too many projects and too high a quality, but I'm happy to chip away trying to make stuff and then trying to make it better. At least I'll never be bored! Equipment wise, I've also been fortunate in that the last couple of years I've been about to buy the tools I've wanted for a long time. Both a lathe and mill, as well as a laser cutter, 3D printer and a desktop cnc machine. I use these for work and get the added benefit for applying them when I can to RC parts.
  13. cheers that reminds me of the first car 1:1 I ever bought, a delight piece of crap, but I was too young and naive at the time to know. It had 2 cylinders, so I thought it would be economical, nope. And those slow Escorts would probably soundly beat me, it had a top speed of about 80 k/hr and uphill about 40 k/hr. It was also very unreliable, and to top it off I bought it on hire purchase, which ended up being at an insane interest rate. ya gotta love it when the change the names for the location. I was a VW Golf fan for a while and I did like that they were called "Rabbits" in the US.
  14. The Cortina is a very classic looking car, one of my favourites. But the issue with that body is that is too narrow for most RC chassis, so at some stage I'll work out what do about it. Thats a long time away though, I'd like to finish off the Mk 1 and 2 Escorts first.
  15. thanks for posting that, very awesome!
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