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  1. I have some other guide books around that era, but they all have that photo. I've scanned it in, so its higher res, but really there isn't a lot more detail. PM me if you want the scan
  2. ok, the 1996 book only has that image and a TA02 Racing Special Chassis Kit which is the bath tub. I'd try and do a hi res scan with the phone. I have some other guide books, I will check what's in them.
  3. I don't know a lot about these, but I would try looking at Tamiyabase.com, Lars has a lot of older information and pics, he might have what you are after.
  4. ok, maybe I was just impatient, as its showing up now, but thanks if an admin fixed it
  5. yep, I noticed something has gone wrong as its saying at the bottom for me that its already been entered, but I've only uploaded the one photo.
  6. howdy, I entered in the latest comp, but entry doesn't seem to be showing up, any ideas?
  7. yogi-bear

    Marui Hunter

    that looks pretty well designed
  8. good to hear! I am wondering how they are making money from this scam then, or is eBay losing out?
  9. years ago I bought an old US Bicennential Passport, shipped from the US to Australia, via the global shipping program. It got delivered to the wrong address, not even in the same state. Australia Post where aware of it, but didn't do anything and all Ebay cared about was that it was listed as 'delivered', so job done was their thinking and so I lost my money and no item. So I am wondering if the scam is along those lines, trying to see if eBay won't check any deeper than 'delivered' and not refund anything.
  10. cheers, I suspect he was thinning a rather large collection from what I saw and wanted to see it go to people who would appreciate rather than get as much cash as possible. While I do have a value/tally on my collection, I think when I get old and have to start seriously start letting cars go, I'd prefer them to go to someone who might appreciate/look after rather than just the highest bidder.
  11. cheers, yeah, no chance of reducing the count until I can get the garage sorted, and that's gonna take a while! Meanwhile I have downloaded a program called Home Inventory that I try and use to catalogue what I have. I'm pretty sure I'm just over 130 cars now The G-Wagon body is going to get replaced for a Subaru Forrester body I have, and get painted metallic red as per the one I use to own.
  12. it's been a tough few weeks lately, all work and no play. So well, bit of a lucky day, I saw this listed on eBay, $165 AUD, pickup only, and had been built, but didn't look like it had bee run yet. The body is sitting low as the clips aren't in properly. The seller also had this, a D90, NIB, and only for $185 AUD, so a good score I thought. It also come with a set of rubber sealed bearings I picked up and paid cash, and the seller also said he'd had a some extra things to give me as he was clearing things out, and to my surprise it was this Subaru, and more amazingly, this as well. I don't know who the driver that was put with it though, looks like he's from another Tamiya kit. This is a Gmade Sawback I think, but not too sure which version (anyone have any idea?). Needless to say, I was pretty happy to get one, its been on my wish list for quite sometime, but kinda out of my price range. I wanted one to put with an Aoshima FJ40 body I have It looks like its never been used either. Axles at the rear a loose though, the wheel and centre shaft slides out from the rear, so will have to check that out.
  13. Hi have a Subaru Forester 2005-2009 shell that I was initially going to put on a CC-01, but will probably put on a MX-01F now. I think A-Plastics sell them.
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