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  1. Theibault how long did the build take and did you do it in one sitting?
  2. Loved the original but wasn't able to afford it at 14! So excited about the re-release, will be ordering this as soon as I can.
  3. Bleach works for me and may be easier to come by. You need to leave it to soak for half hour or so.
  4. You really arent reading these threads first are you LOL? This was sorted im Jan!
  5. Just had another look and have fixed it. The person who gave me the solution was...............Tailiesin I checked the wheel nuts and they were lose Doh! Thanks again for your suggestions.
  6. It hasnt just been built, it has ran fine before. Ill take a look and look at some of the suggestions posted here.
  7. Thanks for the replies, Ill strip down the gearbox and take a look.
  8. Hi, Ive got a re-release Hornet with a frustrating problem. When I try to run the car I can hear the motor just spinning and the car hardly moves. At first it sounded like the pinion gear on the motor spindle was just spinning freely. So I took out the motor expecting to just have to tighten it but there wasnt a problem with it. I then suspected that the pinion gear wasnt at the right distance on the spindle but ive measured and remeasured I came to the conclusion it wasnt that either, The only other thing I can think of is that the pinion gear isnt touching the spur gear on the gearbox. So it looks like Im going to have to do a strip down of the gearbox Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any thoughts as to what it might be?
  9. Was cutting mine out yesterday and isnt it made of horrible stuff!! So brittle it was very difficult to cut out the detail, even with a pair of modelling scissors and a scalpel! It looks very messy now in a couple of places.
  10. Ive seen a few on ebay but I wouldnt say they were '10 a penny' as you put it.
  11. This was my 1st RC car when I was about 15. Do you think Tamiya would ever re release this? I would love to build one again.
  12. Just to let you know that my tyres are now on my wheels, woooohooo!!!!! I brought them in to work and challanged a colleague to do it and he succeeded in only 5 mins lol.
  13. Ill give it another go tonight! Ive been sticking with it since Monday though lol.
  14. Yes you're right its the insert. The manual says to turn it 90 degrees but that doesnt work, well not for me anyway.
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