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  1. I hadn't done that particular setup you just wrote up (thanks VERY much....went through and it made all the correct beeps....stupid that it wasn't written in the manual!) I plugged in the program card earlier on and set the "neutral point" or something along those lines from 6% to 12% and it stopped the beeping...it also stopped trying to slowly drive forwards when not accelerating (I am guessing I can return that to 6% now that I have set where the idle point is...I will experiment). Another COMPLETE noob question, so big apologies in advance....but do brushless motors not have reverse? Doesn't bother me in the slightest...but I wasn't sure if I had not set something up correctly or if they are like those old competition motors that had no reverse...
  2. quick update....I have reversed the steering and throttle info on the controller and they both now function as they should....but it is still making the constant beeping.....under heavy acceleration the green light comes on on the ESC, but I can still see the red one is also lit.... (I checked all the error codes in the ESC manual....there is no mention of constant light and a constant beep....only pulsed error codes)... I also got the programming card for the ESC which is allowing me to go into all the menus etc, so I am pretty confident the ESC isn't faulty...
  3. Hey guys, Frustratingly, I finished something like a 6 month build on an old TA03F I used to drive with my dad about 10 years ago just then. I have soldered on some deans connectors to the battery and the ESC, and soldered the ESC to the motor, details are as follows: Motor - Hobbywing 10.5T brushless sensored ESC - Hobbywing 60A ESC Battery - Intellect 5000mah NiMh Anyway, I plugged it all together and as soon as the receiver and transmitter (Futaba 3PL - 2.4ghz) make a connection, the ESC emits a continuous beeping sound, and a red light remains on. If I squeeze the trigger forwards, the beeping stops but nothing happens...as soon as I release the trigger it starts beeping. If I push in reverse, it screams into life (going forwards though?) it seems as though it is picking up the signal backward....but I have also noticed if I let the trigger return to neutral, the motor will keep turning at a slower speed until I squeeze the trigger in (theoretically accelerating....but I guess braking in this configuration?) also, when I "brake" hard (accelerating in reality) that red light turns green...but quickly turns back to red again.... Anyway, any help greatly appreciated...hopefully its just a calibration thing (when we first built this it was all mechanical speed controllers, AM signals and yawn-tastic speed....so I am a bit out of my depth at the moment!) cheers guys
  4. Thanks for your reply mate....what about the following setup: HOBBYWING XERUN Blue V2 Brushless Motor 60A ESC http://cgi.ebay.com.au/HOBBYWING-XERUN-Blu...6#ht_1977wt_907 Hobbywing Xerun 10.5T 3300kv Sensored motor RC 1/10 car http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Hobbywing-Xerun-10-...#ht_3636wt_1033 ends up at around $150...
  5. Hey guys, I am modifying an old TA03F I built with my dad about a decade ago (took me a while to get around to it!). I have no grasp on how Brushless motors & ESCs work together...Petrol motors I can deal with but I am lost on electric. Can anyone recommend a good place to look for matched motors & esc combos? The only thing I have really grasped so far (which may be wrong anyway) is the less turns means the more top speed...but I would assume with less torque than a motor rated at more turns? What is a good figure to aim at for a drift car...around 8.5t from what I have seen so far? It also seems sensored brushless motors are the best for smooth throttle control....does all this sound correct so far? I can probably spend around $200 - $250 on the motor and esc combined... Thanks guys
  6. Hey guys, I am doing up an old TA03 and was wondering what the quality of Trinity parts are like for older chassis? Cheers, Andy
  7. Hey guys, I am doing up an old TA03F I used to play with back in the day. It has Sanwa 102 Servos in it, which I am looking to upgrade. I came across the following, both of which seem to have pretty similar specs, only really differing in that one is low profile... http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_info.p...etal-Gear-Servo http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_info.p...r-Digital-Servo http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_info.p...e-Digital-Servo http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_info.p...etal-Gear-Servo http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_info.p...etal-Gear-Servo http://www.rcmart.com/catalog/rc-servo-tor...cPath=1099_1030 4 of those are digital as well...I don't really know anything about digital ones other than that I would assume they need programming? Anyway, what would be the best to pick up for my application? the Sanwa 102's are 0.2 secs @ 4.8v & 3kg/cm torque...at the moment the best options seem to be the Scanner 9866MG (best for speed) and the Scanner 9610MG (low profile...best for weight). Also, as I will be eventually setting this car up with a brushless motor, would I be correct in assuming I no longer require a servo for speed control (rookie question I am sure, but the last thing I want to do is order the wrong thing/incorrect quantity!) Cheers, Andy
  8. I just swapped out the stocko Tamiya 2 piece driveshafts for some aftermarket one piece ones. These came with no instructions, and when I put them in without the rubber o-rings that sit inside the stock axles, there was a considerable amount of slop in the shafts (shifted 2mm and made the bearings shift around). I figured that was a recipe for disaster, and put the o-rings in the inside axles instead (the ones that run into the diff). This has taken the slop out of the whole system, but now the shafts are really pushed into the o rings a fair amount. The front wheels wont sit facing directly forward (there is no serve in place at the moment) and will gently turn either left or right. I would think once the servo is in place, this won't matter, and the torque of it will be enough to control the steering, but I didnt want to have too much lateral force on the bearings in the hubs or anything that is going to cause undue wear? Hopefully I have explained that clearly enough? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi guys, Just starting out on here. I built a TA03F up probably 8 or 9 years ago now, and only dug it out a few weeks ago to get back into it (never knew there were modifications when I first made it!) I just received my first round of orders, and hastily put them all together. This went fine, but I had some questions that others may have experienced and be able to answer. The parts I got are from an ebay seller called rcdamper....the first question involves the following 2 parts: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ALUMINUM-FRONT-C-HU...d#ht_1448wt_907 and http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ALUMINUM-FRONT-KNUC...=item19c27cbbf5 These parts look similar to the GPM ones, but there are slight differences in design...anyone know the brand? Anyway, Once fully constructed, there is about 1 - 2mm of slop in the vertical movement of the knuckle inside the C hub....the king screws physically cant be done up any tighter, as they are already pushing into the knuckles....The only thing I think could rectify this is a metal washer between the nylon bearing and the head of the king screw...hope that question made sense? Second of all, the washers the go between the uprights/c hubs and the lower control arms...on the back (all the same brand) I could NOT get the washers between the two parts...there physically wasnt enough clearance... so I put the shaft thru, put the washers on the outside and then put the C clips over the ends of the shafts.... On the front, I could get the washers in on one of the control arm/c hub sections, and left them in place...I could get them in on the other side as well...but the clearance was so small that this meant the parts didn't move as smoothly...Bit dissapointing that the parts have different clearances on them....where SHOULD the washers go? I would assume between the parts of the suspension....not at the ends next to the c clips? Anyway, thats all for now....any help greatly appreciated!
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