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  1. Hey george, I m pretty sure I have the front grill sticker that came with the green Datsun 1600 I have. I'll check for you.
  2. My Santa letter will include 1. New willy's VW Kombi and 2. For Santa to convince Mr T to make up a body set for the new Mini WRC. The M05 ra is ready, they just need the new decals and the rear wing. Rgds Craig And for ideal2k to get his wish
  3. Nice pick up George, I was watching the TB01 Lancer but decided to leave it as I have only just got the ta03 and am waiting for. Some bearings and new body posts for it. The seller of the Lancer had some nice cars on the bay, a couple of Tl01 ford focus's nib. It was very tempting but I had to pass for the sake of domestic peace and harmony. Keep cool....Craig
  4. Hi danielson, have you given the car a run with the new driveshaft? Any noticeable difference both performance and running noise? rgds Craig
  5. Cool, nice one George, You're going to have to extend your shelving in your living room at this rate, has it got a sport tuned in it or is the 540 in a black rubber tamiya balloon.
  6. Very nice car, do you find though that the drive shaft flexes and vibrates running the Brushless set up? I was running a 19 turn brushed in one and the shaft would flex and whip bumping on the chassis plate creating an awful racket. I am running full bearings and the gearboxes seem smooth, i think I'll get one of the blue alloy shafts from ebay to stop the flexing/noise and power loss. Has anyone else experienced this problem or is it just my car. rgds mcwee
  7. Hi George, have you still got the Hotshot arms you were selling?. If you have i'll grab them as a spare set for my Hotshot. Let me know and i'll call round one day and pick them up. Thanks Craig
  8. Wow, Boomers galore, They look great George. So now that you have ample will one be a runner? Hows the area across the road, a lake or a park? rgds craig
  9. ...Craig, 39 yrs old and living in mackay QLD...
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