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  1. My experience with the stock Optima was similar. Before the Optima I had the Wild Willy and Hornet, and they were fairly reliable. I was SO excited when the Optima came out, it simply was the best looking RC car I'd ever seen. When I finally put it together and ran it the experience was a bit underwhelming to be honest. I didn't race it and drove my fair share on the street (like most kids did I assume). It simply wasn't that fast and seemed to break down quite a bit. I remembered the chain creating quite a bit of drag, the servo saver seemed to be an issue, dog bones coming out easily and the mechanical speed control coming apart. In the end I think I simply ran it 2WD and that helped the speed a little but overall it was a disappointment. The next year I got an RC10 and that thing blew it out of the water! The speed, handling and reliability was incredible. Was easily my favorite car of my childhood. Having said all that, I could care less today about the reliability problems with the Optima, it's still probably the best looking RC car ever made, can't wait to see it sitting on my shelf after all these years. (Interestingly: I raced a Kyosho 777 1/8 nitro buggy 5 years ago and that thing had several mechanical issues also. Compared to my Losi 8ight, it was fairly high maintenance. Maybe I just have bad luck with Kyosho...)
  2. I really enjoy this guys blog. Great info and well written. http://rctoymemories.com
  3. I just joined the Super Saver program at Tower, was only $5. With their coupon code (as a super saver member) you get $45 off bringing it to $255 out the door. (free shipping) Not bad.
  4. Haha yeah, probably somewhat. But, I did get them in different years. (Optima-1985, RC10-1986)
  5. Was it Competition Plus? I know that came out in the mid 80's and was published quarterly I believe. Lots of good racing info in there as well.
  6. Do you guys hand paint the lettering on the tires? I'm guessing that's really the only way to do it. I remember doing this when I was 11 years old on my original Optima and it turned out to be a fairly sloppy job. Hopefully my technique has improved over the years though.
  7. Very cool you ordered the Optima! I'm gonna pre-order it here soon also, another buddy in town is gonna get one too. We both had them at the same time, super pumped about this, ha. Just replied to your message also. I live off Leestown Rd across from Masterson Station Park.
  8. Thanks! I'd love to have an original Wild Willy, ironically the local hobby shop has one on display but the owner won't sell it. It's in pristine condition too! I have the Wild Willy 2 but love the original for all the metal parts, universal drive shaft etc. My WW2 seems a bit fragile too, some light jumps cracked the wheels and hubs so it's been on the shelf for several years now. Very cool you are a road cyclist also. I just got back into it last year, my weight has been a big issue with me and last summer I logged around 400 miles. (love Strava!) Did a few B group rides, was a lot of fun. What size is your Supersix? Just curious.
  9. Thanks guys! Very cool to hear Blake, they were truly awesome cars back in the day. (still are) I barely remember my first RC cars, one was a Firebird and the other was some kind of Jeep from Sears. Both went about 5 mph, maybe. The true hobby grade cars were leaps and bounds better, even the Wild Willy! Thanks also Mongoose, I appreciate the kind words. Feel free to share it on the toy forum if you'd like, no worries.
  10. Thought some may like to see this as there's not much video from the 80's of vintage RC cars. I posted this in the Optima re-release thread, hope it's ok to post here. Here's video of Christmas morning, 1985 and 1986. Super cheesy and I wasn't a fan of my dad filming us so I come across as somewhat unexcited but trust me, I was SO happy to get those cars. (FWIW) My first true RC cars were the Wild Willy and Hornet so my roots were firmly with Tamiya Skip to 28:00 for Christmas 1985 (Optima) Skip to 37:20 for Christmas 1986 (RC10)
  11. Thanks guys, video it's kinda cheesy but I'm guessing there's not much video out there in the 80's of us playing with these things. I agree also, passing it down to our kids is the greatest joy.
  12. I am SO pumped for the new Optima to come out. Like many on here, I've been digesting all the information I can when it comes out, checking Tower twice a day etc. (ha) I got my original Optima for Christmas, 1985. The box art and the way everything was laid out was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Such a cool car! Huge kudos to Kyosho for doing this for us! (side note: I bought the re-release RC10 a few years ago, it's still in the box, never opened) Maybe I'll get my 4 year old daughter to help me with one of these builds soon. If you're bored, here's me getting my Optima Christmas morning, 1985. (skip to 28:00)
  13. Sorry it took (almost exactly) 5 years to answer your post. Back in 2011 I got into road cycling a little and loved Cannondales. I ended up buying a Specialized Allez however. RC dominates my free time but last summer I did manage to log 400 miles so that was an improvement over the previous years. Nothing ground breaking mind you.
  14. Would love to have a Vanning, there's one on Ebay also, only $2200!!!!
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