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  1. Hi Mad racer, thank you for the info about motor limit of this cars, now I can put my 14t double with no worry , my favourite motors when I raced early Lazers were 14t double "trinity bad boy" (48.000rpm or 52.000, I can't remember) and a 13t single . a 9t pinion is reccomendable ,not? and a slipper pinion? I have some lying around.
  2. Dear Mad Racer, congratulations for that nice buggy, It's great to know someone involved in racing with classic optimas, here you are using a 19 turns single wind motor, and I always had a doubt, what is the most powerful motor that this belt transmission can cope? and the standard chain ones? had someone tested the optimas with 11t 10t or 9t motors? double wind? or better quad wind to prevent damages? thank you Jose R.
  3. Hi Mugenbulldog, the picture was done at my table, just the day before start selling them on ebay. What other site you refer? i know kyoshoforum, but it has little activity. do you refer to other site? please tell me so I can visit it too!! Thank you
  4. thank you mtbkym01 , A good part of my free time of last 18 months is in that repro tires, as collector, I designed it as if they were for myself , as close to original as possible. I'm very proud if the result.

    Lazer Serie's

    Hi Ernie, I had both, here are the differences my memory can remind from my racing days back in 1989-90 as anyone can see, different body different wing and wing support zx had 1.9 wheels zxr 2.2 wheels zx had gear diffs zxr ball diffs zx had short gold front shocks zxr had medium size front ones (developed for zxr and triumph 2wd) zx had belt plastic cover zxr had no cover zx had a split upper chassis plate, zxr was one-piece zx had a third center diff in the 100 T crown , zxr had a slipper clutch in the 100 T crown. zx had alloy shock towers zxr had fiberglass different shape shock towers. zx had no hex adjust turnbuckles zxr come with them the upper front suspension link in zx goes in different mounting point. much simplified in zxr I think this are the major differences, but there is also some of details for "anorak's" like a pivot advance change in the steering geometry in some zxr and different chassis materials in very early zx (earliest zx chassis was graphite instead of frp. I know it because mine was a very early kit, bought in 1989 some weeks after press release. ) another detail, the 100t gear pitch was different, zx was metric, zxr was 48 pitch, a subtle difference, but pinions does not interchange perfectly . hope this helps. Jose R.
  6. it's true, I'm the "someone in Spain " reproducing it, so you can believe me, my name is Jose R. I was just another anonymous kyosho collector ....until a few weeks ago.
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