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  1. He didn't charge but I do know him. Took him 10 mins to do 6.
  2. Wanted 1 of b parts to complete the resto. Would still like a main shaft too although the machined one is fine I'd still prefer the real mc coy! i have some parts I can trade if preferred thanks
  3. Just get them made. I went to a metal workshop and he made me a couple.
  4. If someone has the measurements of the shaft, or drawing, I can get my mate to make it. He's already made the shock mounts. Thanks
  5. I have a new A and B screw set on the way for Dyna Storm but I'm taking some screws out for my super astute rebuild so I'll have some screws left over when I'm done. The long ones I definitely don't need.
  6. Hi wonder if anyone can help me with locating a super astute main shaft? Or pm me the measurements so I can get one made. after buying an absolute wreck of a super astute I'm into hundreds now on bits! I'm missing a couple of things which are important. I need main shaft bearings plates and gears...... and a driveshaft I have new plate, A parts and cover. I already have the diff it's in the gearboxe that came with all the parts. I know there's the spur gear sets on eBay but I don't want to buy them if I can't get the shaft itself. Does anyone know if it's possible to build the slipper clutch plates, bearings and washers from other kits? I have a few parts to trade. I have about 4 spare front arms for the super astute, steering stuff, bumpers etc Thanks Neil
  7. Hi doing a super astute myself but missing a few parts. I too need a main shaft. Is it possible to get the drawings of the shaft with measurements? I also need a driveshaft. Are the clutch parts used on another model? as I need those too. I have a few parts to trade if anyone needs any astute parts. Thanks. Neil
  8. Hi new here, dont know if its ok to put wanted in this section, sorry if ive done wrong. In need astute C parts item 2 only and the screw from underneath, had car off ebay said it was in good shape which it is in nice condition but its had a whack on the o/s rear wheel and part 2 is cracked in about 4 places. the wing was missing, rear tyres are split. paid over the odds for it but it had futaba esc and a dynatech 02h in it so thats why I had it. Ive mailed the seller she said she didn't notice she offered me £10 I said wait if some come on ebay she would pay for them she agreed. There are none on ebay. there are none anywhere. this car is just one too many restos Ive got goin on if I cant get the parts its going on ebay with full radio gear motor, esc the lot. restoring monster racer, dyna blaster in need of front knuckle ( another nightmare for parts) If you have any parts I will buy them or I have a few monster racer/king cab bits i could trade with. thanks Neil
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