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  1. Maybe ditch the adapter and get hold of a 10T 0.8 Mod steel pinion. And ensure it's aligned properly...
  2. They look great mate. I thought your painter would know your colours off by heart Good luck at the Nats.
  3. From my understanding, red arrow/triangle indicates tow points and blue indicates battery isolation point.
  4. I've never had to repair a new unpainted shell before, only used shells. The best solution I've found is flushing tape (blue mesh stuff on a roll that plasterers use) and brand name Shoe Goo. Has plenty of strength and plenty of flex. Lexan off-cuts and/or other brand shoe adhesive is too hard and brittle. Tip - If you know where your shell will split, tape and glue it in those areas before it does.
  5. Liquid mask and a steady hand with a scalpel. Have a look at what James Ainslie can do with paint.
  6. Hi Falcon#5 if you do manage to set up a run I would be interested in attending if that would be ok 

  7. Great to see kids are still keen on building kits nowadays. There are a number of us in WA. I've been wanting to have a run in Perth for a while now, but always pressed for time while there. I need to plan a trip specifically for RC. Throw up a post on here, shouldn't be too hard to get a crew together for a bash.
  8. It will start with NiMh. Next will be ESC. Then LiPo. Then brushless. And 2.4GHz somewhere in between. New chassis. Then everything you took out your original chassis will go back in.
  9. It won't be long before you have model numbers, part numbers, interchangable parts, release dates...etc, all memorised!
  10. You didn't do a very good job of trying to talk me out of it. I had a look at your thread, but all of the photo links are broken...
  11. Agreed. I have a 1:1 4Runner and I'd love to build a 1:10 to match. How do you find the TF2 chassis? I'm on the lookout for a chassis to pair with this body. Sorry for the hi-jack.
  12. Have a look at these links. Basic tuning More detailed tuning Will give you a better idea of what everything does. When tuning I'd suggest making one change at a time and see how it feels on the track. Make too many changes at once, and you won't know what did what to the handling of your car.
  13. Great build, grats. Been wanting to watch this again for years. Literally just hit BIN on a DVD copy.
  14. Unfinished projects list is stable. My unstarted projects list is growing however. In the last few weeks I have added - "Original" Hotshot - turns out to be mostly re-re parts... NIB re-re Hornet - to have a crack at speed runs. Vintage Academy Road Runner. RC room is slowly coming together now I have moved a few things out. May be able to start chipping away at some projects soon.
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