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  1. You've finally succumbed to the dark side - or is it the other way around???
  2. It looks like a nice job. Most of us are into the hobby for the enjoyment. If we were to charge others for our time restoring, no one would pay what it is actually worth.
  3. Hope you can get back soon. Auckland probably isn't the best place to be right now. At least you're away from that lunatic named Clive Palmer...
  4. I haven't tried this myself, but I'd suggest gluing the broken bit back on. Then drilling a 3.2mm or 1/8th hole right through. Popping a suitable length M3 bolt from the inside out and retaining it to one half of the cage with a nyloc nut. Assemble the gearbox as usual, then fix the other half of the cage after. I hope that made sense
  5. Stickers arrived today. Great quality, thanks Chris!
  6. Hard call, both look good. If it were more a scale build I'd say chrome, but with the pastel colours and driver doll I'd say the white are more fitting.
  7. I've found it always pays to ask for actual shipping costs. Usually it is an eBay automatically generated cost, which is way off the mark.
  8. Sorry to hear mate. You can't put a price on sentiment, and the loss of your Monster Racer would cut deep. Hopefully the cars turn up safe and sound.
  9. I think my wife lost count years ago. A few months back we had some friends over, and my mate asked how many cars I had. My wife piped up with "about 20". All she did was roll her eyes when I said it was more like 50. You can either roll with the ongoing '4' car thing or desensitise her with the truth. I'll leave that with you, as it's your balls on the line!
  10. What if I cover postage? Great to see some Bearhawk love going around. I'm sitting at the opposite end of this conundrum. Struggled to find a BH, so bought an org Stadium Blitzer and BNIB BH body to do a conversion. Decided to keep the SB as is. Then bought an org Blitzer Beetle to convert. Same again. Another org BB found it's way into my possession. This time I might go through with it. Putting a BNIB BH body on a used chassis...? Been looking at rere Blitzers now to build a shelf queen.
  11. C parts tree is unique to the Falcon. NOS are around but pricey, as are used ones. Can you post a pic of where it's broken? Might be able to save the original part...? I suspect it's where the rear cage screws on?
  12. I'll swap you a BNIB Madbull kit for the Bearhawks!
  13. Twokeys?! That's a blast from the past! Didn't know they were still around...
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