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  1. I'm in a similar position to @mtbkym01, essentially everything I ever wanted as a kid I now own - plus more. An original RC10 is still on my want (need? ) list, & I'm sure I will get there at some point. But my 'one that got away' would have to be a re-release RC10. They disappeared quite faster than I thought... Reason behind a re-re was the ability to run it without fear of breaking an OG. But considering the rarity of the re-re now, it's probably much of a muchness.
  2. I'd recommend sourcing from an automotive paint supplier if your struggling finding what you want. A quick Google search provided quite a number in Sydney. They will have a multitude of off the shelf pressure packs or tint up what colour you're after, either in a pot or pressure pack. Failing that, any crash repairer worth their salt can tint any colour you want. Or as @mtbkym01 suggests, Supercrap Auto sell Duplicolour & if your after purple, one cannot go past Ford Wild Violet which they stock... Footnote: Early '70's Aussie muscle cars were graced with some of the best colour shades ever.
  3. For a new built runner, have you considered buying a similar ReRe (eg Boomerang) fit some red shocks, some red ReRe Hotshot parts & TBG body? ReRe parts are still plentiful. A TamiyaBase parts search & subsequent eBay search will shed some more light.
  4. A Nigerian Prince emailed me recently, I gave him my bank details...
  5. +1 to 3M automotive body molding tape. Adheres extremely well. I use it on ESC's, RX's & transponders without any issues. I use brake cleaner or contact cleaner on both surfaces first. To remove, simply twist. Prying upwards will cause damage to something. If you want to switch regularly & easily between cars, brand name Velcro or 3M hook & loop tape is also good. Like most things, you get what you pay for.
  6. A pizza by any chance? Not sure why you hid your address, we know you live at 405 West 43rd St. We also know your real name...
  7. Not long ago there were a lot of cases in the news of people in Aus receiving random/unsolicited small packages from China containing seeds. The reports have gone quiet & slipped my mind until now. Maybe these packages are related to what has been discussed here? For the cost of a few Fen to send a 'legitimate' package to attain a tracking number, someone can be scamming a considerable amount of $/£.
  8. Bought (winning bid) complete front & rear end of OG Bear Hawk for some project I had in mind, but now unsure what it was exactly? Also regretted not fixing the leak in the roof of my 1:1 house already.
  9. The Holy Grail for me has changed over time. 8-9yo me would've had a different answer to today. NIB Falcon would have to be the ebbing choice within the last 10 years since returning to the hobby. Could never justify the purchase initially. It was an extravagance that served no real purpose but to look at and say I have one. After collecting more cars than I desired when I was a kid, it is now back on the radar. I won't end up homeless or bankrupt for buying one, even though the price has pretty much trebled in the last 10 years. Do I bite the bullet?
  10. Totally agree. I've missed a number of kits because when they're plentiful "I'll get one later..." Buggy Champ, Sand Scorcher, Fox, FAV, RC10, Tomahawk, plus others. Lesson learned, so I pounced on a Fighting Buggy recently.
  11. I say black it all out. The full tactical look would suit it. Matte black and olive drab go hand in hand.
  12. Why is it fenced off? Health reasons? Do you have another place where you can run?
  13. Has anyone been out for a run lately?
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