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  1. Widest point of body (rear wheel arches) 184mm. 438mm long excluding bumpers. Wheelbase 275mm. Width of grille panel is 159mm.
  2. I've been stung a few times, albeit knowingly. Purely because of foreign exchange rates. What would normally be reasonable in the country of sale can become quite expensive when converting a poor AUD into GBP, EUR, or USD. These cars were a 'must have' for me, and I wasn't conned or mislead. I wanted these cars and paid for them. I was a little bit dirty though with a relatively recent purchase that was labelled 'vintage'. Turned out to be mostly re-re parts, but for the price I paid I would've been happy dropping the same coin on a used re-re. Like many others here, I have paid top dollar for rare parts. I've been fortunate though to have not experienced some of the horror stories that others have had.
  3. If you're after a radio for the kids to bash their cars around the back yard, HobbyKing is a good place to look. My first 2.4G radio was a HK GT2B(?) from memory. Was inexpensive and even raced with it a few times. After upgrading to a Spektrum DX3R I noticed the difference though. I now have a DX5R for myself. DX4R and 2x DX3R's for the rest of the family. Still have the HK radio, and also a Turnigy one (can't remember model, but looks like a Spektrum rip-off) and they are great for what they are. Multi-model memory is great if your running different cars in succession, and happy to buy multiple RX. However some velcro for the RX and a few minutes set up with EPA and trims you can switch between cars easily enough.
  4. Hi @netsmithUK. I've recently subscribed and can't log on to TCPhotos. Tried messaging you and I'm having the same issue as @IBIFTKH. When you get time, would you please be able to look into it? Thanks.
  5. The hardest part I'd imagine would be finding somewhere to put everything while you complete the works.
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. If your car builds are anything to go by, you'll have an amazing RC room that will be the envy of many.
  7. Don't forget to break it in correctly after the rebuild too.
  8. Times like this I wish there were a 'love' button. That is amazing! Do you have more info on it?
  9. You can always try applying a guide coat to make it easier to pick up on imperfections like this. 1:1 painters use this technique. TamiyaBase has a guide on painting you might find helpful if you haven't seen it already.
  10. Think I'll roll with one of the larger ones. Will have to measure up some chassis and decide which size to get. I can always put small parts in a container and immerse in a large US cleaner, but not the other way around.
  11. It looks like a proximity sensor. When powered up, an LED will illuminate in the recessed circle below the grey cable when a metal object is near the lower end of it. It will be switching between on and off as the section on the end of the motor spins, detecting the cut outs. (or should that be off and on?) What is the grey cable attached to? Could be some kind of tachometer, or even speedometer??
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