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  1. Worst : Being held to ransom by price gouging sellers, crap international conversion rates. Best : Everything else.
  2. Does anyone have the wheelbase & body width of the M06 Kombi shell? I've had a project in mind for years, but have been unable to find a suitable Kombi shell to suit.
  3. Fantastic score! Will be watching the progress of these beauties.
  4. Have you tried swapping 2 of the ESC to motor wires around?
  5. Could you not trim the sway bar down so the links sit more vertically and clear the motor?
  6. Don't run it. Put it on the shelf and admire it. Buy a new/used rere or used org for a runner. After one run it is no longer never run.
  7. Kit hands down. Build it, learn how it goes together, add your desired electrics, paint it as you wish. The satisfaction and knowledge gained from the build is invaluable.
  8. JA Designs work is AMAZING!. I tried to find some old photos on RCTech, but they have disappeared. @Howards, this mans work cannot be believed until seen. Think the tiny sponsor logos on something like a Rough Rider or Super Champ, JA can cut that by hand with a scalpel and LM. He is truly a God.
  9. The mesh should look like this. Have you fitted the bearings/bushes to the spur gear?
  10. Are you after actual mesh, or decals?
  11. Since using liquid mask for the first time, I have never turned back. I have found the mask can get soft, but not sure if it's the PS paint, or being warm from the hairdryer? Nearing the end of the spray job after multiple coats of multiple colours, I need to run the scalpel along the cut lines as the paint seals the cuts and can be hard to peel the mask otherwise. In saying that, I do use a bit of paint to get the colour density I'm after. The weight difference is noticeable. Next time I paint a shell, I'll weigh it before and after.
  12. It's possible to airbrush it too. From memory, use something with a mesh pattern like a pit mat or tool box liner as a 'mask'. Lay black, remove the mask, then lay gunmetal and silver? There is a technique to it, but I'm sure a Google search will yield some answers.
  13. Do you have a link to your eBay auction?
  14. There seem to be a few around from that era. Taiyo, Asahi, Radcon. They all look similar and may be the same thing but rebranded? The only one I could find with working lights is Tandy/Radio Shack?
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