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  1. I feel your pain. Been after one myself for a long time...
  2. Sorry to hear mate. Hopefully things turn around for you soon.
  3. I applaud your honesty. Chrome is so hard to lay. I'm yet to achieve a mirror finish like that, but each time I use it the finish gets better. Need more practice - ie paint the stack of bodies and work on projects that I have been procrastinating on
  4. Well done with the chrome, fantastic job. Red walls are a nice touch also.
  5. Guess cost of production vs volume of sales didn't warrant the detail. Would have to be a 3 piece body to get the front and rear 'anatomically' correct Shame there aren't really any Aussie muscle car bodies that have the same scale realism and detail as the Japanese/Euro/US cars. Maybe your 3D version could recreate an RC version of this
  6. Yes, I know I will. That's what happened when I sold my other Triumph. Had a brand new Daytona 600, last of the 4 cyl before they went to the 675 triple. (Not my actual bike, but exactly the same) Young family, bills, no time to ride so I sold it. Prefer it to my current bike actually. Will only sell it to buy another bike I think. Always wanted a Triumph Speed Triple as my next bike, but I am tempted by a KTM Superduke. ...or then there's a Triumph Rocket 3, would probably be more suited to the roads here.
  7. The fire wasn't started by the same 'smoking man' was it?
  8. I was expecting a ReRe TS as your next project... However I'm looking forward to seeing your spin on the XV01.
  9. This is my current ride, 1997 Triumph Daytona T595. 955cc fuel injected triple, factory race pipe, factory carbon fibre options. Since living in the outback it rarely gets ridden. Plenty of open roads, but no corners. Can only do so many laps of town in 2nd gear before sore back, wrists, backside, and burning legs from hot frame and radiator vents kick in. Really I should sell it, but I just can't do it!
  10. Reusable cracked window vinyl sticker Nice touch.
  11. Are they showcasing small carvings, or giant needles?
  12. I bought my daughter a bigger version of one of those cases a few years ago back when 'Loom Bands' were all the rage, would've been about 300mmx400mm. First time it was upended on the floor, my wife spent so many hours segregating them into their respective colours back in the little compartments. Second time it was upended, went back in as a technicolour mess. However if it contained thousands of those diamond dot things, I would've sent Mr Dyson in to sort that mess out! I have a much better use for mine -
  13. Unless Tommy Chong was tuning his RC, then it would have a completely different meaning...
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