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  1. Maybe the inspector & Labrador are Kyosho fans?
  2. How many of us can honestly say that we don't leave lithium batteries on charge while unattended, charge them inside, or even sleep with them 2 feet from our heads while charging without a second thought? - No one. We all charge our phones this way, yet a lithium battery for an RC car is somehow a ticking time bomb that will explode, burn the house down & create a black hole that will suck the entire Milky Way inside it? The hype doesn't align with reality. It seems to be the ones who have never run LiPo are the ones who are anti-LiPo. I heard my mates, neighbours, cousin met a taxi driver once who heard about a LiPo explosion from a passenger whos mates, neighbours, cousin blew his face off... I've had so many LiPo over the years & never had an issue. Had a few that had puffed, but that was all. (A couple of IP round edged & 1 Turnigy that was like 10 years old) The battery technology that is available now has been the biggest game changer in RC since its inception. All I can say to anyone is forget the 'horror stories' & enjoy the increased performance & run time, yes run time from 21st century technology. You'll never look back.
  3. It's been way too long since I've worked on any projects. Thought I should at least complete something while I have the chance. Hornet! Easy done. Put all of 2 minutes thought into my previous issue of broken rear wing mounting points & light mounting points. I'll Shoegoo some painted washers in. No suitable washers in the shed. Derr, look in the man cave. Found some shock pistons in a parts tray from a job lot I bought many years ago. I have no idea what they are from but done now. Once set I ran a 3mm drill bit through the holes to clear the glue & ensure the screw would fit. I was going to touch up the black, but wasn't sure what it was originally painted with. It's been brushed on so didn't want to risk PS paint attacking it. Some mooching around in my static cars box I found a bottle of Tamiya acrylic. To my surprise after about 25 years, it's still good. After putting it back together I decided not to bother touching up, I'll leave it as is. The chassis is in pretty good nick, so might just put a new body & box art stickers on it at some point in the future. I thought I dusted it a bit better than I did.
  4. This is interesting. My younger brother got one of these for Xmas the same year I got my Falcon. He threw it out years ago when he was cleaning out things stored at my parents house. I decided to get a NIB for the shelf, plus a used one as a runner. Seeing my brother was only 6 at the time & I was 11 I built it for him. Box layout was the same as the video with blisters etc. But my brothers car had chrome Hornet style wheels & tyres, friction rear dampers & a 380 size motor - more like a Grasshopper. After watching this video I thought I should have a look at the 2 I have do a quick bit of research. Looks like there is 3 different versions. Road Runner, Road Runner I & Road Runner II. My brother must've had this version: The wheels & tyres are easy to spot, but I can just make out the rear black friction damper body & shorter spring, & the 380 motor mentioned on the box. No front sway bar either. Road Runner I has 380 motor, but has the different wheels. I can't make out the rear dampers that well, but look like black friction, also no sway bar: This is my NIB Road Runner II. Pre-built version. Has 540 motor, oil dampers & sway bar: And the used one: I did notice some differences between the box stickers & the actual stickers: Prior to watching the comparison video, I always suspected there was some Tamiya influence there & this was come kind of Grasshopper/Hornet styled 'original'. But after watching it, this is a direct copy.
  5. 2022 Achievement: Switching focus from live to work, to work to live. Completing mine & my 11yo sons' matching XRAY XB8E's. (My sons' orange one has an after market body) These have been a long time in the making/rebuilding. Finally ready for the track. Honorable Mention: Picking up 15 pairs of brand new Proline 1/8th buggy tyres for $5.00 pair. Goal for 2023: Racing with my son (1/8th locally & hopefully travel to get in some 1/10th), chipping away at stalled projects/resto's, some bashing out bush & generally just enjoying the hobby & having some fun.
  6. I'm in a similar position to @mtbkym01, essentially everything I ever wanted as a kid I now own - plus more. An original RC10 is still on my want (need? ) list, & I'm sure I will get there at some point. But my 'one that got away' would have to be a re-release RC10. They disappeared quite faster than I thought... Reason behind a re-re was the ability to run it without fear of breaking an OG. But considering the rarity of the re-re now, it's probably much of a muchness.
  7. I'd recommend sourcing from an automotive paint supplier if your struggling finding what you want. A quick Google search provided quite a number in Sydney. They will have a multitude of off the shelf pressure packs or tint up what colour you're after, either in a pot or pressure pack. Failing that, any crash repairer worth their salt can tint any colour you want. Or as @mtbkym01 suggests, Supercrap Auto sell Duplicolour & if your after purple, one cannot go past Ford Wild Violet which they stock... Footnote: Early '70's Aussie muscle cars were graced with some of the best colour shades ever.
  8. For a new built runner, have you considered buying a similar ReRe (eg Boomerang) fit some red shocks, some red ReRe Hotshot parts & TBG body? ReRe parts are still plentiful. A TamiyaBase parts search & subsequent eBay search will shed some more light.
  9. A Nigerian Prince emailed me recently, I gave him my bank details...
  10. +1 to 3M automotive body molding tape. Adheres extremely well. I use it on ESC's, RX's & transponders without any issues. I use brake cleaner or contact cleaner on both surfaces first. To remove, simply twist. Prying upwards will cause damage to something. If you want to switch regularly & easily between cars, brand name Velcro or 3M hook & loop tape is also good. Like most things, you get what you pay for.
  11. A pizza by any chance? Not sure why you hid your address, we know you live at 405 West 43rd St. We also know your real name...
  12. Not long ago there were a lot of cases in the news of people in Aus receiving random/unsolicited small packages from China containing seeds. The reports have gone quiet & slipped my mind until now. Maybe these packages are related to what has been discussed here? For the cost of a few Fen to send a 'legitimate' package to attain a tracking number, someone can be scamming a considerable amount of $/£.
  13. Bought (winning bid) complete front & rear end of OG Bear Hawk for some project I had in mind, but now unsure what it was exactly? Also regretted not fixing the leak in the roof of my 1:1 house already.
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