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  1. Another Novafox but this will be a runner
  2. Just wondering if the Tamiya 54284 front tyres will fit Kyosho Turbo Scorpion front wheels?
  3. Got myself a Fire Dragon to build. this ones going to be a runner
  4. Love those R31wheels and tyres. I have them on my CB Grasshopper the rear wing is cool I have a couple of F1 wings I’m looking at trying to mount Don’t forget the foams also
  5. I did some reading on it and the front arms have holes for droop screws for us to solve the issue beside dremeling the chassis a couple of mm
  6. Yeah we shimmed between the beating and replacement NN4 part. Depending on your gearbox you’ll need to shim between 1-2mm each side to take the sideways movement out of the gear
  7. Yeah I’m not impressed as waiting over 6 months for my wild one and then not giving the LHS any info to pass into me is just poor form
  8. Yep as you say @mtbkym01 these kits along with the hop ups are a real pleasure to build. even the fir is very very good.
  9. Yeah I was saying it while trying it. There was about 12 minutes of video I had and the amount of times I cut out the fails wasn’t funny but it was so much fun I love the CR01
  10. Had some fun in the sand going up hill with the CR-01
  11. No not yet but yep I have an engine warmer
  12. Well it was yesterday actually I took the CB Grasshopper for a spin
  13. Just about finished the build of my first nitro buggy and journey into racing nitro with one of my good mates @mtbkym01
  14. Absolutely love this 👍🏻👍🏻
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