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  1. Yeah stood down without pay is what I should have said... it’s all in the words hopefully it’s not too long but who knows
  2. Looking sweet as bud.... I would come and help you now I have time on my hands but
  3. Well this project took a major hit today with the eBay shop canceling my purchase due to “no stock” And I lost my job today due to this virus 😢
  4. I’m hearing you....not long now before total lock down I think postage has been slow what I normally get from a HS in Sydney is about 3 days this time it took over a week
  5. Yeah agreed have to try and stay positive I have a crap load of stuff coming for my XV01 project so I hope it doesn’t but I have a feeling it will be a few months before I see it all sadly
  6. Cheers... I’ll start with that with the diffs maybe 32.5 up front and 27.5 rear what TRF spring colours are you running?
  7. Yeah I’ve already had one week of working from home and think it’s gonna be more yet at home
  8. If you could print them that would be awesome thank you so much love this site in how people help each other 👍🏻
  9. just wondering if anyone has some spare number 3's from the fox or novafox decals they are not using only thin is i need two of the bigger #3 happy to pay for them
  10. @Juls1 I now have a kit and a heap of parts on the way I’m just wondering what front and rear diff oils, shock oils etc would you recommend ive got the a TRF springs coming and sway bars too
  11. I ordered all this but not expecting to see it anything soon due to well we all know what XV-01 Lancia Delta intergrale kit XV-01 Stabilizer Set Front & Rear Carbon Long Damper Stay Front For XV01 XV-01 Aluminum Steering Arm XV-01 Aluminum Steering Bridge 18T Aluminum Pulley XV-01 XV-01 XV-01 Reinforced Belt 573mm Carbon Reinforced Damper Stays & Suspension Mounts / J & JJ Parts for XV-01 Carbon Long Damper Stay Rear For XV-01 XV-01 Slipper Clutch Set 5mm SUS. Ball (8Pcs) Rally Block Tires (1 Pair) Raybrig Concept-GT Rim 4 pcs Black New Tire Inner (For Touring Car) TRF201 Front Spring Set TRF501X Front Spring Set Savox SC-1251MG Low Profile Digital "High speed servo” Hobbywing QUICRUN-WP-1060-Brushed ESC
  12. Yeah agreed more modern crawlers are better but I just love the CR01 for it over complicated design and one of the fun cars to build and I love driving it. but I do get what you are saying I’m just a Tamiya fanboy and the CR01 was good enough for me especially after having a CC01 which was ok fun.
  13. I can’t wait to get my XV01 and absolutely love my CR01 it actually goes place better than I thought it would
  14. Like my 35T but will be interested in your thoughts
  15. Took the FJ40 out for another adventure...I think might soften the shock oil though
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