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  1. Selling my Blitzer Mog as I'm thinning down my collection. I used a Tamiya Blitzer Beetle kit and put a Tamiya Unimog body on it All electrics in the pic (no radio) I have the Blizter Betel manual also and the box Body held on with magnet mounts Never been driven as it sit with my shelf queen collection Some disassembly maybe required to post in the Blizter Beetle box. $190AUD plus postage
  2. Finally decided to build my Egress after it sitting in my garage for over a year.
  3. Got my Boomerang today... only ordered it last Thursday Very happy to finally have one
  4. I got mine from Futaba Pro Shop. Just checked the tracking and it has arrived in Australia today so the next day or two and i should have it. Only been wanting one since the 80's so to finally have one is awesome
  5. This has just come on Red RC http://www.redrc.net/2017/02/tamiya-re-release-more-former-re-releases/
  6. Finished my Blackfoot today (minus a few things)
  7. Started the Blackfoot over the last couple of days with painting and then put most of it together today. Now for the body
  8. I have a feeling this will be a thread to keep an eye on Also I will be able to treat it as a reference point of what I want to buy next as no doubt you will influence me once again Kym
  9. I played postie today and picked up my Blackfoot
  10. Love this TS and the colour blue what colour is it?
  11. I'm in the camp of I hope they do as I want one I have been watching what NIB ones go for on eBay and they ain't cheap
  12. I want a Brat also and if i wasn't getting the BF the Brat was next on my list and still is in a sense since the BF replaced it. Yep the AUD is killing me getting some kits also and have to be very selective in what I do and why I have shelved some custom Kits I wanted to build I missed out on the rere Boomer and Avante over the years and have decided if it was a kit I wanted in my childhood I'm going to make them top of my list and newer kits like the MF-01X can wait
  13. Yeah I was going to do that with a rere Monster Beetle but for a hard shell Brat body its around the $100. I did consider getting two Brat kits as it might be cheaper but I don;t think so either. Stickers wouldn't bother me as I wouldn't do it box art anyway I'm just excited I'll have a Blackfoot
  14. I'm looking forward too this kit. I will be putting a deposit down on a pre order kit with my LHS on Monday. Sidenote I would also buy a rere Mud Blaster
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