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  1. Now the CR01 finished my next project I want to do is a XV01. what I am wondering do I wait until he longer damper kit comes out or just get a “normal” kit and get the parts to make it a long damper or is it not worth it? also what are must haves for this chassis? cheers for any ad ice in advance
  2. I gave it a try and it didn't do much but did take a bit little bit out I tweaked a few other things like the shock oil (went up to 40WT) and also modified the throttle curve on my radio still does it as people said its natural but I have calmed it down it has seem to feel less capable on my backyard small proving ground
  3. Finally finished my FJ40 CR01...really happy with and loved the build Now time to get out and about but my mate @mtbkym01
  4. Yeah I running gold front (medium) and black rear {soft)
  5. I finally have the CR01 going and from a stand still to power on (even light trigger) it lurches to the left rear and when going under speed the body leans to the left even though it’s level when stopped i cannot figure out why....anyone else had this?
  6. Yeah I don’t disagree with you on that but fingers crossed the Reedy ones will work otherwise l get one of those you liked if you never had an issue
  7. Yeah it sure is interesting. Would it have anything to do with the Tamiya ESC?
  8. Sorry I got the 20KG ones that even said are HV I plugged a spare Reedy servo I have in and not an issue at all
  9. Both of mine hummed and wouldn’t turn smoothly at all and under load could turn the wheels
  10. I do like the look of that body and works well with the CR-01 frame IMO
  11. I got them but they don’t like Lipo power
  12. I still don’t think you’ll have room for the Vanquish so I’m happy to look after it for you
  13. Coming along nicely after my visit the other day bud 👍🏻
  14. Strengthen the kit rods from the CR-01 with some tube
  15. Just wondering what torque servos do you think the CR-01 requires especially when running two?
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