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  1. So picked up this today for $0.00. In very very good condition so restonwo;; be good. also picked up 2 frogs to make one good one out of to turn into a brat
  2. Wow thanks for that answer and info I greatly appreciate it
  3. Do you know how much wider are the uprights?
  4. Hi just wondering if you can slightly wider front arms for the grasshopper eg would lunchbox arms be wider and also fit?
  5. Wild One BH donated its wheels to my silver Fox
  6. Just the electronics to do
  7. Most likely a silly question but can you use the JC regulator servo mount using the Clod Buster kit chassis?
  8. Hi all, just wonder If these JC wheels fit the kit Super Clod Buster wheels? Or does anyone know of black one that will? cheers https://www.jconcepts.net/shop/tribute-26-x-36-monster-truck-wheel
  9. Messing around trying to find a wheel that works I’m thinking black ones might be better or maybe I’m overthinking it
  10. Finally got the shoes on the Fire Dragon….electronics to go in then drive time
  11. Another Novafox but this will be a runner
  12. Just wondering if the Tamiya 54284 front tyres will fit Kyosho Turbo Scorpion front wheels?
  13. Got myself a Fire Dragon to build. this ones going to be a runner
  14. Love those R31wheels and tyres. I have them on my CB Grasshopper the rear wing is cool I have a couple of F1 wings I’m looking at trying to mount Don’t forget the foams also
  15. I did some reading on it and the front arms have holes for droop screws for us to solve the issue beside dremeling the chassis a couple of mm
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