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  1. hi if any one has any std wheels tyres ,shell ,and roll bar get in touch thanks
  2. 959 running ,with std technigold motor ,shell in box art colours but no stickers ,cockpit ,or head lights ,all there runs well its got a new esc but i have the std one an the rubber cap ,only just painted ,the celica is clear shell no stickers ,**** pit or lights ,its missing the bar for the front wheels 4x4 but will drive rear wheel ,this allso has a new esc but has the std one with rubber cap ,iv intrested get in touch ,ivr just got my king cab an super sabre out .to get my boy intrested ,but these are his ones an would rather they stay as a pair an get him a newer 1=10 sized escort cosworth ,or some thing i no these cars fetch good money ,so let me no if your intrested thanks ,if your intrested email an i can send photos
  3. hi ive got a 959 it s running with the technigold motor,the shell is box art but with out the stickers ,no cockpit ,good nick for age ,ive just got back in to my tamiyas an this one was for my son ,but its super rare ,an i dont wont him to learn to drive with it ,im looking to to sell or swap for some thing a bit newer for my son to use some thing like a 1-10 escort cosworth ,ive only just painted the shell it was clear till last week ,ive all so got the sister car the celica gb ,clear shell ,technigold running motor ,only thing missing from that is the **** pit ,the bar for the 4x4 so it still drives just rear wheel ,there is some on ebay under ten quid ,but ive missed placed the steeering servo ,ive got loads of stuff in my box its there some where ,i wont these to go to some one who will look after them ,i no there worth a few quid ,but one was mine the other my brothers they have lived together since 1989 an they can go as a pair, if some one just wanted to build a minter from them both ,so get in touch if your interested or no any one who might im having trouble putting them on the tamiya site for trade sale , thanks nicky i can sort photos if your interested .
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