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  1. Hi 8rad1, Do you know the size of the pin that joins the shiny bone to the axle? I bought these to do this to my Falcon but they did not come with these pins. Thanks.
  2. Having a clean up and rebuild of my Porsche 959 after finally sourcing all of the ball diff parts and gears from the Toyota Celica. This is currently stopping me from building my newly delivered Egress! I did have to 'borrow' the ball diff grease from the Egress kit to build the diff as i didn't have any at all.
  3. Hi, do you mean the whole magazine? It's 90 pages and i don't have access to a scanner at the moment.
  4. I have the July issue of Radio Race Car from 1991 and in the Modelsport mail order advert it lists the Egress as £249. I can't find an Avante listed anywhere, only the Avante 2001 listed at £169 but if i remember correctly the Avante used to be priced below £200 for the kit only in Beatties all those years ago. There was definitely a significant price difference between the two original kits.
  5. Hi, i need some help in restoring an astute. I'm really struggling to find a metal parts bag but more specifically the rear body mounts. Is there anyone that has these? Regards, David.
  6. Apparently the Lunchbox gold edition is getting a re-release. I was randomly browsing on Wonderland models website and seen that it will be available on Wed 7th September 2011. I think i'll be getting one. Lunchbox Gold Edition
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