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  1. Hi all, Newbie to this site so be gentle. I've been having a house clearout recently & I've turned up my old RC stuf thats been in the lift for a few er decades? So I know there are a few collectors kicking about I thought I would let someone else enjoy it. this leads me on to my question for your Tamiya experts. I have no idea what is a reason able price, i was thinking about ebaying it but what is a reasonable reserve, im not sure. It's a full on original, absolutely with no broken parts. I think the tyres are even the original ones, its been ran so the tyres have some wear but they are far from bold. actually this has the original radio gear with it, + the big square battery & "tick-tock" charger that you plug into the car cigarette lighter! even the old coil type speed controller is in good condition with no signs of arcing damage that can be found. I will put up some photos if i can figure out how to do it today... Also I have one of the first a Mini Coopers (M01 chassis) thats got to go :-( and i guess the same questions for this alough this is a lot more "used" as i raced in for a afew years... thanks, KH
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