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  1. The Outrage body and Syncro transmitter came in for my Ultima Pro rebuild. These should be the last pieces needed for the foreseeable future.
  2. I rebuilt most of the rear transmission. I initially thought the ball diff was too tight, but it turns out that it was fine and just needed to be adjusted. I tried to polish a few pieces, but it didn't come out to be very consistent. Oh well :).
  3. Got some new parts today for my Ultima Pro rebuild:
  4. Wow, I can't believe it's been over two years since I got that far on the car. I've since moved, and this has been sitting in a box for what seems like forever. I recently dusted this off to finish it up. I ordered front and rear Schumacher pin tires, a new dedicated ESC and Syncro 2.4ghz radio, new o-rings, rear turnbuckles, rod ends, e-clips, and a servo (whew!). I also just ordered a factory finished Outrage body in yellow from here in the states. I didn't want to wait on the dedicated Pro XL body from Canada. The shocks mysteriously siezed up, and it turns out the pistons somehow had swollen. I'll be replacing those with whatever I can find in my spares boxes. Since the car has been sitting forever, I'm going to do another rebuild to dust everything off and install the new parts.
  5. Found out the Outrage body will fit, so ordered that :).
  6. Does anyone know of any alternate buggy bodies that fit the Ultima Pro XL?
  7. Awesome. Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll pass it on to him and see what he thinks. I think I can convince him to get a kit it I help.
  8. Wow, thank you all for the responses. Looks like the DT-03 is a popular choice then. Any thoughts about other makes like Kyosho, Losi, Associated etc? I like the Traxxas truck but don't think he wants to head in that direction atm. Also, how is the TT-02B? I was looking at that one too. Not really sure about budget, but I'm guessing sub $300 for kit plus running gear (minus battery and charger) would be a good ballpark. That would include necessary upgrades out of the box if needed as well, like bearings.
  9. Yet again another "what car should I choose" thread - my apologies in advance. I have a good friend of mine who wants to get into R/C. We've discussed it and he's given me the following criterion: 1) Prefers an off-road, 1:10 scale electric buggy. 2) Will be used to run around the front and back yard, in the cul-de-sac, etc. No major bashing or racing. 3) Wants RTR to get going as soon as possible. I could probably convince him to get a kit if I help him build it. 4) Prefers something easier to maintain and drive. He is just getting started into the hobby and doesn't want anything too complicated. 5) Is on the fence about 2WD or 4WD. Thoughts on this would be appreciated. I have both but I'm not sure what to recommend. 6) Thinks that something that looks futuristic (vs. vintage) would be neat. Any brand is fine, but I think it would be best to have something with decent aftermarket/replacement support. I'm not too familiar with many modern buggies (TT-02B I guess?), so any help would be great. Thanks!
  10. Today I ran the Outlaw Rampage for it's maiden voyage. It was awesome, and exceeded my expectations. The handling is very realistic. Seeing the body roll around isn't what a racer might want, but it was so cool to see from a scale perspective. If anyone is thinking about getting one, I highly recommend it!
  11. I did, yeah. It fits stock, you just have to get part number OLW003, which includes one rear wheel and tire assembly with the cage (in black). I have two tires because Kyosho sent the replacement cage, but honestly one tire is probably sufficient weight over the rear axle. I had to add some preload to get the back end high enough off the ground. My plastic shocks have leaked out of the box too. Kinda disappointing, but don't want to shell out the cash for new ones. The pro is really a good deal, I agree. I would've bought that one, but they were out of stock everywhere and I didn't want to wait. Here's a few links for the cage: https://www.kyoshoamerica.com/OLW003-Roll-Cage-Set-for-Outlaw-Rampage-WBlack-wheel-spare_p_26166.html https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kyosho-Outlaw-Rampage-Pro-Roll-Cage-Set-OLW003/264567423705?epid=28035311018&hash=item3d997282d9:g:b4QAAOSwlyBd9cfK
  12. I finished up the Outlaw Rampage! Kyosho America originally sent a rollcage that was somehow tweaked out of the box, and wouldn't sit level to the truck. When I contacted them they said to send in an email request, which I did. The day of I received a shipping notice for one item, and when I called to ask about it, they said it was a new cage (sent for free with two day shipping). I asked them what to do with the other one, fearing they would want me to ship it back. Nope. They said to keep it or throw it away. Win! The new one was also tweaked, so I managed to combine parts of the two to make a good one. Something must be off with the molds I think. Either way, excellent customer service from Kyosho America. I also got bearings for the axles yesterday and installed those. The rollcage has an adjustable rear section to change the weight balance. It's a clever idea, but leaves horizontal bodyposts just sticking out that don't look like part of the cage. A black plastic straw fits right over and completes the look. Now I just have to run it when the weather clears up!
  13. I'm super excited! I've wanted one of these since they've come out, and finally got one. I bought the cage as well. Kyosho America has a really good deal on these now.
  14. I've slowly been working on this for the past few weeks. First, I washed the plastic parts and tumbled them in walnut media. Most of the parts came out really well. It's hard to tell by the pictures, but all of the parts came out really smooth, but filled will walnut shells in every small hole. It was definitely frustrating and time consuming to clean it all out. Here's a picture of the inside of the rear gearbox. Maybe it's just me but it looks better. I put the white (or apparently at one point white) parts in some hydrogen peroxide along with the clear chain guards and sat them in the sun over the course of ~10 hours total. The guards didn't look much better, but the white parts came out well. Here's a picture of the front hub (not put in the hydrogen peroxide) next to the front knuckle. A noticable difference. Unfortunately, the appearance didn't turn out to be uniform. I'm not too concerned, as this will mostly be hidden by the wheels. Cleaned some of the anodized aluminum parts. Very few scratches and in overall good shape. At the same time that I tumbled the plastic parts, I also tumbled the brass parts and the front aluminum brace. After some polish, they came out nice. The watermarks are there from post-ultrasonic cleaning, and should come out with a second polish. I finally have most of the parts for the linkages. I'm using #6-32 threaded rod, which I'll cut to length, then fit the aluminum tubing over the rod. I'll have to tap the aluminum tube to get it to fit over the threaded rod, and then I'll loctite it in place. I'll also need to open the holes in the rod ends to accept the larger thread size.
  15. I was able to clean the front and rear gearboxes in the ultrasonic cleaner. They came out pretty well, but still need some work. Here you can see the rear gearbox halves. If you look closely you can see a lot of machining marks, hand sanding, and excess sprue/flashing all from the mold. Here is a closer look. I'm sure Kyosho did a much better job back in the day on the Optima series chassis', but this budget Blue Bird was not quite at the same level. The outside of the gearboxes look okay, but I'm going to throw all of these in the vibratory tumbler to see if I can knock some of the edges and high points off. I at least want to make it less noticeable.
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