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  1. I thought this crowd might appreciate this coupon below to get $100 Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer: https://www.microcenter.com/site/content/specialoffer3dprinter.aspx I just purchased one myself and can confirm it's real :). Hope this helps someone!
  2. I also recently purchased an Ender 3 (standard model) but have had it sitting for a number of months. Over the last few days I finally was able to print my first parts and am impressed. I have a few thoughts that hopefully will be useful: 1) Before buying and attempting to use "higher strength" filaments, it may be worthwhile to look at the YouTube or webpage version of CNC Kitchen. He goes over actual strength tests for common materials and the results are somewhat surprising. PLA is actually a very strong material. It's lack of ductility and low melt point make it appear to be a poor substitute for ABS, PC, or nylon, but used correctly PLA parts should survive many of the rigors of RC driving if the parts are designed and printed well. If you crash as much as I do though, maybe nylon or the like is better, though :). 2) Before getting the higher-end filaments, I would look up all the requirements for printing. The Ender 3 comes out of the box with a PTFE tube and a stock hotend, which for PLA should be fine. Elevated temperatures with ABS or nylon cause the PTFE tube to break down, emitting caustic chemicals. I wanted to print with these materials so I went ahead and bought an all metal hotend ahead of time (microswiss), and made an enclosure to print outside. If all the research I've done is correct, none of these materials are something you'd want to breathe in or have vent directly indoors. The all metal hotend prevents the PTFE tube from breaking down due to a dramatic temp difference in the heat break, and an enclosed helps prevent warping for ABS, etc. In my case it also helps keep out the elements. 3) I foolishly thought that my research and my job background would help with my first prints and I would be ahead of the game, but these printers are a hobby and as such need fiddling and work to print really well. I still have tweaking to do before I'll be satisfied with the results. As such, I'd prepare to use a moderate amount of filament tuning your printer and verifying the optimal bed and nozzle temperature, z-offset, extrusion percentage, bed leveling, etc. This will likely change with each filament also, but I can't for certain speak to that. 4) Watching build videos really helped me to understand how to get the printer setup properly. There are plenty out there and all the ones I've seen are really good. 5) I use Cura and it's a great slicer for my application and has a lot of adjustability. It also has sock settings for the Ender 3 (not sure about the pro). I hope this helps and isn't too much information lol. Best of luck with your printer and please keep us posted on your progress!
  3. @Willy iine Thank you! I feel very lucky indeed! @Jonathon Gillham I did pick out the items and put them into a list of "potential ideas" but she bought all of it! My wife likes RCs as well, so I feel blessed to be able to share the hobby with her.
  4. Celebrated my Birthday today! My wonderful and very supportive wife got me a Porsche 935 and Sand Scorcher body from Sabula Tech (definitely recommend), a FlySky FS-i6X, a servo tester, deburring tool, 60D mini tires, STRC Slash LCG conversion, 5x11 bearings, micro tires, RC10T4 carbon rear arms, Element front arms, ball cups, turnbuckles, and two ELO CDs! Whew! Plus a homemade cheesecake with raspberry compote. Easily one of most favorite Birthdays to date.
  5. Thank you. I've just ordered it, so we'll see how it goes.
  6. Thank you both. Good info for sure. I'm thinking about the Creality Ender 3.
  7. Not sure if this is in the right area, but does anyone have any experience ordering from the USA Hobbyking warehouse? I am in the US and want to order a 3D printer from their USA warehouse, but they show no sales tax during checkout. I'm curious if they try to pin that on you after you purchase? I'd rather know ahead of time if I'll have to pay sales tax after the fact.
  8. Not crawler tires, but these should work: https://www.amainhobbies.com/jconcepts-double-dees-1.7-rear-buggy-tire-green-2-jco3087-02/p271206
  9. I hesitate to post this, as it doesn't necessarily fit all your criteria, but I think it's close enough to warrant a look. https://ebay.to/2KkIxDH It's a vintage NIB Team Magic Vampire 2wd nitro 235mm car kit. The seller has multiple available. I'll be getting one for Christmas, but my wife won't let me look at it yet lol. So, I'm not sure how it'll fare but I know that mine arrived quickly and in good shape. I know it's $125, but maybe you can call it $25 shipping? Obviously it has no electronics or body, but I'd wager a restoration would also have similar issues. I'm planning on tentatively doing an electric conversion on mine as I'm not really into nitro.
  10. I'm in a similar scenario (USA, inexpensive touring car). I've been looking more at the TT02R and Fazer MK2. Not too sure on which one would be better, but I'm leaning toward Tamiya. I'm having a hard time finding the Fazer in stock and it would be nice to build a full kit. It looks to be a decent spec as well. The main thing I've found against the TT02 out if the box is the steering slop, but I think that's somewhat easily fixed. I thought about the Yokomo also but am not as familiar with the brand in general.
  11. Just a FYI - my six sets of shocks came in today. All of them are in new condition and look amazing. The parts seem to be high quality also. I would like to say I look forward to building them, but it's more of a necessary evil in my book. Shock assembly is up there with E-clip installation. Lots of frustration and time and very few good results on the first try lol.
  12. I guess back in 2017 or so Durango was no longer a thing, but it seems as if this guy purchased a bunch of NOS shock sets for the DETC410 touring car. I bought 6 sets at ~ $5/pair including shipping. Great deal for what ought to be some really nice shocks: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Team-Durango-Shock-Damper-Set-DETC410-Universal-1-10-Car-projects-Aluminum-Body/372370146331?epid=1771086450&hash=item56b2fd841b:g:~nsAAOSwMxtbS9qi
  13. Thanks very much. I ended up being able to purchase some JConcepts 1.7" tires which are now on their way.
  14. Truck is looking great! The blue body looks really good as well. Mine was nice and shiny out of the box for a total of three minutes before the first roll over and scratches lol. Hopefully you're a better driver than I am.
  15. Thank you both. I already have the wheels and was looking for something to compliment an Optima clone, so unfortunately 2.2" wheels and tires won't really work.
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