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  1. Hope you have fun with the build . I got mine about 5 years ago. The build was kinda tricky, but it drives well. Not sure if you've been reading up on it, but the center drive cups tend to fail. I didn't think mine would, but the rear one melted (!). I was running a high powered brushless through it, but it may be worth looking into an upgrade. The center transmission is also a pain to shim correctly. Definitely a unique buggy though, and I'm glad I got one.
  2. Had some time to run the oulaw rampage tonight. It was awesome. I had a Gens Ace LiPo that I had never used and ran it for the first time. It's waaaay faster than my old Orion Kokam cells, which I should probably recycle now...
  3. In response to nowinaminute, I had a chance to drive my Outlaw Rampage this weekend again. The truck is very scale from a driving standpoint. Easily the hardest car I have to drive lol. Every time you corner it really wants to roll, so you have to tap the breaks before you enter. The suspension with the MOA does work really well though. It looks like a true trophy truck jumping. The main reason for this is the weight in the back above the axle. With the tires mounted to the cage you can drop the truck and it will soak it up like a truck with IRS. Without the added weight it bounces like my Hornet. It's really a world of difference. My point is the weight is great for the suspension, but bad for turning in my experience. Just something to consider. It might be worthwhile if using a 4-link to make the links longer with the ends closer to the chassis center so the battery can add more of the required weight over the rear axle and links.
  4. All done! Some pictures of the final result: Thanks for watching!
  5. Some more progress: And a teaser of what the body will look like on the car: Lessons learned: 1) Drilling out shock pistons is the worst 2) Soldering takes a close second place 3) Zip ties are amazing
  6. Got the body cut and decals applied (full-size car pinstriping):
  7. I've been steadily rebuilding this for the past few weeks. The rear transmission is almost finished, and the front is nearly done as well. Everything attached: The shock pistons had either swollen or were messed up another way, so I rebuilt them today. I put in new pistons, and used a drill and some sandpaper to get a sliding fit in the cylinders. All rebuilt: They're smooth now, but too stiff. I'll have to drill out the piston holes larger I think.
  8. The Outrage body and Syncro transmitter came in for my Ultima Pro rebuild. These should be the last pieces needed for the foreseeable future.
  9. I rebuilt most of the rear transmission. I initially thought the ball diff was too tight, but it turns out that it was fine and just needed to be adjusted. I tried to polish a few pieces, but it didn't come out to be very consistent. Oh well :).
  10. Got some new parts today for my Ultima Pro rebuild:
  11. Wow, I can't believe it's been over two years since I got that far on the car. I've since moved, and this has been sitting in a box for what seems like forever. I recently dusted this off to finish it up. I ordered front and rear Schumacher pin tires, a new dedicated ESC and Syncro 2.4ghz radio, new o-rings, rear turnbuckles, rod ends, e-clips, and a servo (whew!). I also just ordered a factory finished Outrage body in yellow from here in the states. I didn't want to wait on the dedicated Pro XL body from Canada. The shocks mysteriously siezed up, and it turns out the pistons somehow had swollen. I'll be replacing those with whatever I can find in my spares boxes. Since the car has been sitting forever, I'm going to do another rebuild to dust everything off and install the new parts.
  12. Found out the Outrage body will fit, so ordered that :).
  13. Does anyone know of any alternate buggy bodies that fit the Ultima Pro XL?
  14. Awesome. Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll pass it on to him and see what he thinks. I think I can convince him to get a kit it I help.
  15. Wow, thank you all for the responses. Looks like the DT-03 is a popular choice then. Any thoughts about other makes like Kyosho, Losi, Associated etc? I like the Traxxas truck but don't think he wants to head in that direction atm. Also, how is the TT-02B? I was looking at that one too. Not really sure about budget, but I'm guessing sub $300 for kit plus running gear (minus battery and charger) would be a good ballpark. That would include necessary upgrades out of the box if needed as well, like bearings.
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