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  1. sidewaysdave69

    Ceramic Grease, anyone tried this?

    I wouldn't use the carlube brand cheap stuff. Go for the more expensive stuff.
  2. sidewaysdave69

    #58116 Dynastorm refurb...

    Hey it finally arrived, sorry this is me just getting back to you but its been one busy week. Glad you like it. If you are looking for a body a certain company in Canada could help you out. You wouldn't know the difference. As for decals I have a spare set if your looking for a set. Red and black is a good choice for a dyna storm.
  3. sidewaysdave69

    A real monster truck

    My mate had a lads riva in a lovely creamy colour, the rust really showed up well on that. I remember the drivers side windows didn't work so when we went to the drive through McDonalds he would go in reverse so the passenger could pay.
  4. sidewaysdave69

    A real monster truck

    Yeah but they rust like nobodies business.
  5. sidewaysdave69

    Rebirth of a Terra Conqueror and a Blazing Star.

    Great builds max, the terra conqueror is a great looking buggy. Those hicaps will look great on there and the dyna ones for the blazing star should be a nice touch.
  6. Another great gone. And they were going to make mrs doubtfire 2 next year as well.
  7. sidewaysdave69

    Beach holiday in France - What to take with me?

    Sun block and a pair of budgy smugglers. Oh I would take the dyna blaster.
  8. sidewaysdave69

    different ales or vodkas

    The Japanese stuff is meant to be spot on as well, never personally tried it. But been told it hits the mark by a guy in the work that got me into whiskey.
  9. sidewaysdave69

    How do you choose a colour for your model ?

    Custom paints on ebay do loads if different styles. I have just done my tundra in kiwi passion. Black under coat, then the kiwi then clear coat. It now looks green, gold or a light purple. Candy paints are good as well. Silver or gold base then build up your choice of candy to suit. My f350 is silver and Tamiya green candy. Hilux is aluminium with a deep cheery red candy.
  10. sidewaysdave69

    Top Force rebuild thread: Evo part deux

    wez-li that's like having half a condom. I have a carbon chassis and wheels a body is easy enough from Canada but decals are silly money.
  11. sidewaysdave69

    different ales or vodkas

    highland park not had that in years, that was nice. I will need to give ralfy a look. some of the lesser knowns I haven't tried because I don't want to spend £20-30 on something that tastes like it came out a sheep's bottom.
  12. sidewaysdave69

    different ales or vodkas

    I have moved on from scotch whiskey, been drinking bourbon for a couple of years now. Jim Beam honey is going down a treat just now. I personally blame the discovery channel for my change thanks to their moonshiners program. bringing out the red neck in me. watch the last two minutes to see some of the stupidest red necks on the planet as for the scotch try glenmorangie that is a good one, also chivas regal but they are blended whiskey's but still worth a try.
  13. sidewaysdave69

    different ales or vodkas

    good man vrs55, next you will be voting yes in September. stay away from the peaty whisky not nice.
  14. as for mad max the toecutter was the bad guy
  15. jeepers creepers truck, terrible film but the rat look truck is the business.