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  1. Yep planning on running 2x 2s 7.4 lipos as for pinion gonna see what the stock 13 tooth is like then take it from there, yes the amoeba's are nice bits of kit only thing I've noticed with mine though is that fitting the centres on the back of the rim covers the small hole that allows air in and out of the tyres so not sure yet whether to change the wheel set up or drill another small hole in the rim to allow the air flow in and out....
  2. And so it begins at long last so here 's a few pics for now the donor chassis, its in really good condition almost seems a shame to strip it but needs must the cpe carbon termiator chassis, really well made looking bit of kit this the amoebe alloy rims and last but not least the titan motors and esc,, these will do for now until i decide whether to go brushless or not.. I'll update with more of pics of the build as it progresses but at the moment all i'm waiting on is a set of ballraces... Rudi..
  3. Looks sweet buddy, I really must get started on mine sometime soon
  4. Looking good buddy, i cant wait to get home and started on my build,, could be a while though... looking forward to some more updates and pics of yours though,, what wheels you planning on??
  5. Oh well thats the CPE carbon terminator chassis and amoeba adjustable alloy rims purchased,, now the long wait on the parts arriving and me getting home to start the build,,, looks like this build has taken priority over the f350 highlift... Rudi..
  6. cool man glad you got it sorted....
  7. hey buddy most of the chargers on this page will work,, depends how budget you want http://shop.ebay.co.uk/i.html?_nkw=tamiya+...6.c0.m270.l1313 if you can afford it it definately worth buying a decent peak charger as these will keep your batteries in better health so to speak which mean they will last longer before you start to see considerable drops in run times power etc... hope this helps,, feel free to fire anymore questions and i'll do what i can to answer them.. here's a budget type peak charger that would be worth keeping your eye on http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ripmax-pro-peak-batt...=item1e61dfadd1
  8. just a though buddy if you said you bought them second hand but unused are you sure they have oil in them,, have you had the caps off to have a look, although your suspension would be pretty bouncy with no oil at all, but worth a check Rudi..
  9. Okay guys so far project is looking like this CPE carbon terminator chassis 2 x titan 550 motors with CVX2 ESC (won on eBay tonight, possibly going brushless at a later date so these will do for now) amoeba adjustable rims or RC4WD beadlock rims still to decide on that one???? Align 610 steering servo (basically a re-branded ace DS1015, a spare that i have left over from one of my helicopter builds) original clod body (for now anyway) shocks??? not sure yet but i do have a set of brand new shocks lying in my spares box that are made by a company called innovative RC in the UK that have fully cnc'd bodies that were for a project i had a while back that i ended up selling on to a mate, so hopefully they'll do the trick as there fairly substantial looking numbers..... but failing that i'll pick something up Planning to run it on 2 x 7.4 2S Lipo's as i have plenty of these for my helicopters so already have all the necessary chargers, balance boards etc.. think thats it for now i'm sure there will be more to add as the build progresses, for radio gear i'll use my existing handset which is a futaba 4PK 2.4ghz FASST system really looking forward to this build as its been a while since i've messed around with electric RC's most of my other cars have been either nitro or large scale 2 stroke, just need to get home from this job first, feel free to shout up if anyone see's anything wrong with this set up.. i'll be posting pics as the build progresses so watch this space.. cheers Rudi..
  10. Nice truck buddy,, am thinking on getting these wheels for my build, just wondering what adaptors if any did you use to get these to fit on the clod axles??? Rudi..
  11. Cheers for all the info guys,, looks like its going to be between the thundertech ripper pro and the CPE carbon terminator chassis,, decisions decisions.....
  12. Anyone any experience with ESP chassis, been having a look and they seem okay and there doing a deal on one of there race chassis just now,, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with them Rudi..
  13. yeah mate looks like the only spider/dragoon ones available are the full kits,, been having a look at the cpe stuff and there carbon chassis quite takes my fancy so might go for that,, like i said i'm in no hurry with this one so i'll keep an eye on the bay and the forums and see what turns up.. cheers Rudi..
  14. tell me about it mate,, been pricing everything for the clod and its gonna be pricey,, looking at either the gmade dragoon or spider chassis depending on which way i go, probably go more for racer than crawler but havent made up my mind yet,, got plenty time to decide though!!! although i'm blaming you for the random bid i put on as i was reading your project thread then decided to have a nosey on ebay and what do ye know i now own a clod.... i hope your happy with your self... hahahahaha Rudi...
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