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  1. Masami

    egress rerelease in nov 2013

    So can you make BF8-9 again?
  2. Masami

    egress rerelease in nov 2013

    I've 3 pair (replica) made by english friend here... superb! I'm finishing (polish and bend)... why Mr Tamiya re-re missing this super sexy parts?!?!
  3. Masami

    egress rerelease in nov 2013

    I'm back! All Tamico kits are shrink wrapped? I need a bf8-9 parts or a way to copy these parts... can anyone help me?
  4. Masami

    Avante vs. Egress

    fortunately I purchased all three car: Avante, Egress and Top Force Evolution. Avante was the first race car from Tamiya but poor performance due to the weight... Egress the sexiest car probably in the world of RC, its wheels are absolutely the best... But the performance of the top force evolution was higher... but its look against the Egress seems a toy...
  5. Masami

    Egress NIB --New Building Project

    Hey guys, thank you for the sweet words for me... Shipping is on the way... enjoy. Remember that I've a lot of parts for Egress-Avante-Vanquish, including super rare black wheels for Egress... very good price
  6. Dampers still packaged in blister, front and rear, cylinder also available separately, posi-joint sealed, plastic, gears, arms, torque splitter, screw set, bag... ALL FOR SALE GREAT PRICE
  7. 4 rear and 4 front wheels for sale. NEW PACKAGED! 60€ (2rear+2front)
  8. Masami

    Lightweight rear wheels 53050 and 53006

    I've 4 rear and 4 front wheels NIB for sale
  9. Masami


    800€ shipped plus 4 new wheels and tyres original as a gift 750€ shipped SELLED
  10. Masami


    Hello guys, Egress NIB on the way... only the box a bit yellowed for the age... but absolutely perfect KIT!!!! I also have a lot of spares and hop hop original in a blister or bag for this beautiful buggy: dampers, plastics, shaft, steerin parts, a lot of wheels (yes, original black new wheels). And a spare aluminum black chassis. 850 € shipped for the kit. I'm in Italy.
  11. Wez, Wez! I can't see an Egress with Boomerang tyres!!! It's like a Ferrari with Fiat Panda wheels!!!!!
  12. Masami

    Egress re-release

    Please guys... is this a dream or what? Thank you
  13. Great job... Incredible this buggy. 22 years old and still today the sexiest buggy in the world. Egress rulez
  14. Masami

    Avante Coming Soon

    anyone can confirm?
  15. Masami

    Avante Coming Soon

    Sure for the front... but in Egress rear arm "holes" are smaller than avante... and the new driveshaft are bigger on the joint... or not?