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  1. Baja500

    Manta Ray is re-released for 2018

    Just ordered a Manta ray with some hop ups, as it's way different looking to anything else i have, so i had to get one. I remember seeing one on display around 1990 when they were 1st released and was thinking to myself, what a crazy looking body shell πŸ™‚
  2. Baja500

    Any guess on re-re 2019?

    Not in any order, tamiya falcon, Original Toyota hilux 3 speed, ranger srb, blazing blazer 3 speed..
  3. Baja500

    Any guess on re-re 2019?

    Tamiya Falcon re- re yeeeah all the way!! Hotshot ll, srb ranger, hilux, blazing blazer.. just at least 2 of these kits from tamiya please.. πŸ‘
  4. Baja500

    Countdown to Nuremberg 2018

    Hilux, blazer, ranger..πŸ‘
  5. Agree.. very far from bizarre my friend πŸ‘ i have been hoping for yrs for this tamiya lancia kit to be re-released again. This chassis setup that can handle more of those rough bumps. Im surprised and have no idea why it has'nt had a re-re run on a frog or brat chassis, and it wouldn't be hard to do.. Never been a re-re production run for the shared wild willy 1, opel ascona, Audi Quattro chassis cars sadly, but tamiya should at least bring this back into production again from our childhood rally days.. Lancia.
  6. Baja500

    Konghead... build thread and mod thread

    I think a custom Donkey Kong bannana rig body version would look cool..
  7. Ok thanks for the tip mate, i will experiment around and have some fun in the process ☺
  8. Baja500

    Tamiya Top Force Re-re-really!

    I emailed Rc mart and stella sold out. No more.
  9. Thanks for the help all πŸ‘ i will check out the df-02 and 03 cheers
  10. Thanks mate.. i will have to find some.
  11. Hi, im trying to find any info on where to buy all these drive shafts for my buggies. ? I couldn't find much on ebay.. any help with info much appreciated thanks. I have read that the top force universals can fit some of these buggies..? Cheers..
  12. Baja500

    Schumacher Cat XLS is back

    πŸ‘ Mine is arriving tomorrow from metro, i didn't opt for the upgraded heavy duty tranny, as im only going to be running a tamiya 540 as metro specified i should use for that vintage feel with a gentle run to look after it. But im open to other suggestions..?
  13. Baja500

    Kyosho Javelin Re-release

    Not another one! πŸ˜‚ im getting one of these for sure. Will sit nicely next to my kyosho mint las vegas, vanning and marui galaxy rs. Love the open cage buggiesπŸ‘marui samurai.. one day.
  14. Yeah true retro is in.. i might send an email to marui.... I emailed mugen japan yesterday about a possible original mugen bulldog re-re, here is the reply.. Thank you for your inquiring about Bulldog. Frankly speaking, it is impossible for us to produce Bulldog again. Because the mold for producing plastic parts has already been discarded and there are no drawings for all the parts. In the case we will re-release it again, we need to start with design as well as a completely new project, but now we don't have such an idea. We regret to inform you, but we are pleased that even now you have good memories for Bulldog. Best regards, Mugen Seiki Co., Ltd. Japan