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  1. By money grab do you a mean a business, doing its normal business for revenue so it can pay staff that enjoy working for a company that keep it interesting in designing new products. 🤣🤣
  2. So they did send your original order. Interesting take on normal business.
  3. It’s normally the bumper that hits their leg, not the body mount… 🤪
  4. At the same time, I dragged out my box of treasures and found I had a full set of NIP screws so went about removing every hex screw and replacing with shiny silver and gold screws, tapping screws, press and flange nuts all straight out of OG Astute and Super Astute screw bags. While the gearbox was out, I replaced the rear bulkhead (D4) new from a 2018 D parts tree and then found a real gem.... an original counter gear support (A1) new condition so that went in too. Note the rear suspension mounts are the Madcap type that are found as a NOT USED part on the Blitzer series so I have quite a few of these but have never broken one. Always fitted with longer machine screws and this time a flange nut on the front screw. These are OG Madcap rear hubs too which is one of the very first Hop-Ups for any Astute bitd... simply because the Astute rear hubs crack if you fart too loud. I've given her a shakedown run since photos. Run with the 3000mah shorty for near 15 minutes and the Technigold was only warm so very happy with 10 degrees and 23t pinion. Amazingly quick for a vintage runner and the diff in this one is still sound, staying locked on dirt and no barking.... much happy !
  5. This Technigold was sitting idle in my OG Egress when it dawned on me it could be in a better place. It was only ever lightly run but I opened it up for a refresh anyway. Magnets still felt nice and strong. The comm and brushes were carboned a little as per below but not worn so they got a clean up with a pencil eraser first then some contact cleaner. Oiled the bearings and rebuilt with 10 degrees advance timing and fitted a 23t steel pinion. Here it is apart.
  6. Great wheelbase match with the shell…. Better than a TR or Dyna Blaster 😁 Hey, do those front wheels go on a buggy size steering arm or do you need the longer axle one from the Blitzer ?
  7. I use matching colour TS paint over the top of the PS on the exposed side. The TS has the shine you’re looking for and only some light coats needed to gloss it up. Alternatively, use clear contact vinyl like a sticker. The stuff you use to protect school books gives a great shine over exposed PS paint.
  8. And....... according to Tamiyabase Astute release date is 3rd September 1989 so officially released only 2 x days before the event.
  9. @Sir Crashalot Clearly an Egress and the article is April 1989…. Is this a prototype or just an early release Egress. Me find out. Release date 29th June 1989 according to Tamiyabase so this pre-dates Egress.
  10. I’m not sure you need it or if it fits with the Madcap front bulkhead. ORB Racing parts 3D printed via Shapeways are very good but get the matching ORB front bulkhead.
  11. Durability, design, drive and performance it’s the DB01 for me. Clearly failing some of the other criteria, I give it a 4. DT02 and the TTC both original and 2018 are my other favourites.
  12. Astute looks to have the OG front tower, and the stabiliser is removed. Front dampers on the low mount. This would be one of the first Astutes ever raced.
  13. Respectfully, OP is building an OG TTC not a 2018 so not as simple. 05 mod pinions are out there, just not easy to find.
  14. Yeah the design of this part looks to me it’s intended to break first. The first time I laid eyes on this part it was in 3 pieces with the screws still in place.
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