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  1. ... and finally the shorty battery and low profile servo to bring it all together. I'm looking forward to the shake down run when possible so the next update should include some dirt !
  2. I think it was the late great Rick Mayall that used to refer to a "Razzle pair of jugs" and as an Aussie this was very funny once I eventually worked out what Razzle was !
  3. DB01 is a modern classic. The smoothest, most quiet, best performing stock Tamiya buggy ever. Build it stock and drive it on any surface and you will know it's a classic right away. I'm stoked for you @Kol__
  4. Dye those Star Dish wheels they come out a nice satin black with dye.
  5. I had to dig for it but this thread has what you're looking for. 👍🏻
  6. Front shock position depends on the surface. The Avante Hop Up shock tower worked really well. I still don't think it fully bottoms out though. The upright OG Egress shock set up with BF8/9 comes nowhere close to bottoming out. The kit P parts servo saver... too loose and you can get the front wheels bouncing or wobbling as @94eg! mentioned. Tamiya heavy duty servo saver with one circular spring omitted is the G O.
  7. Totally agree and I think the answer is both... a budget version of the Egress and also with some tiny improvements to steering and suspension ! The 2001 front lower damper mount position is an improvement which also transferred over to the Egress (2013) all those years later. The 2001 steering plate was an improvement that also allowed the front suspension more up travel. This is because the suspension could travel further without the inner ball adjuster on the tie rod fouling on the plate. Does anyone know if the 2001 has less bump steer with the narrow steering plate compared to Avante / Egress ?
  8. You mention Ackerman angle which does change with steering link geometry. The poor design of the steering knuckles had more effect on scrub radius... which is terrible on all Avante series with those knuckles. The front wheels steer way outside of the steering knuckle axis. This also causes the front wheels to apply more leverage and force back into the steering when you hit a bump or land nose heavy on one front wheel. You need a very forgiving servo saver to cope with this force if your running proper off road.
  9. Update with the HW1060 ESC and rx fitted.
  10. Now with Futaba MC330CR and a Mabuchi 540.
  11. I appreciate your interest @Unknown Driver This will only be a casual runner, put together more out of necessity than performance. Original or re-re gearbox, diff and parts for these are either hard to find, expensive or both. Its definitely lighter than a stock Astute and I'm running it pretty low and with soft springs front and rear. I'm expecting it to be pretty well balanced and hopefully it slows down and turns in better than the Astute. Yes it will get a shorty battery longitudinally and a low profile servo, (I have both on the way). Running the battery transverse is entirely possible but would have needed extra holes drilled in the chassis plate. I'll update once I have the battery and electrics all mounted and we'll see how it looks then.
  12. Great job on the masking and painting... Its actually a bit of a challenge this body and a rewarding result. Wheels and mods all look great too ! Smoked or tinted windows would help match with the 1:1 version. I used a fair bit of reinforced tape inside the body to cut out some body flex. Like you, I also painted all of the black outs around the wheel arches, sill panels and bumpers. I normally resist bombing other members threads with my own cars but I cannot resist this time around... Hope you like it !
  13. Shorty battery and low profile servo ordered. Decided to do the old swaperoo and pull the HW 1060 out of my Astute Runner. That one gets a nice Futaba MC330CR in the exchange so win win. That's 2 wins !
  14. @Busdriver You have me interested now... If this comes out on the XV02 chassis, I would almost certainly have to build a Monster Racer / Prerunner tribute ! Edit# Looks very muck like CC01 front bumper
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