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  1. Hi @ruebiracer I'm only going off the RCMart pics but that absolutely looks to suit the Astute. Holes for the lateral battery positions are there so all same. Shock towers look the same to my eyes too.
  2. Jump on Shapeways or ORB Racing fb page and get yourself all of their 3D printed upgrades, then keep the kit parts as spare. You'll need extra 3mm hex nuts when using ORB parts which is great because they replace the press nuts which suck. Front and rear bulkheads, front support and the rear suspension arm mounts are the most important. Re: Rear suspension arm mounts - actually using the unused parts (C parts) from any Blitzer Beetle / Stadium Blitzer is the best option for the rear arm mounts. Unused on the Blitzer and you only need to cut a small piece off to clear the SA rear arms, then fit them with longer machine screws and a nut on the front mounting screw. Simple and essential for the SA.
  3. @ThunderDragonCy You big brain ! This would possibly allow standard DF01 / Top Force universal driveshafts to fit into the Super Astute re-re for the cost of two bearings..... I'm giving this a crack ! Looking for correct size 5x11x3 right now !
  4. For the record, I love the stuff ! I've done the same, going through my runners one by one. Super Astute gear diff / CC01 front diff and my DT02's to get it next. Go light on coating gears and it won't leak out !
  5. I guess the Terra Scorcher 2020 has come along at the right time !
  6. What about GREEN ! Red, Orange, Yellow will clash with the war-paint and wing decals ! Now Purple or Metallic Purple would make that war-paint pop !
  7. Hi Kev, Glad to assist ! Shoot me a PM and we'll get this sorted !
  8. With black Star Dish wheels as promised !
  9. Update for @CKU87 Shame about the old pics....
  10. Here is how it would look with TRF Aeration Buggy Dampers but this wasn't functional as the shock body on the front was just too long so front suspension travel was too limited. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=125701&id=35714
  11. The DF03 Damper will work better on the Super Astute using the stock front shock tower as recommended by Tamiya. You pretty much need to retro fit a Dynastorm front shock tower for any TRF or Aeration Buggy dampers to work. Here's some reading from Juls 1
  12. OK.... when I get a chance, I'll take a photo of my runner Astute for your reference. Hopefully I can get this photo posted for you in the next couple of days because I think it's very close to what you want to achieve. This is how: 1) The same Star Dish wheels as yours only dyed black. These wheels take black RIT dye very well and give you better tyre options. You can still fit Hybrid Spikes on the rear if you want the original look too. 2) Yep.... I've made the exact same mistake so you're not alone ! 3) If you put a 5 - 7mm cut in each side of the sticker (about half way up and a little higher at the rear) you can apply the sticker normally and then warm with a hair dryer. The tiny overlap is hardly noticed. 4) I have the correct Hi-Cap mini's in the front and agree that these with the original front tower does help complete the overall look of the car. The mini Hi-Cap damper is from the 2013 Egress front. With Super Astute suspension arms, the shocks will bottom out first but I wouldn't be too concerned. If something breaks or bends...... that's RC. My Astute runner has Madcap suspension arms and with either these or original Astute arms, the car bottoms out before the suspension. It's simply because of the SA having a more inboard lower damper position on the arm. I'll link you to my post as soon as I get that photo..... I'm sure you'll be sold on the look with correct Hi-Caps and black Star Dish wheels !
  13. Hi Astute & Grasshopper II - Super G share the same front springs. Investigate though because I'm going off memory.... The front springs from the Super Astute re-re will look same and fit but they are a softer spring if that's what you're looking for.
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