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  1. Sell nothing...... no regrets later !
  2. I agree looking at the front upright Hop-Ups. The rear wheels and tyres can also fit onto the front.... then it just needs a variant of the cage and a truck body and you have a BBT BB-01 Just saying...
  3. Xtra Speed Super Astute Diff Cover. Good price too ! https://www.rcmart.com/product-search?search=Astute&page=2
  4. I understand..... My wife said "not at anytime baby !"
  5. Hi Mate. I stepped away from this one and just recently picked it back up again. I've played around and made some changes to rear suspension and the wing mount. It's pretty much time for a shakedown run.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I'll do that along with changing out the adjusters for some smaller on-road ones I have spare. I thought there might be an alternative steering knuckle but your fix will do the trick. Cheers.
  7. Great thread and I dig the white SV. I tried out the wheelbase mod and I've run into a problem with steering due to the new tie rod angle. The inner adjusters on the tie rods foul the block on the front of the chassis where the top support brace mount is. The adjusters drag across the block and then gets stuck on full lock (steering right). Has anyone experienced the same and how to fix ? Thanks...
  8. ... and finally the shorty battery and low profile servo to bring it all together. I'm looking forward to the shake down run when possible so the next update should include some dirt !
  9. I think it was the late great Rick Mayall that used to refer to a "Razzle pair of jugs" and as an Aussie this was very funny once I eventually worked out what Razzle was !
  10. DB01 is a modern classic. The smoothest, most quiet, best performing stock Tamiya buggy ever. Build it stock and drive it on any surface and you will know it's a classic right away. I'm stoked for you @Kol__
  11. Dye those Star Dish wheels they come out a nice satin black with dye.
  12. I had to dig for it but this thread has what you're looking for. 👍🏻
  13. Front shock position depends on the surface. The Avante Hop Up shock tower worked really well. I still don't think it fully bottoms out though. The upright OG Egress shock set up with BF8/9 comes nowhere close to bottoming out. The kit P parts servo saver... too loose and you can get the front wheels bouncing or wobbling as @94eg! mentioned. Tamiya heavy duty servo saver with one circular spring omitted is the G O.
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