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  1. @matman Thoughts and best wishes are with you and family mate ! Best Regards
  2. I had a few outings at a local school during lock-down. Ran the DB01 / Sand Viper and CC01. Struggling for time these days unfortunately.
  3. TBG - Tamiya Hilux Monster Racer body ....... pc / lexan body, quite slim and short (250mm) wheel base with big open wheel arches. That would be my pick. Thanks for the inspiration, this is great !
  4. Nice idea but no it's not a direct fit. If you find the Astute diff housing, it is a harder alloy but still soft. If you can get that and shim it correctly is the best you can do. I know you wanted to stay with the ball diff but fitting the Super Astute gear diff with some high viscosity gear oil would give best results and will handle any power you throw at it. Direct fit too !
  5. Yeah, it's an odd size. I'll pm you a link. Mine came from an eBay seller as being from China but strangely the bearings were sent to me from Germany. Good quality too ! I got a pack of ten so I have spares but I live in the farthest corner of the globe from anywhere.
  6. 2 bearings, 1 in the inner of each rear hub (5x11x3) only for fitting Top Force or DF02 universal shafts. You are just replacing the 1150 bearings with an 1150 x 3mm bearing.
  7. 3 Racing Ultra High Viscosity Gear Diff Oil. You only need the smallest amount and it gives great LSD effect...... for the car that is !
  8. Mind Blown ! Thank you for posting these, they are absolutely next level ........ Brilliant !
  9. Am I tripping balls or is that a 4WD (DB01) - FRONT wheel and tyre fitted to the left hand REAR of the box art model......
  10. Hi to the OP @rwordenjr and I think you got that first part spot on ! I have vintage runners. I also have vintage runners that became retired and went "straight to the pool room", (Darryl Kerrigan style) ....... they are still runners. I have Tamiya re-release runners that allowed for some of the vintage runners to be retired. Then I have casual runners, (DB01, CC01, TA02T, DT02's) that see all the action and can be tidied up, modded, fixed and generally played with etc.
  11. Or put them in a small fish bowl or glass jar that fits all four wheels at the bottom. Then cover with water and add the Hydrogen Peroxide so it's diluted but the wheels are submerged. Place in the sun with a glass lid on if you can. A few hours in clear sunlight should do it. Are Brat wheels nylon ?
  12. Go to your original post and edit that one..... then you can update the title to include the Manta Rays !
  13. Thanks JMo, These were lots of fun with the scouring for parts and swapping out parts going for days. They are on my shelf now with their big Tamiya brothers. Agree.... I would love to see more from other members. Get building folks !
  14. I've got no builds during the crisis so I dived into a bucket of loose Lego City and came up with a couple of Tamiya replicas. Ford F150 Truck and a micro Holiday Buggy. Looking to do a Clod Buster or Blackfoot next..... or both. Hope you like em !
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