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  1. The D parts split at the recess for the press nuts over time. VQS dampers Dye the kit wheels pink. Blue Star Dish wheels look good ! Super Stock motor Biggest difference is the gears and ratios. Kit dampers were sticky at first but free up with running and definitely use a Li-Po battery to keep the weight down. Most important is ...... Post photos when built ! Enjoy
  2. As per GTodd, that thread is referencing the original Super Astute with more limited gear options. There is a video in this thread of the re-re running around a small dirt track with a silver can and it's getting around really well !
  3. They are shims to tension it. One shim each side is enough but if it's handling power without slipping that's good ! The correct ball diff grease is a must !
  4. Great progress.... I'm back so I will go digging for MSC parts and let me know if you need anything else.
  5. I'll go digging and report back ! Just on holidays atm so might be a few days before I find it. Let me know if there is anything else missing, press nuts, screws etc.
  6. Nice ! Check the underneath of the rear hubs for cracks. If they are not cracked, then I would keep it that way by not running it with the original rear hubs. Super Astute rear hubs are a direct swap and would be favourable for any running whatsoever ! I'm in Oz, (not the one with a wizard) but I'm pretty sure I could find that msc link if you can't find one locally.
  7. @matman Thoughts and best wishes are with you and family mate ! Best Regards
  8. I had a few outings at a local school during lock-down. Ran the DB01 / Sand Viper and CC01. Struggling for time these days unfortunately.
  9. TBG - Tamiya Hilux Monster Racer body ....... pc / lexan body, quite slim and short (250mm) wheel base with big open wheel arches. That would be my pick. Thanks for the inspiration, this is great !
  10. Nice idea but no it's not a direct fit. If you find the Astute diff housing, it is a harder alloy but still soft. If you can get that and shim it correctly is the best you can do. I know you wanted to stay with the ball diff but fitting the Super Astute gear diff with some high viscosity gear oil would give best results and will handle any power you throw at it. Direct fit too !
  11. Yeah, it's an odd size. I'll pm you a link. Mine came from an eBay seller as being from China but strangely the bearings were sent to me from Germany. Good quality too ! I got a pack of ten so I have spares but I live in the farthest corner of the globe from anywhere.
  12. 2 bearings, 1 in the inner of each rear hub (5x11x3) only for fitting Top Force or DF02 universal shafts. You are just replacing the 1150 bearings with an 1150 x 3mm bearing.
  13. 3 Racing Ultra High Viscosity Gear Diff Oil. You only need the smallest amount and it gives great LSD effect...... for the car that is !
  14. Mind Blown ! Thank you for posting these, they are absolutely next level ........ Brilliant !
  15. Am I tripping balls or is that a 4WD (DB01) - FRONT wheel and tyre fitted to the left hand REAR of the box art model......
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