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  1. Lewis Hampster or Rodent Grojean ?
  2. I heard that when the moon passes over Northamptonshire it gets closer to earth due to the gravity of that clod and when that Clod goes outside, the sun gets burnt.
  3. You are doing some hard running or running some hard springs to break the rear bulkhead. I've broken one once doing both.
  4. It's a strange marketing strategy to me. There is no "want it more with time" market...that customer already wants it ! @sosidge great comment on Japanese marketing culture, it's unique for sure.
  5. These are some good examples of why launching a product that is not available is a classic marketing fail. Tamiya have completely ignored the impulse buyer and the buy now market and so deserve to lose the battle on that front.
  6. The OG Astute body is all the way up to the rear shock tower and the repro body looks to have quite a gap there too... I use TBG bodies on my runners and they fit OK and should marry nicely with the Tamiya under tray.
  7. Suspect the body is the culprit there. The back of the side pod should be straight down and not balloon out. That's a tough one.
  8. My experience is that ultra high viscosity gear diff oil works best in these planetary gear diffs. It slows the diff action considerably more than AW grease and doesn't leak out a black mess.
  9. Thank you for the kind words. There is a lot that I really like about this and I'll contribute more when I have more time. Madcap front arms do result in a longer wheelbase also ! I always space the front upper damper mounts out by 3mm when using Madcap front arms too..... always have.
  10. I know...... I think this vid just just set me further away from the BBX
  11. Surely it's the 1992 TRF211X. The first TRF, much desired and really not that difficult to put together as a re-release....
  12. Acceptable driver as follows : * Willy * A Cowboy (with or without hat) * Any driver wearing a helmet
  13. Your location is always helpful with this type of request.
  14. Sweet CRX..... I don't think you will get any closer to gold than gold PS34 Bright Red will work, especially backed with white. Lots of time and effort into masking, paint the black detail first, then your colours and back with white.... it will be terrific !
  15. Will you make a custom body out of the shoe goo ? 😜
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