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  1. Sorry..... gearbox housings are not the same. The "A" Parts tree for the Super Astute is different. The SA housing has bearing carriers and an extra part "A3" that houses the back bearing for the slipper shaft as opposed to a fixed layshaft on the Astute / King Cab gearbox. See pg 9 of the manual : https://d1hu0eys0tj9xi.cloudfront.net/media/files/47381ml-981-bb2b.pdf @Saito2 nailed it with his first call.... The entire Super Astute gearbox will fit.
  2. Xtra Speed carbon upgrade....... looks nice and priced OK too ! http://www.rcmart.com/carbon-upgrade-tamiya-super-astute-2018-limited-edition-p-83075.html
  3. Following with interest... I'm renewing this year and I want to edit a couple of my entries with all updated pics (including the thumbnail). The old thumbnail remains when I did this last.
  4. Great finds, I love these tales but some folks around here might already be sick of hearing this one. As pictured Egress chassis was found by my uncle in a skip bin / dumpster.... sitting right up on top. This was early 2011, right after I got back into the hobby so while I can't claim the find, I definitely claimed the treasure. I've also picked up a nearly complete Sand Viper with a Futaba MC330CR (ESC) free from a front verge collection. The Egress is now a restored shelfer and the Sand Viper a runner.
  5. You Guy's want to try skateboarding in a public place if you want to get abused... It's mind-blowing how many folks think that any skateboarding is unlawful and an immediate threat to others personal safety, a threat to public domains and property and oh... your already up to no good so probably throw crime in there too. Skateboard = crime I'm pretty sure the same people that invite conflict as soon as they see a skateboard would be the same people that invite conflict when they see an RC.
  6. This is the front shock tower you want, as per @ruebiracer Not sure how it would work with a Vanquish body though, you might have to trim a little bit of nose.
  7. Procrastinating about what is next is one of my modelling strong points too ! I actually enjoy the deliberation as much as I enjoy building and not surprisingly, better decisions are made when you've had weeks to decide the best approach.
  8. I've just landed a tub of 3Racing ultra High Viscosity as per above. You only coat the gears with it and not fill the diff case if using in an unsealed diff. It is seriously sticky !
  9. From a pink champagne Unimog with Barbie wheels to the War Rig..... this is a wonderful place !
  10. So I imagine Hagrid with a Lunchbox..... you're lucky they didn't expelliarmus the controller out of your hand
  11. A different kind of beach run but I guess this still qualifies.
  12. Brilliant ! I just ordered some from RC Mart for my Super Astute gear diff. Can't wait to give it a try, looks like it should be sweet sweet action for the back section !
  13. My wife calls this site "Nerdclub" "Oh...you're on Nerdclub again are you" ! "Yes Dear"
  14. I'm on the same time zone as Hong Kong and it's definitely the 2nd of April today !
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