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  1. Astute manual had confused positive & negative camber and included a correction slip. Super Astute manual shows how to extend or reduce the wheel base using extra spacers on the rear hubs but both of the optional positions cause the suspension arm to foul on the inside of the rear wheel so are not functional. This has turned into a different thread now hasn't it !
  2. How will we know if we've been blessed by a subscriber ? Someone please bless @Snappy1 I wanna see his stuff !
  3. If TC had a model of the year award, I think a couple of finalists just appeared in the last two pages of this thread..... Got that @netsmithUK, model of the year award....just saying !
  4. Bump ! I've been thinking Blackfoot next and figured, why not just Blu-Tak the side gears in the diff. It would be a locker but wouldn't skip. It's strictly an off roader anyhow.... thoughts ?
  5. Wow ! Thank you for posting and sharing the link to the 1989 season. I was at Rd 4 at Wanneroo in the wet ! Yes your car is very collectable my friend and even more so because it's one of the only Ford's that Brock ever raced. That car would have a great amount of admiration Down Under with ATCC fans but the Red Army, (Holden Fans) would despise it !
  6. Ex Peter Brock - Grp A - Ford Sierra Cosworth RS2000 Yeah ! Did that one ever race in Australia ?
  7. @LongRat might be able to shed some light on this car if I'm not mistaken !
  8. I hope this is going to be a runner with that 4 slot Johnson can. I believe only some TA02's came with this motor and they are quick. I can vouch for it too having used one myself.
  9. Hi, sorry but the truth is that the kit supplied TEU101 esc is about as useful as a two speed cigarette lighter on a motorcycle ! It's just not compatible with modern radio transmitters. Check out Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 speed controller first. It!s inexpensive, reliable and increases your transmitter options ten fold as the BEC function is already built in. Good luck !
  10. I concur ! Again not what you want to hear but late last year a bunch of Astute C parts came up on the bay of plenty (not the one in NZ) and were snapped up quick smart.....not by me ! They are out there but probably being guarded by an ogre or placed in a very high tower with a gun turret manned by an ogre ! Grab the above, complete your project, gaze upon it's beauty and make sure you post pics !
  11. My 11 Yr old son has driven his Sand Viper about 4 times in the last 2 years..... Meh ! Last night I showed him some photo's of a Clod Buster here on TC and he went Coco Bananas. Wow...... the power of Clod.
  12. Yeah, I use foams in pretty much everything and the hybrid spikes and oval blocks work fine....tight fit though of course. Not sure about the DS but I do know others just like ORB have spent a lot of time designing improved 3D print rear arm mounts.
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