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  1. Hi there again all, i have a slight problem with my df01, it got flipped, iv now broken the front shock mount tower where it bolts to the gearbox, does anyone know of any nice alloy/carbon fibre hop up? or do you recommend buying the plastic parts tree and replacing it with stock? thanks in advance kenny
  2. Oh really? That's spot on then Mark Ty, was expecting alot more, guess that's where iv been throwing brushless kits in older car they nee a but more modding lol, he hasn't actually got the kit yet but I did see it comes with full bearing kit so that's spot on, im assuming it will still have an alloy pinion that will need replacing?
  3. Hi there all, I'm actually kind of asking for this advice for a friend of mine he has just gone n got himself a df03ra chassis car and a ezrun 9t setup, so was just wondering what the essential/recomended hops are for this car to be running BL? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for the help with the pinion mate, and yea I totally appreciate it won't handle like a modern buggy, it won't even handle as good as my vintage thunder dragon, I have a hornet so I no there not great but it's what my dad wanted so I just figured I would try and help him get it handling as best as possible.
  5. Hi all, im back to bug you all for more information :-) this time it's a favour for my dad not me lol, basically he has just picked up a grasshopper rolling chassis, and he wants to hop it up to a brushless system (more than likely a ezrun setup as he likes the way mine runs) so I know the simple hop ups ie bearings and change the pinion but first of all which pinion will he need for the hopper? Also iv seen people saying about the front suspension hop up, does anyone know if anywhere still has this available? And any other hop ups available that he can get to make it better? Thanks in advance Kenny
  6. Cool thank you again Mark, got the gear set and some silly bits like wheel nuts and antenna tube threw today just eagerly awaiting my other package with uprights, c hubs, prop shaft, ball racing kit now so I can do the rebuild! Can't wait :-)
  7. ok so all parts are on order ty for the help guys, 1 last question is will i want to stick with the 19t pinion (i know thats what you linked mark) but just want to make sure this is the best tooth to use, or if i might of got better performance from a differnet number tooth pinion?
  8. I'm assuming the ta01 universal swing Shaft will fit the thrasher also? How about the shocks from asiatees
  9. Dam ur quick mark! Lol, and as always perfect info tyvm mate, so glad I asked before ordering parts lol, now I'm off to try and find the parts you listed, Ty again Mate
  10. Hi there all, just a few quick questions, I was given a dirt thrasher a couple of days ago and after looking it over I have noticed both the front uprights Are cracked so will need replacing, the dirt thrasher is a df01? I believe, will the uprights off a df02 (or rather the alloy hop up ones) fit the thrasher? Also looking to fit my ezrun kit into it, any must have hop ups? And has any1 else done this to a thrasher and knows what size pinion will work the best? Thanks in advance all Kenny
  11. Going by the Specs on the link listed above it is shorter on the original TS/FD so must have been changed for the re re FD, Ty all for your help off to find some nice alloy shocks now :-)
  12. That's the rear shocks, there smaller on the front?
  13. Hi there all, just a quick question, can anyone tell me the size of the front shocks from a terra scorcher/fire dragon? Basically I run a vintage thunder dragon and will be ordering the terra scorcher 'g' parts to convert it to dual shock setup on the front from what I can gather from the manuals of both models these parts are all I need to do the conversion as it has the front and rear shock mount plates so I can change the back aswel to match the sitting position of the rear shocks (get the Wing mount aswel for if I decide to buy terra scorcher repro shell) I'm not planning on getting the originals but will be getting some nice alloy shocks but just wanted to go with roughly the same ride height as it was intended on the TS/FD, seen the 70mm ones I want for the rear but won't order till I know can get matching fronts. Thanks in advance, Kenny
  14. Ok Seems traxxas plugs have been added to my shopping list lol, so with me getting a ezrun 35a 13t brushless setup new pinion traxxas plugs the dragon is going to be running alot faster so I'm looking at getting the terra scorcher g parts to change te front end to a 2 shock setup for better handling, I'm assuming I will want to change the steering arms to further help in control any recommendations on some hop ups I can get tht will fit strait on? Something of a more modern model that is the same sizes etc etc?
  15. nice one thanks for the help mark, i laready have full bearign kits installed so no problems there, any battery plugs you can recommend?
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