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  1. thanks again, great pics. I've ordered oil shocks and found a spare shock in my pit box which measures about 63mm eye to eye which hopefully will be ok....!
  2. thanks guys, that’s really helpful and much appreciated
  3. Sorry, that should be otty. Darn spellcheck!
  4. Hi grotty patty, thank would be great cheers...
  5. Anyone bought from this site? Prices seem too good to be true particularly for the 3 speeds http://rcatmosphere.com/products.php?product=Tamiya-Toyota-Mountain-Rider-4x4-Pick%2dUp-1{47}10-Kit
  6. Holiday buggy sold as are all the rising fighters. Just the tt01e trucks left now
  7. Open to offers yes. Frog sold, hornet xb sold, 1 grasshopper sold, 1 rising fighter sold, 10radios sold
  8. No probs, I’ll open the boxes tomorrow and check which esc are in each kit. These were all purchased earlier this year if that helps.....
  9. Exactly as if you’d buy them from a uk retailer but nothing is removed eg speedo!
  10. Clearing out, pm me if interested and I’ll send you pic. All prices are posted to mainland England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland holiday Buggy 58470 - £65 3 x grasshopper 58346 - £69 each 1 x the frog 58354 - £100 1 x tt01-e tamiya team Hahn racing MAN WITH esc and motor - £120 1 x TT-01E tamiya team Reinert racing MAN TGS WITH esc and motor - £120 1 x Tamiya Hornet XB 57741 - £110 3 x rising fighter 58416 - £50 each 12 x Carson reflex pro 3 2.4ghz 2ch transmitter with servo - £22.50 each
  11. Thanks turnip, yes I'll try running without. I am also running a gear shift servo though and a winch eventually. so you reckon it's the 5.1 output (which I've just checked with meter) that's the issue?
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