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  1. I was intrigued by the two bearing rear wish bones as I have these on my car so I checked the manual I have and there is no mention of a fitting a second bearing. You can see from the image there is a position for one but only instructions to fit the outer one. The manual I have is a download but it's the early car version. Also got a copy of the re re too.
  2. As mentioned I bought a replacement gearbox casing to replace mine with the stripped thread. I also bought a second gearbox to rebuild as a spare or maybe another project, you never know ! Something interesting I discovered between the two castings. The first image is the first one I bought which is identical to my original one. The mounting point has an extra bit cast into it to make the thread deeper. The second image is the second one I've bought which hasn't got the extra bit so the thread is shallower. Both are MK1 casings with lugs on the rear cage mounting point. Anyone come across this before ? I can only imagine the one without the extra material is a very early one and they changed them later on probably due to thread stripping ?
  3. It was great fun. He'd run his little legs off barking trying to catch it. Occasionally he'd bite at the tyres but nothing serious. He loved to chase it bless him.
  4. Certainly was. I've not seen one like it for sale for a while. Yes there are a few vintage ones but they've all been restored or messed with. This one was as original as you could get, well used and worn out 😆 I sometimes wish I hadn't dismantled it but on the other hand I think it needed a strip down and inspection and replace a few of the broken bits. It's certainly had a thrashing in it's earlier days.
  5. Its been some years since this has been out in the open. Looking through the thread I see all of the photos have gone. That's a shame as I don't have a lot of them. Only the early ones sadly, none of the rebuild. Picture of the last time I used it, probably 2015. My little dog used to love chasing my cars. Sadly he is no longer with us but I do still have the car. No, I'm lying. I've just checked the date. it was in fact 2011 when this photo was taken so it's been in hibernation a lot longer than I thought. I really should get it out as it's back to the same position it was in before I got it, locked away in a loft..
  6. Nice model you have there. I'd guess it's an original too by the looks of it. I've got three of these which I acquired before the re release was launched. I've often wondered if the original vintage one is worth much these days with the re release in circulation? I think for two of the ones I have I paid around 160 quid each for them. The other was about 85 but needed work doing. I think I've got a thread somewhere on here of the one I rebuilt. I've also got a few spares which are also vintage. Again bought before the re release. The idea was get as many spares as possible otherwise there might not be any. Then the re release came along 😆
  7. Small update: I've decided I don't like the appearance of the gearbox casing. That and that fact the thread has gone on one mounting point I've made the decision to replace the casing. Managed to get a replacement which should do nicely. Whilst going through the box of parts yesterday I've discovered that a replacement front arm I bought, new old stock isn't the correct part. It's slightly thicker than the original one, and there's me thinking I'd got a new one 😆. I then did an internet search (not sure where I'd read it) and found out a few other differences between the MK1 and MK2. The front arms on the MK1 are the skinny ones whereas the one I've bought is for a MK2. I had previously bought another replacement also new in the pack but the thread had stripped on the grub screw. I had to drill it out and re tap it with a 3mm. This one is a skinny one incredibly. It should do the job but I'd hoped I'd replace it with a better one. Never mind eh.. Another difference I found out is the radio box lid doesn't have little breather holes in it on a MK1 whereas the later re re ones have little holes. I hadn't noticed that but have now lol. This MK1 is going to be a pain in the butt I think 😢
  8. Thank you 👍 I'm going to leave the body as it is as I think it has character. As I remember the white isn't paint, it's the actual plastic that you see and the blue has been brushed on. Not a mint example but I like it and it's how its previous owner had built it. I like the history. I will try and repair the broken piece and perhaps replace the missing light lens on the front but I think that's it. It'll look ok on the shelf 🙂
  9. Thanks mate, I appreciate that. I have heard it's not Aluminium as we might think, as you say a cheaper metal. Short of shot blasting it I can't see how to get in the nooks and crannies with the wire wool. I know some of it won't be seen behind the gear casing etc so I don't think I'll worry too much about the sides. I'm thinking now not to wire wool the front suspension parts, just go with a good clean without abrasives.
  10. Last one. What do you think guys ? Cheers
  11. And as for this side, there's not much chance of getting in those recess spaces on the sides. I've just cleaned the edges if you can see.
  12. Underside view. Doesn't look too bad. Any tips to improve it ?
  13. I've made a start on the gearbox casing. I used wire wool on it as mentioned on a few other threads but I'm not sure I like the results. What do you all think ? I think it's a bit too shiny. I kind of wish I'd left it as it was.
  14. Yes, I bet 👍 Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  15. I'd probably do the same, clean and re build and display them. It would be a shame to get them damaged. They look great, a nice find
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