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  1. Thank you 👍 I'm going to leave the body as it is as I think it has character. As I remember the white isn't paint, it's the actual plastic that you see and the blue has been brushed on. Not a mint example but I like it and it's how its previous owner had built it. I like the history. I will try and repair the broken piece and perhaps replace the missing light lens on the front but I think that's it. It'll look ok on the shelf 🙂
  2. Thanks mate, I appreciate that. I have heard it's not Aluminium as we might think, as you say a cheaper metal. Short of shot blasting it I can't see how to get in the nooks and crannies with the wire wool. I know some of it won't be seen behind the gear casing etc so I don't think I'll worry too much about the sides. I'm thinking now not to wire wool the front suspension parts, just go with a good clean without abrasives.
  3. Last one. What do you think guys ? Cheers
  4. And as for this side, there's not much chance of getting in those recess spaces on the sides. I've just cleaned the edges if you can see.
  5. Underside view. Doesn't look too bad. Any tips to improve it ?
  6. I've made a start on the gearbox casing. I used wire wool on it as mentioned on a few other threads but I'm not sure I like the results. What do you all think ? I think it's a bit too shiny. I kind of wish I'd left it as it was.
  7. Yes, I bet 👍 Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  8. I'd probably do the same, clean and re build and display them. It would be a shame to get them damaged. They look great, a nice find
  9. I think that was all of them that disappeared. Things have moved on since photobucket but it seems I can only add five photo's to a post If I save and refresh between each one. This was my idea to overcome the stripped thread on the gearbox but does it look too much of a bodge ? I've also discovered a stripped thread on one of the front suspension towers.
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