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  1. Looks like more of my pictures have disappeared Great !
  2. Hi Guys, Small update. Not done much to this over the last few months so it's still stripped at the moment. I did buy a few bits and pieces for it as I mentioned earlier like a Radshape Chassis and aluminium front and rear cages from RC Channel BUT, I've decided not to use those spares on this model so what I've done is built another chassis mainly from Re Release parts... I had a few bargains from ebay and the rest of the bits I got from various suppliers. It's Turned out a very expensive way to do it though. It would have been cheaper to buy a kit I think but once I'd started collecting parts I had to carry on, Oh well ! For This model I've decided to try and re build it to standard spec but I'm yet to find a replacement rear arm with the two bearings. I did get a front suspension arm but I'm not sure it will be any good, The grub screw thread had gone, I've re tapped it at 4mm and I think it will be ok but not 100% sure. I've also noticed that some of my images have disappeared from this thread, I think imageshack is playing up. I've had trouble on other forums too. Looks like it's back to photobucket in the future. Matt. I've fixed a couple of the images and I just realised I've still got to try and sort that thread on the gearbox casing without making more of a mess of it. Anyone else had to do a similar repair ?
  3. Thanks for the kind comments, much appreciated. I've had a few things turn up in the post which I ordered for it but I'm still waiting for a screw set to arrive from the states so that will be a while yet and I've also ordered some parts from RC Channel. I'm going for the front and rear bumpers as I like the RC Channel products, they are very good quality. I've also ordered a set of the shock absorber mounting rubbers from them to replace the perished ones so these bits will take a while to arrive I would imagine. It's getting quite expensive now and I haven't even thought of the body shell yet !
  4. A couple of more photo's before the strip down, Looks like it was well used. Broken rear cage, Plus the antenna mount has snapped off. Original speed controller and vintage Futaba radio gear. Now the strip down has started. Radio box all stripped out. As you can see it's scrap. Same goes for the lid. So then I stripped the rest down... and the result.. Bits everywhere. Also found this damage to one of the front suspension arms. The thread in this half of the gearbox casing has stripped where the chassis bolts up through it. You can probably see the lack of thread on this shot. I thought I might be able to do something like this to overcome that problem ? I will try and get a washer on there and a shorter bolt of course. Apart from these things it doesn't seem too bad. I've ordered a new radio box and I'm going for a Radshape chassis as I think the standard ones are a bit flimsy. I've also ordered a bearing set from RC bearings to replace the original brass ones. Can anyone help with that suspension arm please ? Anyone got a spare they are willing to sell ? The lower ones are available from the re release kit but I can't find any upper ones. Also, are the re re ones compatiable with the vintage kits ? Matt.
  5. Hi Rob. Yes, Originally the rear arms have two bearings each, But, In the box that came with the car were a few spares and among them was this, It's one of the original arms that's had a repair done but later failed. It's been replaced with a new one but of the single bearing type which is a shame if it's an early model but I suppose that is all that was available. on the up side there is another new arm still in it's packet included in those spares so at least I have a matching pair.
  6. Hi All. I got this off Ebay last week with the intention of a rebuild. I bought a nice Scorcher last year which has been built to a very high standard so the idea was to build one of my own to run. Here it is as I got it, It's a bit of a wreck but is mostly there so I thought. A bit of positive camber ! Broken front wing, The piece has been stuck on with tape but at least most of it is there. Anybody know what the best glue is to use to repair this ? The Chassis. I did notice that these front suspension towers have got small screws where the springs locate at the top. Others I've seen have small lugs as part of the casting ? The Guy who sold it has owned it since 82 I think he said, Early 80's anyway and he and his dad built it on his 15th birthday. I must say it seems to have been built very well, I have now stripped it and all the screws seemed to be correct to me. More photo's to come, As I said it's now in a million bits ! Cheers, Matt.
  7. Yes, I can see the teeth marks! The car looks superb. It must be a nightmare masking it all off to paint in the blue sections. I've got it all to come as my new project turned up yesterday. It needs a fair amount of work and parts replacing. It must have been difficult getting the parts before the re release. I guess people who are rebuilding them now are a bit spoilt at the moment but those parts won't last forever ! Did you manage to get an early bodyshell or is it a later one from the re release ?Sorry if I missed that bit but I remember you saying the shell was missing when you bought it back. Matt.
  8. Just read through all of this, I've not seen this post before. Great story and amazing to find your old Sand Scorcher like that. You were lucky nobody else got that when you put it back! Looks like you've done a fantastic job of the restoration, Very nice. I bought a Scorcher last year which has been restored to a high standard but I fancied building one of my own so I've managed to buy another which I'm waiting for at the moment which needs a bit of TLC by the looks of it. we'll see ! These things don't come cheap nowadays though do they ? I wanted to pick one up cheap to re build but they seem to fetch silly money even for ones that do need work. You did well to get yours for a tenner but I bet you've spent a small fortune on it ? Cheers, Matt.
  9. Are those the same rims on your tow truck that are on my beetle ? They look wider somehow, Perhaps the camera angle or the tyres, I do like those tyres though. I will try and post a video of it running when I next get it out, I've not used it much since the rebuild but it is good fun. I could do with some better battery packs though, mine are old hat and run down too soon. I still need to restore the body, I'll hopefully get round to that early next year. I also need to get around to sorting a few jobs out on my other beetles but I'm not sure I will run those yet, I'll post up some pictures and see what you guys think. metalmickey0...I see your from weston super mare, It reminded me of one of my old favourites I've got hidden away in my loft..A lunchbox which I bought way back in 1997 from a model shop in weston, Locking Road I think it was. I don't think the shop is there anymore but the guy used to sell some nice old Tamiya models in there. When I saw that Lunchbox in the window of that shop I just had to have it !
  10. Hi, Sorry for the late reply, I've not been on here for a while. The G1 part I got from ebay, there doesn't seem to be any on there at the moment but I know the guy fabricates these and other items himself. His ebay user name is shoppingmollie30. As for the other bits you need you can get the C parts tree from ebay that has the end cap included and I think the spacer is available also but I can't find one on ebay at the moment. I remember I got a new one on a parts tree because my car had a lunchbox spacer and pinion fitted, Totally wrong !
  11. Great video's I love the onboard camera video, I thought that was superb.
  12. Superb video! The tug of war looked like great fun. Superb soundtrack too I want a clod even more now
  13. Hi mate, Looks like you've got a superb project there, I'm not familiar with the clod myself but it looks interesting with that twin motor 4wd set up. I'll be keeping an eye open for this one, Very interesting. Matt. I've just been watching some of the footage on youtube for the clodbuster, They look incredible, I hadn't realised they were 4 wheel steering aswell, Amazing! I want one now
  14. Finally, I fitted the servo cover from the king Blackfoot and stopped the tyres from slipping on the rims by fitting two small rubber bands (that the postman kindly leaves behind ) to each of the grooves on the rims, I'd rather do this than use glue so I can remove the tyres easily if need be. I'm not sure about the wheels yet, I would like something different maybe some of those alloy wheels I've seen on here if I can get some! Anyway, here are just a few more shots to show you the finished article. and just a couple of outdoor shots, Just got to do something with the body shell now, Flat it down and paint it white again, some new glass and a new set of herbie decals which I've seen on ebay. As they say, Watch this space !
  15. I did a bit more over the weekend, My king Blackfoot parts arrived and my new underguard. Original speed controller plate replaced by King Blackfoot item. I managed to fit the receiver to the plate sideways and moved it forwards towards the steering servo so I decided not to saw off the MSC posts. I couldn't face hacksawing it to be honest, It's the only one I found and cost me £20 ! Mtronics esc fitted where the receiver used to live. New Frog underguard fitted,I used 3mm machine screws to fix it to the chassis rather than the original self tappers and I decided to give it a good polish beforehand, It's come up like chrome I also changed the self tappers holding the front bumper on for some machine screws, it seems a lot tighter now and less chance of falling off. I just need to fit the servo cover now. I have given it a small run outside and it seems to be ok. Much better and faster than when I ran it the first time. The gearbox seems smooth and isn't slipping at all. The tyres are slipping on the wheels though so I need to sort that out.
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