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  1. Fully masked A lovely sticker set comes with the pro as well.Tamiya making more art Thanks for looking. More to come. Jeremy.
  2. Photo of all my 'pro' tamiya chassis. In under 5 sec the box was open and it's bits on the table The damper of the gods :kingthumbsup: At last i got the shell mounted,what a pain! points if you can guess what it is ( No,Rhys you can't guess since you know ) Here's something for anyone new to the 'hobby' or people that never looked into the old days of rc.This is why servo tape is well called servo tape,no such thing as servo mounts back in the day. Jeremy.
  3. 1. New willy's VW Kombi 2. Sand Scorcher re re 3. FAV 4. Super Shot re re 5. Hotshot Metallic Special 6. Hot Shot 2007 7. what ever other VW stuff tamiya has atm 8. New Hudy tool set 9. New lipos 10. More money ( around $5000 would be good ) Thanks Santa. Jeremy.
  4. I'm thinking about getting one just to have it has as one of tamiya's biggest fails,then sell it when know one can remember it Jeremy.
  5. Got a swift now for something special not bad for a first try Swift has been put off for a little while so i can work on this peal black 'damage',kinda worked out the way i wanted thanks for looking,more to come. Jeremy.
  6. Haven't been to TFTR for 2 years! so first few laps were all over the place but i got into the groove after a little while and it was great Before 4 - 5 hours of testing.... After...i rolled it twice Thanks for looking,more to come. Jeremy.
  7. Thanks,yeah its PS-29,theres tons in hobby shops here in Australia,nice build on your ver.II,a little bit but i get it at the track anyway. Jeremy.
  8. Thank you,lol really i only have the pink so its easy for my eyes to see since i'm short sighted and don't have glassed,i'm going to the track some time today,i haven't driven on it for 2 years so the first few laps will be interesting. Jeremy.
  9. Had to clean up the wiring mess. Still messy but allot better,servo hides it all anyway.(also the 1100 pic i have taken with my camera! ) Just slammed it for the pics. Stock fan didn't cut it for me,so huge yeah racing one went one.Yes i know some will say 'It doesn't get that hot' but best to be safe then sorry. Got some mini TRFs on it now. Few scratches. Thanks for looking,new pics soon. Jeremy.
  10. I will try that on my next SoCal wagon then but not a racer one,don't want useless grams in the car.Thanks,it gets way brighter in sun light ( new pics soon ) and video as soon as i get the cat 100% race ready and find someone to film for me and find a day when no one it racing. Jeremy.
  11. Sorry i missed your reply,thanks you.I like it,its a bit wide and the nose a quite thin,the only thing i don't like are the head lights,i think it would look allot better with 100% round fenders the sunk in head lights look odd. Jeremy.
  12. Its a protoform SoCal panel wagon i just added VW stickers.Yeah i've been watching your TA02 build on MRC,video soon once the car is fully built and once the race season starts again. Jeremy.
  13. I always got picked on 2 years ago for that and now its the same Thanks. Thank you,even if it was pre built i would build it myself. Jeremy.
  14. I knew i shouldn't have used my old race livery I should of done better on the mini,LHS was out of pre cut masks so had to do it myself -__- oh well its a race shell so i will need a new one after 2 months of racing Jeremy aka baja BOY 5b
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