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  1. I think stock front damperstay have two camber holes on DS. Read somewhere that 211x had one.
  2. Can anyone confirm if these are parts to this car. 👍
  3. Hi! Is there other axles and outdrives that fit Dyna Storm out there?
  4. See pics. Red ring on either complete spruce / part or bag / part. Blue is good, but not necessary. I'm thinking probably put on hi-cap dampers on this, since sleeved is so difficult to source. So look for a Top-Force 2017 set of them. Have a few parts i can trade if interested, or sell. One seems to be new sleeved damper. Not sure if it's complete. It miss plastic shim at bottom. Works fine when compressed. Some parts to Tr-15 i think. New One unopened bag labeled TRF211x. Contains steering knuckles and uprights. Also one good used DS chassis plate + upperdeck f + r. No cracks it seems. Lexan spurgear cover for DS. I'm aware of some parts on ebay, but I'll give it a try here first.
  5. Yes, they are sweet rc cars. I bought a new DB back in 95. It was such a smooth ride. I then bought 2 used DB and they where awesome. Was dreaming of this Tr-15, but it never become reality. 😳
  6. Yes, you right. I'll see in a tread it's similar.. 👍 Thx.
  7. Can anyone identify this part to a model.?
  8. Well, here is one for sale in Norway: https://www.finn.no/bap/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=85274901
  9. Yes, I have done a brace in front too. 😊 But where does shock goes with this solution?
  10. Was fiddling with my lunch box tonight. Seemed to slobbish and soft at the rear end of the chassis. It ended up with rods in carbon from shockmount to a ball joint instead of the screw holding the spring. This way it need no drilling, and it clears the motor with a few mm when comressed. It is alot stiffer, but as for the practical. Hmm maybe not, but i hey i needed something to do 😂 See it here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o0sy1a56ij449kb/AAAI-ojW2AawOqdV_acd0VNAa?dl=0
  11. And don' forget, it floats. Great fun to see them crawl up from water. Remember my older brother had on for years. While i and my fellow elders drove avante and such. He was limping around 😍
  12. I thougt on this myself just recently. But i would like to get my hands on a nicely made book with hard covers and all sides in high quality paper. A different layout sure would be needed. It must contain every guide book and possible every tamiya catalogue trough 70, 80, 90 and maybe past millennium too. I know for sure I would get it...:-D Zlimmy
  13. About Stella and pre-orders. I mailed them before new year and preordred a Avante BS and XS311 when listed. I got answer just minutes later and they confirmed to get stock about 2 days from then. I would be hearing from them when stock arrived. But since i never heard anything. Surely it has been an miss somwhere, and today im not so angry as i already has the Avante 2011 and belive an Egress is coming too... :-) But now i smile toward an BRUSER...LOL Zlimmy
  14. Cool resto, and looks good already.... Will follow you on this. I have been thinking the same to my re-re Sand Scorcher when i build her. Modding with better shocks and bits and pieces...
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