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  1. So their automotive paints will work fine on polycarbonate as well as plastic? So good so far... I'm on their site, I'm a bit lost though, I visit their selection of "paint canz" but no idea where to go for custom colours. Your racing truck colour is quite similar to the Jewel Violet, just a wee bit darker.
  2. You were able to spray plastic with the polycarbonate paints? And it sticks OK.. doesn't flake or peel? So you layered the gun metal then the translucent red? Interesting... in the right light, that colour looks like a close match, might have to give that one a shot. Still contemplating translucent pink and silver, as it might be what I need to give the colour that vibrant pop.
  3. I've just realised a potential problem... and that's creating the same colour for the plastic spoiler and wing mirrors. There are no translucent paints for plastic so re-creating the Jewel Violet might be impossible.
  4. Interesting ideas from everyone. The Porsche colour looks close, and looks really nice, but a bit too much red. I was thinking of translucent pink and another colour, it would need to be backed in a dark colour, like gun metal I guess. Translucent purple might work... with silver maybe? Might be worth a shot, I can always purchase another bodyshell. What about red and blue paint, since that makes purple. Translucent red and blue? Or translucent purple and blue? This is quite the brain teaser for me, lol.
  5. I've recently acquired an Escort RS Cosworth shell from L&L Models, and I'd like to try and paint it in "Jewel Violet" like the Escort Cosworth Monte Carlo. Obviously, I can't make the EXACT colour, but I'd like to get close. Not sure what Tamiya colours can be used together to make it as close as possible... like maybe translucent red and metallic purple backed with silver... no idea, just throwing suggestions. So, hoping that someone here (or many someones) will have even a small idea as to what colours I can use that might at least come close to matching the Jewel Violet colour. I won't be getting the paint for a week or two, but plenty of time for suggestions. I was going to paint it blue, but that's been done to death on Escort Cosworths. Might end up with just using metallic purple or metallic red backed with silver. Looking forward to y'all ideas and suggestions!
  6. That's what I was thinking... trucks on the rear, rally block on the front. Not much off-road grip but will look good, as you say
  7. Oh wow, that's a lot of tyre. All in good condition and complete with spikes. I found out after a bit of research that the TT-01 racing trucks used the M-Chassis rims. So those are still a possibility for me to get, since they are quite common.
  8. Rims aren't too bad. A bit chipped but possibly repairable. Was going to maybe spray them white or black at some point, and keep an eye out for some rims. The M-Chassis tyres look like they fit quite well in that photo. I tried finding the racing truck M-Chassis tyres, but all I could find were TT-01 and TT-02 tyres. Though one might assume those would fir the M-Chassis as well. May definitely go forward with the M tyres after seeing that photo. But you said you also had some spare tyres? Are they QD tyres or M tyres, just out of curiosity?
  9. Ah, no worries. Thanks for looking though. I might go down the route of M-Chassis tyres in the end. Something different to the original, if you're running them then I guess they fit well. I was gonna try rally block for the rear and normal tread for the front.
  10. That's very true. Rims are tiny bit easier to find on eBay at the moment, there's a few new rims there but tyres are like gold dust. Let me know what find find though!
  11. Hm-hm, I found those wheels the other day. They are just the front wheels. I'd like to get the rear wheels and tyres, but yeah... a little on the pricey side. The auction front wheels are new to me, 1 bid so far which means they're gonna sell, no idea how much though. Postage is a bit up there though.
  12. I had discovered that M-Chassis tyres should fit, so those are going to be a possibility since QD tyres are hard to find. I can find a few wheels on eBay, gold chrome plastic which look nice, but at £20 quite pricey. I also tried Tony's Tamiya parts recently and they had a lot of QD spare parts, but no wheels or tyres. The wheels can be any colour really. White, silver, black.. as long as they fit, and having the tyres would be a bonus. But I'll probably still go ahead and try some M-Chassis tyres as well.
  13. WANTED: Tamiya Avante Quick Drive Wheels and Tyres. I recently won the above car off eBay in an auction. While the car was pretty messy, it was just paint and dirt. However, the wheels and tyres are by far the worst part of the car. The tyres have zero tread on them, worn completely smooth, and the wheels are scratched and chipped badly (could save them though). So currently looking for a set of 4 (front and rear) wheels and tyres for the Avante QD. The wheels don't need to be in perfect condition, as long as they can scrub up nicely. The tyres though, it would be nice if they are in good condition at least. I also believe the same wheels are used across several QD models, so they don't have to be directly from an Avante QD. Also looking for a gearbox housing and front bumper if anyone has them, but the wheels and tyres are the most needed part so far. Let me if anyone has them and we can negotiate a price. Cheers.
  14. Wooders28: No worries there, it's already set to Ni-MH by default and I never change it, since I never use LiPo batteries. Oddly though, it doesn't even slow to half speed as you say, it just stops completely. A few seconds later, it would come back and all is well again, for an indefinite amount of time anyway. Sometimes I've had to turn off the 1060 then switch it back on again to reset it, as it were. I too have the Firebolt 15t motor and 1060 combo in 2-3 cars and never had a problem. So I'm quite confused as to why it's occurring with the Boomerang.
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