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  1. You had to buy the sponge that goes around the wheel? Did they cheap-put by not including it? Or did you buy it second hand and it just didn't have it? Also, heard back from Modelsport about the whereabouts to my Desertwolf shell. Apparently, they *should* have it by next week. Kinda unfortunate... didn't think it would take that long!
  2. Haha, I've never actually used the paper technique for any of my pinion/spur gears... I've always done it by sight and feel. I put the gears as close together as they can go, then move them apart by a tiny bit... and that's usually enough. Seems to work fine, little no resistance between the gears and every runs smoothly. Funny you mention your DumboRC transmitter... the Absima CR6S I have (and the Etronix EX6G) are both rebranded DumboRC transmitters. The photo shows the one I have.. is that what your DumboRC looked like?
  3. The ESC and motor was a HobbyWing Combo MAX10 G2 ESC with a 4000kV motor, with a Traxxas connector, since that's what my Lipos use and I had a Traxxas Lipo charger already. It was about £130 for the ESC and motor combo. The servo was a brand I'd never heard of until I starting looking for a servo, it was an SRT DL3017 digital servo, 15.5Kg at 6.6v... though I might look for another one with more torque and speed, spend a little more than £17 lol. The receiver is the same one that all my cars have (except the HPI Bullet) and it's an Etronix Pulse FHSS ET1132. I actually have an Absima transmitter, a CR6S (a good transmitter actually) but the Absima receivers are £28... but the rebranded Etronix ones are only £14. Since they work with the Absima CR6S, I buy those instead!
  4. Haha, yeah I was a little miffed after looking at the postage stickler when I got it.. but £25 was still a good deal, even just for the rolling chassis, it had a body shell in great condition AND the wing. An auction, with £200 starting price? £150 not too bad at all, especially since it still had all it's original electronics (I think?). Good thing they accepted it then. And the Timberwolves were only £90? Even better bargain! Did they have everything included as well, like the original electronics? So all three were pretty good prices then... good thing you came across them when you did, otherwise you might have missed out on them.
  5. Since you got yours from eBay, how much did it cost you? I was very lucky in getting mine. Someone who had purchased a few PC parts off me on eBay asked me if I wanted something called a Maverick Desertwolf. Said it was a 1:8 scale buggy... I said I never heard of it. He sent it to me, I paid for shipping... TOO MUCH I might add, £25... the shipping label on the box said £7... I think I got kinda cheated there, lol. So all in all, someone "gave" it to me, technically for £25. I had to purchase a load of spare parts and electronics of course. It is rather They seem like pretty good buggies as well. Built well, seem sturdy, not sure about the stock electronics since I never had them... shame they seemed to die out before they have a change to really make an impact. I hope so.. I know they had to backorder it, but I didn't expect it to take this long just to receive it from their suppliers or where ever. Hopefully soon though.
  6. I haven't seen a single Desertwolf or Timberwolf show up on eBay as of yet... but since I didn't even know about this thing until November last year, I could also have missed quite a few. I've been looking on eBay since and all I've ever found searching for Desertwolf are the two body shells. I haven't actually searched for the Tiimberwolf yet. Of course, searching for parts using their part number yields more results. It's possible the DW and TW sold very little in the UK over the course of a few years. If it's only a few hundred that's pretty depressing. Loads of people missed out on a pretty interesting buggy. I feel quite privileged to own one, lol. Still waiting for Modelsport to receive the back order and ship it out... ordered on Thursday I think. Taking it's time to get to Modelsport. Also just purchased a butt-load of paint, and a Subaru Impreza body shell. Now I have 4 shells to paint!
  7. Is he talking about the centre spur gear? Because yeah... long gone now, lol... I definitely couldn't find one, not even on Wheelspin where spares are still available. Dude wasn't happy, lol... giving the old Eff this and Eff that. But yeah, forking out £300 for a car then have it discontinued 3 years later with most of the spare parts being lost to the tides of time.. I'd feel pretty peeved as well.
  8. Also, I've just checked my emails... Modelsport DID respond to me.. on the SAME day I sent the message, May 10th, lol... how did I miss that??
  9. So.. it's possible the DW and TW were discontinued, or at least started to be, around 2018? Only 3 years after their initial release? That's pretty bad. And a bit sad as well... if the reason they were starting to be discontinued after 3 years was due to poor sales. A very short life span indeed.
  10. Hm, well I just went to the Hobby Warehouse site, added the Desertwolf to my cart and went through the process of calculating shipping. Apparently, they don't (or can't) ship to the UK! Just says your order cannot be shipped to the selected address. Also tried RC Hobbies, they do ship to the UK, with shipping costing $50. So the Desertwolf is AU$750, about £395 and shipping is AU$50, about £27. A total of £422 or so. Not sure about RCNZ, as you need an account to continue. As for Hobby City, the Desertwolf is AU$770, about £405. As for shipping... well... they don't even ship outside New Zealand! So RC Hobbies is the only site that apparently has them in stock, brand new, and ship to the UK.
  11. Lol, same... although I've already put a few things on eBay that are gaining views, but no-one is buying! So you haven't heard back? I'm sure whatever the answer is, it's gonna give you a heart attack, lol. Shipping cost half the price of the car! Yeah, would be nice to have one brand new, but at that price... from New Zealand... with a shipping cost that requires a small lottery win... probably never going to happen. But we already have one that's LIKE brand new.. kind of. Actually, I'm still waiting for a reply from Modelsport about their Desertwolf body shell... when did I send that message?! They haven't got back to me at all yet! Also still waiting for them to receive and process my new shell I bought on Thursday... I forgot all about that till a few moments ago, hehe.
  12. Hm... you're not actually gonna BUY one are you?? Depending on the cost of shipping? You said your benefits wouldn't cover it.. so I guess that means no... probably a good idea, lol. My benefits wouldn't cover it either... at least not without saving for about 6 months! So the Desertwolf and Timberwolf must have come out mid-2015 or there abouts? Not old.. under 10 years. Surprised it might not have sold well... it had a decent price point, good hardware. Nice to own a piece of (failed?) history, lol.
  13. You can actually still buy the Desertwolf in New Zealand? Interesting...price isn't too bad at £380, considering it was like £300 when it first came out. But yeah, shipping will probably be quite high. I wonder why only New Zealand still has new stock ready for purchase, but they don't exist anywhere else...?
  14. A favourite.. tricky question. I've quite a few different types of car so it' hard to pick one. My favourite overall, out of all of them might be the Traxxas Rustler, because of how fast and tough it is. My Favourite Tamiya is my main TT-02 with all the upgrades and hop-ups and brushless. But the Konghead 6x6 is my favourite when it comes to uniqueness. The HPI Bullet is my favourite Nitro... because it's my only one, lol. The Desertwolf might become a favourite of mine once I've been able to give it a proper run.
  15. Hm, I see you've had a few.. possibly more than me. A good selection... except the Desertwolf, it seems neither of us have ever had the same models, lol. Although the Lunchbox is almost identical to the Midnight Pumpkin with the exception of the shell. MODELS BUILT NEW Tamiya Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 - TT-01 Tamiya Aqroshot Tamiya Mad Bull (Sold) Tamiya Konghead 6x6 Tamiya Hot Shot Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin Tamiya Super Avante Tamiya Ford Mustang GT4 - TT-02 Tamiya Ford Focus RS Custom - TT-02 Tamiya Ford Escort Custom - TT--02 Tamiya Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI - TT-02 MODELS RTR BOUGHT NEW Traxxas Rustler 4x4 VXL HPI Bullet ST 3.0 Nitro Truck MODELS BOUGHT USED Maverick DesertWolf Maverick ION MT Tamiya Grasshopper (Sold) Tamiya Hornet (Sold)
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