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  1. I agree with TurnipJF. Tamiya part number 0555059 is the L/R upright set from the DT-03 buggy. https://www.tamiyausa.com/items/radio-control-parts-70/7-digit-spare-parts-71010/rc-l-r-upright-58184-57501-0555059
  2. Does the ESC support reverse (some don't)? Has it been disabled and need to be re-enabled? Read through the manual for the ESC to see if it mentions this.
  3. Assuming you've powered up the servo to "auto-center" it, then you installed the servo horn. 99% of the time the horn will not be exactly clocked as you would like it, you will have to adjust center with your transmitter's sub-trim and trim settings.
  4. Thanks guys. The weather is supposed to be nice here tomorrow...hopefully I'll be able to get it outside and give her a run.
  5. So recently I started thinking about options for new wheels and tires for my Konghead. After a bit of time looking online for options and/or inspiration, I started looking at tires from different models that I had, when I came across the TA02T/CC01 tires. Granted they’re a bit smaller in diameter when compared to the ATUs that come with the kit, but not unusable. But for this to be a real American Semi, the rear axles would need dually wheels. So with the help of 2 sets of vintage Parma #12868 Front – Dual Wheel Adaptors, the dually rear wheels came to be. So I did a bit of test fitting with different wheels with different offsets, and different thickness of Aluminum Clamp Type Hex Hub Adapters and Wheel Spacers I placed a few orders for the necessary parts. I finally got everything in a couple days ago, and was able to get the Mesh Wheel Inserts painted TS-19 Metallic Blue to match the body last night. After a lot of wiping, sanding, cleaning, gluing, and assembly, it’s complete…the first ever Tamiya G10-01! Here’s a list of the parts I used for the 10 wheel conversion: (5 sets) Tamiya 50549 – 2-Piece Wide Mesh Wheels (1 Pair) (5 sets) Tamiys 51448 – DN-01 Inner Sponge (Front) (1 Pair) (5 sets) Tamiya 9805481 – Tires (1 Pair) (2 sets) Parma 12868 – Dual Wheel Adaptors for Frog, Front (1 Pair) Used on the middle and rear axles (1 set) Tamiya 53596 – Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (6mm Thick) (Qty. 4) Used on the middle and rear axle Dual Wheel Adaptors (2 sets) Tamiya 53646 – Wheel Spacers (1) 1.0mm spacer on each front axle wheel (2) 1.0mm spacers on each rear axle wheel Plus (1) 0.5mm spacer on each rear axle wheel No spacers used on middle axle wheels This set up is definitely geared more toward road racing and a mild dirt track running rather than rough grass or serious off-road bashing, but I like it. And as it’s only a tire/wheel change I can go back to the kit standard setup by simply changing back the wheels and raising up the body back to the kit height. Hope you all like it Here's a pic with the inner rear wheels mounted and the Dual Wheel Adaptors and outer sets of Alum Clamp Hex Hubs I love the look at the rear
  6. All very true, but as for now I'om only running NiMh, and have on order my first LiPo which is only a 4000 mAh 2S so I don't really need the 100W. Plus I like having individual screens on each charger for checking status when I'm charging multiple packs at the same time.
  7. Right, so in regards to the units I was looking at... the Hitec X1 (single output) can supply up to 60W to a single battery, whereas their X4 (quad output) can only supply 200W (so not even as high as 4 individual 60W outputs which would output 240W total), and then only 100W on channels A & B combined and 100W on C & D combined, so you can't get more than 100W total for any 1 battery. And as the price for a quad is almost exactly the same as 4 single output units, 4 singles was the way I decided on.
  8. When I got back into the hobby 8 or so years ago it seemed a bit overwhelming with choices for all aspects of the hobby, including chargers. I originally got a Duratrax dual output charger (what the local hobby store had in stock). No real major problems with it, but just an overall lack of features. When I upgraded charger(s) a few years back I looked and looked and settled on the Hitec X1 Mini. Capable of all chemistries, broad range of options including charging, discharging, repeak modes and plenty of other bells and whistles. I recently discovered that this model has been discontinued, and has been replaced with the RDX1. Now my X1 Mini, (still in stock at Tower Hobbies in the U.S. as of last week, I just ordered 4 more) is an AC only charger which is fine for me as I don't have a local track to take it to where I'd be charging off of my car battery or a dedicated DC power supply. But I know the new RDX1 is an AC/DC charger. It appears none of the Hitec chargers come with Tamiya plug adapters, but they are readily available to go from the universal banana jack ports on the charger to the Tamiya plug if you desire. So for the last 2 or 3 years now using the Hitec chargers, I've had no problems with them at all, and am very satisfied with them.
  9. I also went the multiple single output charger avenue...7 to be exact. Mainly due to a couple of factors. 1) The price difference between 2 or 4 singles was near the same price as 1 double or 1 quad output, so no real money savings. 2) I don't need to toggle the screens to look at each different battery pack attached to the charger. 3) Overall power output is less on a double or quad vs multiple singles. 4) If one dies, I only lose 1 charger not a double or quad.
  10. Well I use rubbing alcohol to prep tires for glueing purposes, you could try that. But if it in fact it is something moldy, you could try a mix of bleach and water.
  11. The manual looks like a photocopy from the images above, that would have some effect on value too if its not the original.
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