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  1. This is my Spraybooth , cost me round about 30€
  2. Is Nathan active here? I wrote him through Facebook but got no reaction since yet. I have a special project in the make , and before i start Drawing a complete Decalsheet from scratch perhaps he has a Vector file i can Start from....?
  3. Wow awesome , i was thinking i am the only one that are into Tymia Nitro Cars. at the moment i am restoring a Mighty Ballista and an NDF-01 as Runners. Any tips for Upgrades besides Ball bearings in the Ballista?
  4. Hello been searching the web for a while and read a bunch of threads but coudl not find any proper informations. Is there any Alloy C-Hubs and Rear Hub carriers out there that would match the Stadium Blitzer and so on Chassis? Thought about DT-02 03 , perhaps someone tryied it out already.
  5. Why can i sign in to the forum section, but not to the main site ? When i try to log in on the main site i get redirected to the registration, when i then try to register on the main site it logically says name and adress are already in use.
  6. Bear Hawk , and Super Sabre would be a Blast
  7. i would suggest to use the Blue trf rings, they are way more wear resistant than the red and black ones. only thing is to lube them with some silicone grease bevore installing them.
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