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  1. Not a re-release this is the original. Will post pics shortly. This is new in box unbuilt just waiting to be put together. Beautiful F-103 Chassis F1 car. asking 300$ obo
  2. thanks guys yea that parts bag was a zen racing shock upgrade i think for the f103-f103 gt. I'm missing the pole that goes through the middle along with the various washers and pins. Going to take a look at the parts numbers dutch listed. I'll let you know what I find out. Much appreciated!
  3. Hey guys I was hoping someone with some F1 / F103 expertise might be able to help me out here. I'm trying to rebuild my Sauber C12 F103 chassis car and I'm having trouble with the last piece which is the shock ./ dampner in the rear of the car. I'm missing some pieces and I can't figure out which parts bag they are in. Can anyone help me out here? I've attached some pics. I have the friction plate and the shock itself. I am missing the metal pole that goes trough the friction plate and the necessary bolts and washers. see pics. Thanks for the help!
  4. Any reasonable offer considered. Will trade looking for OFNA Hyper TT roller Hey guys as stated in title parting ways with my newly built DF-02. Built it myself about 2 months ago, ran the sidewinder from the beginning never seen a Lipo (don't own them yet). This thing FLIES! It has never seen tarmac or dirt, ever! I'd say realistically about 10 6 cell 4200mah packs were run through it Never broke anything Have all original parts including silver can 540 motor, manual, box, decals etc. *Will sell as Roller Also have an extra stock wing cut but not painted. Right now it's fitted with a traxxas 2.4 ghz tx with micro rx take it with or leave it up to you. Upgrades: CC Sidewinder Sv2 (not sct although same thing) 4600kv motor/esc combo YR Front and rear shock towers YR Front and rear alloy knuckles Hitech 645mg servo Tamiya - metal motor mount Tamiya - bearings all round NIP - Tamiya Aluminum center drive shaft NIP - Cheapo Red chrome wheels with tires I have 100% feedback on ebay and will only take paypal or a trade! PM ME FOR ALL THE PICS IT WONT LET ME POST A LINK YET! img831.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=picture041judotjpg **type out the dot Make me an offer will trade loooking for OFNA Hyper TT roller http://img831.imageshack.us/g/picture041ju.jpg/ http://img831.imageshack.us/slideshow/webp...icture041ju.jpg ****TTT - awesome 4x4 buggy suppppper fast will include onyx 210 charger and a 6 cell 4200 niMH***
  5. Hey guys i'm having some serious issues with my steering on my Rising Storm. I don't know whether or not its the servo or the linkages. Does anyone have a pic of their setup so i may compare mine to? The problem is that I can't ever get it to 0 deg on the steering servo. no matter what it's veering off one direction or the other.
  6. I own a Rising Storm got it about 2 months ago, definitely recommended! put a Castle brushless in it and loveee it!
  7. Hey all, I have 2 older Tamiya F1's, one is a Road Wizard and the other a F102. I was just curious if anyone has successfully used bodies on them other than an F1 body. For instance has anyone ever gotten a tt01 body to fit? (obviously removing the front and rear wings) Just curious. Thanks Lou
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