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  1. They don't have window masks because they come with "window" stickers. Just paint it and slap the sticker on. I prefer the proper clear window look myself so I masked mine with tape. I also have one with the "windows" applied: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...218&id=2193
  2. Hi Skotto, I'm in Auckland. Plenty of things to see and do in Auckland, on any sort of budget. The main thing I'd say is that you need more time. Each Island (North and South) is about the size of California - about 650 miles long. Let us know what sort of things you are interested in and we can make suggestions (James has made a lot of good ones). If you do come to Auckland I can show you around. Cheers, Don.
  3. Hello Laurent, TC member Fastpietje makes and sells the wire bumper: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp...046&id=9635 He used to have the bumper support for sale also. You should ask him if he has more. Cheers, Don.
  4. hmmm... at least 10k ... of any currency you choose. I also use a spreadsheet to keep a track of most of my stuff - but mostly for physical location - basement, attic, work, workshop, garage, dishwasher.....
  5. No, they didn't. No aluminium rear spoiler either.
  6. As well as the Fujimi shown in the link above - I have one made by Daishin. It looks almost identical but has a hard body, and yes, I think it is 1/12 scale. Can't remember what the chassis looks like, I'll have to find it and have a look.
  7. Hi Paul, 1: If you are going to run this truck as a basher then the only hop-ups I'd get are ballbearings and possibly an alloy motor mount. 2: You need a set of TA01 bearings. 3: Yes, depending on how many bits you want to sacrifice in the name of BIG jumps. 4: Yes. 5: They are more likely to tip over because of a slightly higher COG. But all that means is that you adapt your driving style to cope with it - take it a littte easier going into corners. If you want something a little more stable and on the same chassis - look at the Blazing Star. I have a short comparison of the TA01/02 based chassis here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...983&id=2193 Cheers, Don.
  8. Hotshot II and Super Sabre both use red CVAs, however they both have a mono-shock setup on the front.
  9. Depending on what sort of paint you are removing it may take quite a while for it to soften up. I spray mine to get a good thick coating and then put it in a plastic bag and leave it over night. Some I have left for days at a time. You can see and early one I did (Pajero - go to the bottom of the page) here: http://www.tcphotos.com/section.asp?sid=2193&secid=304
  10. I managed to get mine on using a heat-gun, difficult though. You need to heat them up until they are softish, I think I would try boiling water next time. No need to glue them - they are tight-as.
  11. That listing is for a complete set of bearings for a TA01, that should do the trick. If you just need bearings for the front uprights (knuckles) then they are 1150s. I think you are referring to the axles being too short? Have a look at this manual here and you should be able to identify your parts: Schnitzer BMW TA01 manual You can find info on the differences between TA01/02 here: TA01-TA02
  12. You can see the manual here: Taisan manual Lots of other cars use the parts you need.
  13. The first one is off an AYK 566B Supertrail. Someone has carved some diagonal grooves in the tyre. Don't know what the second one is. The third (Sand blaster Jr) is a front tyre off a Rough Rider. Worth a bit now as the Buggy champ uses the same tyre, but the new ones don't have "Sand Blaster JR" on them.
  14. The closest thing tamiya did to these are the Audi Quattro/ Opel Ascona/ Willies Wheeler wheels. Won't fit an M-chassis though. (apologies to Wikedvette for stealing his photo).
  15. Don't forget the Super Hornet. Besides the Galaxy, Academy also sold the "Super Mantis". They also sold a kit that used the same chassis with a Hummer body. Then there is the Panda "Cyclone" (was made by Thunder Tiger I think). This one has lots of alloy bits. Parma made (still makes?) Lexan Grasshopper bodies.
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