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  1. I'm looking for some parts for a Bullhead: L Parts - rollbar C Parts - chrome ladder bars Window Thanks! Kevin
  2. Really glad to see this body on this chassis. I was thinking of picking up a Defender body and a CC02 G-Wagon kit. This might be the first time Tamiya is saving me money! Now if they would just put the Ford Bronco and Land Cruiser on the CC02, that would be perfection.
  3. Looking for: 2 M-01 or M-02 chassis cars. Any condition. Fiat Abarth Berlina Corsa body Regretting that I ever sold my Fiat Abarth Berlina Corsa and Mini Cooper Monte Carlo. I've got the body for the Monte Carlo, just need the chassis! Thanks!
  4. Hey, Folks, I'm looking for part B4 for a Grasshopper, the motor-side gearbox half. This is for an early vintage model I'm trying to restore. Any condition is fine, as long as it's not broken. A little road rash would be preferable since it would match up nicely with the other half. Got to do something about this slight fracture, and by slight fracture I mean giant crack that goes all the way from one gearbox seam to the other, encircling the entire main suspension support.
  5. Good to know, thank you. I don't know if I can save this one. I'd have to remove the rivets to get the contacts off so I could glue the fractured black plate, and getting the plastic fuse cover off would likely damage it. It's very brittle and doesn't want to budge. Maybe some heat or lubricant might help.
  6. Judging by RC Toy Memories, I have something between early vintage and mid vintage. The chassis is mid-vintage. I suppose it could have been replaced at some point. Wheel bushings are black plastic (early) Ball connectors are white (mid?) No resistor cover (early) Black SC with fuse (early) B Parts - (early - they are shallower than the gearboxes on my Lunchbox and Pumpkin)
  7. Awesome, thank you! I took a look at the Pajero manual and it looks the same as what I have. It's an original! It looks like I have an early vintage model.
  8. My fellow vintage Grasshopper aficionados, I may be getting down into the weeds with the details of this, but I have an old Grasshopper that I am restoring and it has a fuse attached to the speed controller. I can't seem to find any photo evidence of what the fuse looked like on the first Grasshoppers, so I'm not sure that what I have is original or not. There have been modifications made to the wiring on this speedo, so it's hard to tell what's original and what isn't. The blue insulator is covering a crimped connector that spliced in a Tamiya bullet connector. Questions: 1) Is this speed control and fuse original? Is the plastic covering original? I think the SC at least is original because it does not have a BEC plug to power the receiver and the car was set up to use a receiver battery pack, just like it does in the manual I have. 2) Does anyone recommend restoring this? It is cracked around the negative battery wire and one of the contacts. I have an original Hornet MSC I could swap in. 3) The manual I have makes no mention of a fuse. Is there an earlier manual that does? Thanks!
  9. This is kind of a long shot, but I just received an old Futaba FP-T2NBR transmitter from ebay, but the return springs and lever arms have been removed from both gimbals - the parts that cause them to return to center. It was used in a boat model and apparently the owner wanted to be able to set the throttle and forget it. Otherwise, the unit is in fantastic condition and I'd like to see it restored. Has anyone got an old, non-working 2NBR that they could sacrifice the gimbals from? Thanks!
  10. Looking for a used Super Sabre in decent shape. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the info. That makes sense - all the MRC Tamiya part bags I have also have the same type of part number, X#### and Y####.
  12. I am trying to figure out when some tires I have were produced based on their packaging. I'm not sure when these are from, but the Y6001 part number makes me think they're vintage, as well as the yellowed/dusty bag. Any thoughts? I'm just trying to determine if these are truly from the early days or not.
  13. Hey, Folks. I'm looking for a partial sheet of original Clodbuster decals. I need everything except the black, orange and yellow stripes that run along side the body. I need sticker numbers 12+. I have 1-11. A new vintage Clodbuster has arrived on my workbench and I'd like to restore it.
  14. This ebay find just arrived. Despite the dirt, it's in really good condition. No road rash on the underside and all the hardware is original. Nothing missing but the body and tires. It has one broken axle tube, a twisted body post and a lumpy speed control servo. Looks like maybe the servo failed and it ran into an immovable object and overheated the speed control. Seems like after that it went into a box in the attic and hasn't been on the road since.
  15. A vintage NIP 380 motor for my Grasshopper restoration, as well as the Z parts.
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