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  1. https://www.asiatees.com/display?brand=Sense+Hobby&model=All&id=121464
  2. It looks like tamiya don't make a PS gloss clear - only flat... but it looks like plastidip does... so that might be the ticket painting over the tamiya colour I wonder if something like this would work - even their filler primer might be good? Though by then I would be spending just as much as a new body and for lesser results However the big catch is - they're no longer available again (I waited for years for a re-print)
  3. I was actually thinking of vinyl wrapping it or even using plasti-dip... but neither come in gloss I don't think. Since its a running body, I won't be too concerned about scratches. Sticker bomb would easily work... except the original goal was to recreate my 1:1 scale 300zx and yes, unfortunately you're correct, 300zx are an unusual and uncommon choice
  4. Unfortunately the lexan has melted... and really badly on the front bar and hood... So much so the shape has buckled and warped which would require filling in some how. If I do use polyurethane filler, maybe I'd have to reinforce the heck underneath to reduce the body flexing so the filler doesn't just pop off... I have an unpainted spare body but thats reserved as shelf queen. I was hoping to keep this body as a runner to thrash at the track, though preferably without what looks like a giant bird crap on the hood (or some other questionable bodily fluid lol)
  5. That feeling I got when i specifically bought a glue designed for polycarbonate (poly-zap) and it ruins the paint a bit... So i used a different glue for the magnets (a flexible clear goo from selleys) and it melts through the paint and destroys the polycarbonate too... Fuuuuuuu. So I've learned that I should use shoe-goo and glass fibre tape... So lesson learned there... But the question is if I can salvage the body... Are there flexible fillers (automotive polyurethane filler?) and gloss clear i can use to repaint the damaged panel sections on the outside? Though I'm guessing It'd need to be a flexible gloss clear.
  6. It went great though a bit too much understeer, so setup needs a bit of tuning. Might be impossible to fix as I think its too rear heavy. Though speed wise, she ran great with a trinity speed gems jet (11T double)
  7. Also anyone else excited for the re-release of the ta03 chassis? I sure am! How about TRF spec? Oh yeah! I wonder if they'll release the front motor version too <3
  8. Just thought i'd share footage of my very first experience driving on an on-road course. See youtube link below. 32 years of procrastinating and avoidance finally comes to an end. Way more fun than i imagined... I don't know why i was so intimidated before... Now i need to go back for more! The chassis is a tamiya ta02sw. Shell is Tamiya 300zx imsa gto. Motor is a mabuchi 27t silver can armature in a trinity D4 mod can. Seems to go alright but seems under geared for the track, so i'll be looking to buy the high speed gear set soon the circuit is Whalan model car club in Sydney Australia when we're in the middle of the bush fires. Hence the strong wind and smoke. Anyway, happy RC-ing! https://youtu.be/ZU0UIE0Jb3I
  9. holy zombie thread revival :P its good to see the ta02 still getting use. After getting some proper track time on mine, I found it was severely under geared, even with the largest pinion. I'll need to get the high speed gear set for it :) Also love the old gemini. marty from mcm would be keen :)
  10. The new servos are blazing fast (not as fast as my pgs-lh as its the lower spec pgs cl & cx) so kind of blessing in disguise. I really probably should throw out my old servos. Even though they are metal gears high torque etc etc the latency is absolute garbage. I might keep a few for my 40mhz fm system... Though i'm sure my old radio is still many times faster than those cheap servos. The old sanwa plug pinout actually also caught me out too. I bought a brand new factory sealed receiver so i could finally use the transmitter that was gifted to me from my old boss in japan. Aaand I totally fried the new receiver by shoving 5v down the signal output pin. Major bummer. Fortunately i'm handy with a soldering iron and I was able to replace the output shift register. Was a lucky guess and she started working again... Probably not something I could pull off with the rx482 due to insane complexity
  11. Well, I'm now quite annoyed and embarrassed. Last night I took all of my radio gear to a local hobby shop which also happens to be the Sanwa Distributor for Australia and carried a lot of Sanwa devices. However, he may or may not have been to interested in helping me solve my problem. He didn't seem interested in binding my receiver to one of his radios. So I ended up buying 2 new PGS servos. $218 later, at home I figured out my receiver wasn't binding properly, despite CH2 and all other functions were working fine. After re-binding the receiver properly, the servos decided to work. Now armed with my new binding 'skill', I re-bound all of my other receivers and now they're all working fine. So after much messing around, I've discovered that regardless of the NOR/SHR/SSR response setting on the transmitter, the setting change doesn't take affect until the receiver is rebound. So windellmc (rctech forum) was correct. one receiver (rx482) was stuck in SSR mode and the other (rx482) was SHR mode (which my digital servo really dislikes for some reason). I was also able to recreate these problems with the previously working rx462. I then went over all of the transmitter, receiver and servo manuals with a fine tooth comb... and not once did it mention that in order to change the response mode, that the receiver needs to be re-bound. A rather annoying and expensive $218 lesson learned.
  12. Cheers for the reply. I posted on the RC tech forum last night too. So far 70 views, 0 replies. So I don't seem to be having much luck... https://www.rctech.net/forum/radio-electronics/1035380-help-sanwa-rx-482-servos-not-working.html After a bit of googling last night, I have read that on some multi channel receivers (10+ channel)s with high resolution output are incompatible with older servo tech. Not sure if this is applicable to me, but I think the RX-482 is programmable through the aux ports (with codes 0-10) but I have no idea how to do that, or for that matter, what settings I would want to change. All of my user manuals are in Japanese. My biggest worry is that I may have damaged those receivers my plugging in old analogue servos. Even though I don't think I have used them with SSL setting enabled, according to the manual, doing so will damage the servo, receiver or both. What's worse is that all of my gear was imported from Japan so there is no warranty. All of my gear is brand new and I've barely used it apart from a few minutes bench testing here and there so I really hope I haven't killed it already... I brought all of my radio gear with me so I'll pop over to my local hobby shop after work and hopefully they might be able to help me. I hope to try some new servos but they only seems to carry savox, and I have already tried that brand at home last night. (albeit an older model).
  13. I'm really struggling with this brand new radio equipment (I'm not used to 2.4GHz). Sanwa Exzes ZZ transmitter to be exact. For some reason all of my servos (digital or analogue) do not work with my RX-482, but work fine with my RX-462 and other analogue radios. ESCs are unaffected. I have also tested my sanwa PGS-LH servo with RX-482 and it works perfectly fine. SSL and SSR modes are of course disabled. I actually have two RX-482s. With one receiver, the servo rotates almost all the way to the left. Moving transmitter does nothing, however I can hear it moving slightly around full lock left. The other receiver kind of works. Servo movement is extreamely slow and laggy, drifts to the left by itself and makes a heck of a lot of noise and gets warm. It doesn't seem to matter what settings I muck with, I can't seem to fix it. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid as I'm very noob with this radio gear. Any advice would be really appreciated... before I start throwing money and parts at this problem. Thanks.
  14. love those reedy sonics. got any closeups of those motors? they look cleeean!
  15. I guess I have a love for very early 2000s era as well. I spent many hours browsing the Tamiya RC guide book 2004.
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