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  1. That's what I'm wondering... the day-glo front nose is too obnoxious for my taste
  2. I saw that! good work. But no, my shell isn't trashed yet
  3. Does anyone make a monster beetle/ blizter bttle nose in black to match the rest of the blitzer beetle body? Can you dye it black?
  4. got the tires ( pro-line road rage II) mounted to dyna blaster wheels and new front axles on this blitzer beetle project, but is there a basic way to adjust the basic toe-in? This ain't no racer, but I don't want to rip up the tires either
  5. I have an old stadium blitzer I've been slowly restoring into a blitzer beetle with new a beetle body and new body mounts. It has come time for the wheels. I wanted chrome wheels and street tires as used on the chrome edition BB. Searching this forum it has been said they are dynablaster rims.I recieved said rims this morning and test fited, the rears fit fine, the front stock shafts stick out far too much through the wheels. Was there a spacer used on chrome BB to use these wheels? Is there a proper way to mount them? The standard BB uses the stadium blitzer wheels
  6. I am slowly restoring/upgrading converting an old orignal stadium blitzer to a blitzer beetle and I have a few questions. First being what size bearings do I need (so I won't have to rely on just tamiya parts) and second what size wheels can I run to replace the stock trashed wheels and tires. (I'd like to run pro-line dirt hawgs) the Third question, for the front blitzer beetle body mount, it appears to differ where the body mount connects as opposed to the stock stadium blitzer part. Is there a fix for this so I don't have to buy the blitzer beetle part? Only other upgrades it currently has are an old trinity slot machine 2 motor (just added new brushes) and a novak rooster ESC. (hard to fit in there!) any other tips and hop-up advice welcomed. this is no racer, just a backyard basher. I want reliability not performance. that brings up another question.. I've heard of people racing these, has anyone here actually done it and been competitive?
  7. Blitzer beetle body and nose cone, 3x85 threaded shaft part 12500037 (longer steering rod), set of ball bearings (or what size to get that would fit) It's also running an old trinity slot machine stock motor, that needs new brushes (lay down) if you have any idea where to get replacements, preferably with the attached eyelets these are to convert an old stadium blitzer into a blitzer beetle. I have the blitzer body mounts, and the rest of the car is in good enough shape if you have the parts or know any leads, please PM me
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