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  1. Unfortunately four years have passed and I can't find the measurement I used. But I cut three different parts in lenghts, therefore I must have used just one original link. for fine adjustement probably I switched from original Tamiya uniball to traxxas uniball, but I'm not sure... photos don't help. To complete the link normally use threaded rod 3 or 4 MA . I cut the rod 16 mm longer than the tube and screw the uniball for example, self made link for HPI Venture shortening MST shortening Axial Dingo
  2. Mine has a wheelbase of 276 mm. To shorten it I made new links using threaded Rod and SS tube ( or alu, i don't Remember). I'll try to find some pictures...
  3. It's a MST CFX (not -w) with few customizations at low price
  4. No Tamiya related... A new toy for my pleasure.
  5. Mine cr01. Very funny with 2,2" duratrax tyres. F150 body cut, cage from axial
  6. Mine arrived this morning on my desk, sent by RCTeam France ...but I'm out of office.
  7. Just see the New Item Release list for December 2018... It would become a gift for Valentine's Day
  8. Pre-ordered mine on RCTeam France. Will nbe my 2018 X-mas present.
  9. waiting for S.A. Really, will be my last purchase.
  10. find on ebay to much sun directly over the box, but NIB. 85 euros shipped.
  11. also the new mazda mx5 match the spots
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