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  1. New THW-1060 esc? Tamiya HobbyWing 1060...??
  2. Really, not so exciting...
  3. Quote. Mine are cheap copy made by 3racing. I just swap the oring ( using the clear silicon o'ring supplied with the m07 concept kit) and pistons ( using spare supplied with TRF short damper set).
  4. This Is mine, almost complete.
  5. That's 58 for me. 30 in the hobby.
  6. It says it's a m-chassis produced by Robbe
  7. Nsu use m-05 chassis front motore, front wheel drive.This looks like a 4wd chassis, maybe not from Tamiya.
  8. With a belt and large spur gear?
  9. Yes Sir, k4 part from db01 kit. Thanks so much.
  10. I found out that the ball diff used on the TD2 and TD4 chassis ( available as spare 22025 WITH the alu ball nut) can also be used on the M07 and M08 chassis instead of the gear differential. So the opposite may be true.... This is what I have on my M07, I'm going to try to use it....
  11. Yes, it's not very easy because it lacks the space to insert the wrench but I solved it by notching the head of the nut and inserting two small washers after the spring. Then I was able to hold it in place with a screwdriver.
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