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  1. DB01-RRR...impossible to dye the Yellow Wheels supplied. Top Force re re 2015, I've changed the white color in Orange (evo clone)
  2. I think they're just old; I used them several years ago on my TT ts4n. Ellegi_GRP tyres were very common.
  3. Almost finished the new DT03 "in black" edition. Body to paint and tyres from VRX racing.
  4. Box from Tamico. How to switch from DT03 to DT03T with unconventional body.
  5. ordered mine today, black spec with many hopup included. Bearing, turnbuckle, hi torque servo saver, oil damper ... arrival scheduled for the middle of next week. https://tamico.de/Tamiya-84435-Racing-Fighter-Black-Edition-DT-03-Bausatz
  6. Find on web... https://www.3drap.it/product/cc-01-conversion-kit-longheroni-scaler/
  7. Installled originale shock from cc01 kit
  8. Starting in 1993... Mantua Model Amika Mantua Model Lancia Delta Mantua Model Extreme Mantua Model Rally Race Mantua Model Pentium Il Traxxas Radicator Mugen Superathlete Mugen Mbx4 Mugen Mbx5 (3 kit) Kyosho MP9 (2kit) Mugen Mbx6 Mugen Mbx6T RCR tc02 TeamC tc02 evo Mugen Mbx7 Eco Sworkz S350 be1 Tekno EB48 Tekno EB48-3 Lunchbox DT02 DT03 Buggy Champ WW2 DB01-RRR M07 CC01 CR01 SCX10 MST CFX-W MST CFX Top Force Tundra Edit Ta03f Subaru Impreza Duratrax evader HPI RS4MT
  9. I don't have any work to show on this page 1000th , just a thought for Badboy who left us... God bless you, Thomas and bless all the brothers we had to say goodbye.
  10. http://www.yeahracing.com/catalog/ta01042bu-aluminum-bearing-steering-ta01ta02-p-2276.html
  11. Really, the CR01 is an open project to all that fantasy suggests. Mine uses 1.9 or 2.2. tires, with rims with or without offset, various bodies. Not the best for competition but #1 in leisure. sorry for the off topic.
  12. Hi, if you consider CR01 reinforced wheel axle 54048 are an option to be seriously considered. If you think about rock soker, extra ball bearings must be purchased to complete the series. In my "modeling" life CR o one wasn't the most performing, but the most used and the only one ever sold.
  13. Hi there, also a ball diff on the rear could be and interesting hop up https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-manta-ray-ball-diff-set-53070-00017627
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