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  1. Some minor progress. The bodywork has been completed and I have arranged the chassis to be able to use small lipo.
  2. Just a little step forward with the sticker. But now... I' m thinking about possibile swap with the motor. The Acto Pink would probably be more suitable.
  3. If it were a song title it would be Paint It black... ...but it's just a Beetle in the making .
  4. I have always found the prices of neo fighter to be less than those of racing fighter by about 15 euros, here in Europe. The only difference is the rear body supports, which are not needed for the neo.
  5. Just a pair of blitzer rear tyres...I want to use them on the front on these new " old rims" by HPI.
  6. Post a new thread on "The build". Blitzer Beetle almost completed.
  7. Unfortunately, to paint the body I have to wait for the weather to stabilize. It has been raining here for ten days now, this is the second weekend that has passed without me being able to do anything. I have in mind something very "tamiya family feeling" but completely non box art.
  8. I also tried an old set of HPI rims. The rear tire is fine, the front tire is too narrow. The tires in the photo, on the other hand, have slightly larger inner diameter than the rim. I ordered another pair of rear tires that I will mount on the front
  9. The only, and hopefully last, obstacle is the front shocks that beat against the nose. I solved this with a dremel pass to give them the necessary clearance for movement . And, since I have the dremel on my hands, why not reduce the fenders a little bit?
  10. Think, think, think, mastino... Et voilĂ  la mod... Easy and clean
  11. Well, I finally found a simple solution. Rear mod, easy... Just a second hole, 12mm above the originale one. What about the front?
  12. I would prefer it a little lower on the chassis... some thought goes into it. At the rear it is quite simple, but at the front?
  13. The final release...and first attempt with body in place
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