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  1. This my first set of tires for the CR01. Different weights between front (290 grams) and rear (215 gr).
  2. Hi Frankster, it's all to be tried and discovered. The size is quite small; barely wider than a stick pack but much shorter, the battery as assembled weighs about 150 grams. More or less as a 2S LiPo " shorty".
  3. Almost completed another dt03, with leftover parts from other models and a few spares. Battery assembled with two recycled LiFe cells A123 26650
  4. I'm using lead wire (plumb)purchased in the fishing shop, wound on the rim and secured by alu tape. Here a single rim from CR01 kit moved from originale weight of 33 grams to 166.
  5. Jx 4409 low profile sound good for me
  6. New THW-1060 esc? Tamiya HobbyWing 1060...??
  7. Quote. Mine are cheap copy made by 3racing. I just swap the oring ( using the clear silicon o'ring supplied with the m07 concept kit) and pistons ( using spare supplied with TRF short damper set).
  8. This Is mine, almost complete.
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