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  1. Starting in 1993... Mantua Model Amika Mantua Model Lancia Delta Mantua Model Extreme Mantua Model Rally Race Mantua Model Pentium Il Traxxas Radicator Mugen Superathlete Mugen Mbx4 Mugen Mbx5 (3 kit) Kyosho MP9 (2kit) Mugen Mbx6 Mugen Mbx6T RCR tc02 TeamC tc02 evo Mugen Mbx7 Eco Sworkz S350 be1 Tekno EB48 Tekno EB48-3 Lunchbox DT02 DT03 Buggy Champ WW2 DB01-RRR M07 CC01 CR01 SCX10 MST CFX-W MST CFX Top Force Tundra Edit Ta03f Subaru Impreza Duratrax evader HPI RS4MT
  2. I don't have any work to show on this page 1000th , just a thought for Badboy who left us... God bless you, Thomas and bless all the brothers we had to say goodbye.
  3. http://www.yeahracing.com/catalog/ta01042bu-aluminum-bearing-steering-ta01ta02-p-2276.html
  4. Really, the CR01 is an open project to all that fantasy suggests. Mine uses 1.9 or 2.2. tires, with rims with or without offset, various bodies. Not the best for competition but #1 in leisure. sorry for the off topic.
  5. Hi, if you consider CR01 reinforced wheel axle 54048 are an option to be seriously considered. If you think about rock soker, extra ball bearings must be purchased to complete the series. In my "modeling" life CR o one wasn't the most performing, but the most used and the only one ever sold.
  6. Hi there, also a ball diff on the rear could be and interesting hop up https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-manta-ray-ball-diff-set-53070-00017627
  7. OK, no problem. After a search, they look like Tamiya Rock Block, 94 mm high instead of the original 92.
  8. I think all black would not be bad. I' m also building a Tundra, can you tell me which tires and rims are you using?
  9. Completed and installled the bull bar on my Tundra
  10. Never used, It makes a good impression on the shelf
  11. My knowledge of the language is not perfect. I may have misunderstood the meaning of some of the speeches here. The experience we are having here in northern italy is this: it is not a normal flu. The hardest hit people need to be assisted for breathing and the places equipped in the hospital, in the resuscitation rooms, are limited. A normal flu does not lead to these health consequences. It is not "social talk", it is the reality that we are living. Limit contagions to give those who are ill a chance. Stockpiling food doesn't make sense, it's not necessary. Instead, it makes sense to limit the opportunities for the spread of the contagion.
  12. I'm going ahead with the Toyota Tundra assembly.
  13. Started today my new project... High Lift.
  14. Finally finished starting kit: Top Force 2005, plus TF Carbon chassis, plus TF HiCap damper set, plus a lot of a bling bling parts. Dyed rims and repro decals.
  15. Arrived this week in my office but today in my house...
  16. I finally made up my mind today. I bought a beautiful Tundra High Lift. And while I wait, I'll see if I can finish assembling my 2005 top force.
  17. Do you know if there are substantial differences between high lift kits? I've seen that they sometimes have very different prices even within the same store. And what are the MUST TO HAVE parts to take immediately, other than the bearings?
  18. Hi there, I'm puzzled. This TF carbon set is supplied with the reverse pitch tie rods, as in Top Force Evolution (probably). four different pairs of 42, 38, 32, 28 mm. As for instruction supplied with the carbon chassis set, I've to use the 42 at the rear and the 32 at the front, but no mention about the 38 and 28. TF's instructions say to use 38 in the rear, 32 in front, 42 in the steering (plus a single 38 as a steering link bar). RESULT, one missed 38 and two 28 unusued TFEvo's say 42 in the rear, 32 in front, 42 and a single 38 for steering. RESULT, two 42 missed and one 38 + two 28 unusued Maybe the tie rod are only for the suspension and should not used on the steering linkage? Could it be that 38mm and 28mm are used in TA01, TA02 chassis? Do you have any idea? Cheers!
  19. Unfortunately four years have passed and I can't find the measurement I used. But I cut three different parts in lenghts, therefore I must have used just one original link. for fine adjustement probably I switched from original Tamiya uniball to traxxas uniball, but I'm not sure... photos don't help. To complete the link normally use threaded rod 3 or 4 MA . I cut the rod 16 mm longer than the tube and screw the uniball for example, self made link for HPI Venture shortening MST shortening Axial Dingo
  20. Mine has a wheelbase of 276 mm. To shorten it I made new links using threaded Rod and SS tube ( or alu, i don't Remember). I'll try to find some pictures...
  21. It's a MST CFX (not -w) with few customizations at low price
  22. No Tamiya related... A new toy for my pleasure.
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