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  1. COOL!!! otherwise .... exaggerated body! my IperScorcher (sandvIPER + sandSCORCHER) runs with 11.5t brushless or 14Tdouble brushed motor without any problems.
  2. Stella send me an email and speak about a second batch... but " it's too early to know when the second batch is available."
  3. 49467 Tamiya M-Chassis 11-Spoke Wheels (4pcs) 50972 mini cooper (4pcs) 51334 Tamiya Mini Cooper S 2006 Wheels (4pcs) About shocks, it seems a couple of Tamiya super mini CVA oil filled shocks in limited edition (clear cylinder and cap)
  4. I prefer front wheel drive and use M03 for the moment. Actually, boxed, I have also an M05 S Limited, full optional version by "mummy" Tamiya!
  5. Today I finally started the recovery of an old model ... I'll try to make it a runner!
  6. After "late night check" it seems that Fusion Hobbies starts delivery on December, 2nd
  7. An Egress for me, thanks Santa Claus! But it will be difficult to find one, now!
  8. Great, great model (and motor too)! This is my, and me too, i'm not sure if it's a re-re or not. No engine was provided. but I have find this strange PINK Tamiya motor. Same of Pink Acto power offroader, without label, without external filter as the re-re pink motor...
  9. What did I do today? wooow, I finally posted my FIRST message on the forum! Is not enough? Sorry for my poor "english"; I'm almost 50 years old and I live in Italy. As many of you... I'm waiting for EGRESS!
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