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  1. I'm in search for info for a friend. He drove years ago a TA02 chassis with Alfa155 V6 body. Now he want to relive those youthful years with a fresh similar model and he bought a TA02sw. The question is simple, which parts are necessary to modify the SW wheelbase (236 mm) to 257mm as in the regular TA02? Thanks.
  2. Tamico strikes again! Order items: 1x Tamiya 58647 M-07 Concept M-Chassis Bausatz 1x Tamiya 51583 Karosserie-Set Mazda MX-5 M-05/06 2015 1x Shimizu Treaded Tyres for Tamiya Mini, M-Chassis -Soft- 1x Tamiya 54787 Alu Querlenkerhalter hi./+0,5 blau M-07C 1x Tamiya 54766 M-07C Alu Counter Shaft (extra leicht) 1x Tamiya 54767 M-07C Alu Hauptgetriebewelle (extra leicht) 1x Shimizu Treaded Tyres for Tamiya Mini, M-Chassis -Medium- 1x Carson Pinion Gear Module 0,6 steel, 20T 3x Tamiya Alu Gewindestange 3x18mm (2 Stk.) blau #54247 2x Tamiya Kugelpfannen 5mm (8 Stk.) #50797 1x GPM Alu Radmitnehmer 6mm (4 Stk.) für Tamiya DF-03 / T... 1x Tamiya H-Teile (Spoiler) Nissan GT-R #9005899 1x Tamiya Alu Abdeckung Kegel-Diff. für TA06 / XV-01 / FF-... 1x Yuki Model Reifenkleber dünnflüssig 20g And again, the badboy star will never fade, like this thread.
  3. First batch of Christmas gifts m-07 related.
  4. At the end, I decided. For Christmas, a new model to build. On the way, a lot of hop up for the new M-07 Concept Chassis. I will order the model tomorrow, perhaps with a beautiful miata (mx-5, roadster) body, tires and other option parts. My personal Christmas gift.
  5. you can do this simply test: remove pinion from both the motors and push the models. Verify that they slide the same way. You can therefore understand if it is a mechanical or electrical problem.
  6. Mine is a cfx-w. Due to the shortening of the wheelbase I had to cut the sliders
  7. HW WP1080, hackmoto 45T, undecided about servo.
  8. I'm working on a MST CFX-W... i've reduced the original MST wheelbase from 300mm to 275mm about to match the wheelbase of the JK body
  9. RRR have different hex on front, if i remember correctly, but they fit "speedline buggy wheels" from DE Racing (TLR22.4 front, kyosho RB6 rear), lot of hopup as big bore aeration damper, alu hex, gear diffs, metal parts... the price is justified. Durga body is so cool, even team azarashi, tateego body could fit.
  10. If you build scaler models can be useful wheels that reduce the track width. Unfortunately also the producers contribute to confusion. For example: - Tamiya CR01 wheels, #54116, offset +5mm, are 5mm wider than the original 0 offset wheels - GMade SR03 wheels , offset +2mm, are 2mm narrower than original 0mm offset wheels Many people think that the interpretation of gmade description is more correct, but everything is very confusing
  11. I love the build, sometimes I build and don't even drive them. For this reason I am indecisive. Open the box and drive or open the box and build ( and drive later)?
  12. But please...do not put other irons in the fire.
  13. In the coming weeks, or probably after Christmas, I would like to buy a new model. Until today, I have always had a clear idea of what to buy but now I've lost my inspiration. Or better to say, I don't have a real desire. Yes, the reason must be this. Anyway, I'm thinking about two different solutions. The first one is a fast road for fun, Tam Tech RTR, open the box and drive. Porshe, Lamborghini, Ferrari. I like Porsche. The second one is the classic; Tamiya kit, in particular the new M07 chassis with MX5 body. Gentlemen, I need your experience.
  14. Hop up for my 2005 TopForce re re. A new 2017 set of Hi Cap dampers.
  15. why not close it completely? this was mine
  16. post sx. In italian language "posteriore sinistra". Rear Left. post dx, posteriore destra. Rear Right ant sx FL ant dx FR cheers.
  17. this guy??? mine come with an original egress
  18. thundershot and fire dragon was rerelease years ago, Parts are still available , original bodies are rare.
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