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  1. thunder shot and thunder dragon with front mono shock, fire dragon and terra scorcher with double. In every case, equipped with yellow CVD.
  2. I finished painting my JK Jeep Still a bit of work before completing the construction
  3. The latest videos of my CR-01 I think the next step is a return to the Wrangler body and smaller tires
  4. Before starting, check the gears and the differentials, after, double check and double-double. The shocks are ridiculous, the springs are too hard, the Eagle is too fast for crawling. This is mine, before I sell it. 380 original vintage motor from Grasshopper, damper from DT-03 kit, scaler tires on cc01 wrangler rim.
  5. My first R/C was a toy my first r/c was a MantuaModel AMIKA my first tamiya and my first RC Tamiya... missed in a photobucket's black hole. But I have a lot of video
  6. Hello khyzersoze, I'm working in the opposite direction. I have shortened the wheelbase to adapt it to a different body. The goal is to reach 276 mm There is still much to do for me, I follow with great interest your job
  7. imgbb seems better. https://imgbb.com/
  8. Personally, last night I removed all the photos and information from their site. In the end I closed my account. No going back.
  9. A 20 year's old passion, over than 2000 picture hosted, a lot of thread in a lot of sites and forums. All my writings are without photos, now. Thank you photobucket for your kindly support.
  10. I started the changes to mount the JK body on MST CFX-W frame
  11. Tamiya not present on MCI Egress repro.
  12. In all my runners the short antenna stay under the body. DT03 TEKNO CR01 mbx7
  13. Betrayer....? Yes, I am. and a spare body to fit, I do not know how.
  14. here, the site of producer, Mon-Tech. https://www.mon-techracing.net/bodies/pan-car/m10.html
  15. yes in the left upper side of the picture. All the parts included to match as in picture below.
  16. not so easy take a diameter on single sponge tyre, but more or less F & R are 60 mm. Width 28.5 F and 35.5 R.
  17. technically we can't speak about an empty box... and a first hopup supplying I learned that this is a special version. The chassis is supplied with sponge tyres but the measures ( of the tyres) doesn't respect the "sponge standard" and match the slick rubber type. If you are interested about tyres dimension I can do measure in the afternoon. Actually the box is stored on the highest shelf.
  18. Oh boys...I understand you This is one of my latest purchases
  19. Don't forget to buy the tires and the body and whole electronics.
  20. First price in Europe http://www.modellbau-seidel.de/index.php?firma=Tamiya&best=58647
  21. only 8 lipos and 12 beers. Beers stored in a portable refrigerator. The important thing is not to be confused
  22. I've 8 4S lipo pack ( from 5200mah to 5800) used for gentlemen's "serious with a lot of beer" 1:8 buggy race. I start to full charge battery from storage status at 10am on saturday and stops more or less 10 hours after. Start with the worst batteries and continue to the end. On Sunday I have two pack just for practice, three packs for qualifying and the last three packs for final phases. On the track, during the race, I start to do storage for the used batteries. Normally, the last pack was fully stored at home, sunday evening. The full set remains stored until the next race. The batteries are always stored in a .50 caliber ammo can.
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