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  1. I've just some pictures and no measure for you, for the moment. This is a WWE Batista driver inside a blackfoot cabin and this is a comparison with Tamiya driver inside a newbright body As you can see, Batista is bigger than Tamiya driver and seems slightly oversized inside the blackfoot cabin. Probably the Tamiya one fit perfectly.
  2. On sale on TAMICO, available from June, 07
  3. Our gears will sing songs for you, President Masayuki.
  4. so, in Italy we do that: metric: M = OD(mm) / (Z+2) M module OD external diameter Z theet# 2 fixed value for example OD=18,3 mm Z=16 theet M= 18,3 / (16+2) = 1,016 M=1
  5. I found the velcro tape in a mall and I started painting the body. I closed holes made previously and used some stickers from the DURGA set and other generic Tamiya This is the result... now...clear wing and sticker or paint wing?
  6. And finally, I GOT the stickers. Thanks to the canadian replicator I received a copy of the old set of stickers to complete my re release in blue ISS BELL-RAY shape. Be honest ... what is the average life of the lights, on this model?
  7. Same for mine, but ordered on middle of March. Just a little of patience.
  8. Boomers arrived on Tamico shop.
  9. Shortened and narrow DT02 frame. How to: narrow https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=103767 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=103210&id=280
  10. well, I'll wait for the tamico shipment.
  11. The re-rere boomer will be supplied with the tble2s. Could someone confirm?
  12. I did not forget... ... but ...after two failed attempts to retrieve a "clone" set of sticker in UK, I lost two months and now I remade the order by the famous Canadian printer. All my attempt to speed up the construction failed miserably. We just have to wait.
  13. F104Pro from eseller on ebay. Inside the box, found also 54166 - F104 Aluminum Motor Mount and 54169 - F104 Aluminum Pivot Post. Very happy.
  14. I found this on ebay my first formula1 rc.
  15. Condition...art 7.1 Wir liefern ausschlie├člich innerhalb Deutschlands. We deliver exclusively within Germany.
  16. Aaargh....somebody sabotaging my brakes the instruments do not display nothing unusual OK, let's start! Oh no, the headlights... the stickers...
  17. Sunday paint job I'm still waiting for the set of stickers; the seller sent me a second one...
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