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  1. Make a saved search on eBay that emails you with Top Force Body or something along those lines when one is listed. I waited six months for a body parts set to show up on there. Bought one from the US about four weeks ago, it arrived last week, I painted it and applied stickers and finished my Top Force resto on the weekend. Looks sooooo **** good.
  2. http://www.xrc.co.nz/index.php?main_page=p...products_id=607
  3. Years and years ago when I raced F1 our small club couldn't afford transponders so we had coloured flags for our antennas and someone would sit at the start/finish line with a board that had about 10 "clickers" on it with corresponding colours. This person would click each time a car crossed the line. When the timer goes off for 5 mins you just rolled to a stop and we checked where everyone was on the track plus how many clicks their clicker had.
  4. Hey guys I'm wanting to head to the track again with one of my DF01s. I don't really want to run my mint Terra Conqueror, or my newly finished original Top Force resto so was thinking of picking up a cheap Blazing Star. Can you fit the DB01 dish wheels in place of the star wheels? I know the 2.2 tyres fit onto the star dish wheels as I used to run another older Terra Conqueror at the track, they just balloon a tad. However this time the racing has got a bit more serious and I'm not just carving up DF03s and the odd DB01, there are a few more modern machines going around our track.
  5. I love the Thunder Dragon. My first R/C car was a QD Thunder Dragon back in about 1990. My cousins had a couple of Hornets, and my uncle had a Striker. So much faster than my little QD. I have a Thunder Shot re-re that hasn't been used just waiting for a Thunder Dragon body parts kit to come up for sale!
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