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  1. Yeah Trash Find, people these days just give up on stuff way to early...
  2. Hello again, its a while since I last posted something in here but I foud somthing really cool today. First a Kyosho Zaboon with a nice racemotor in it, cant wait to drive it. Second a Victory hawk Mad Force buggy with a hot LRP Brushless motor in it only thing missing is the main gear. This one is almost new and was still in its box. Greetings Lukas
  3. Today I fried my KDX after just 16kms and one week the top end let go badly so I am now searching some cylinder and Piston for this rotten piece of junk .... Little backstory. the Kawasaki kDX 125 Enduro bike was given to me a week ago after standing uncovered for allmost 10 Years. After getting the Piston moving and the carb clean she was running really well but oh well it wasnt such a lucky thing in the end. But I dont have the heart to throw it away so I will fix it up. There is the aftermath.... Regards Lukas
  4. Please can someone delete this post? somehow it got in here twice...
  5. First start was done at sunday afternoon and today i drove it for the first time, it has lots of power There is a Video
  6. Thanks you for clarifying wich modells I got here
  7. Yeah tonight was great for trash picking, I found a Tamiya Gravel Hound and also a Grasshopper II chassis wich will replace the one on my Grasshopper II since the suspension mounting points are badly repaired on that one. Last weekend I also found the Kyosho Suzuki Race bike, its not complete but its a nice addition to my collection. Also two lexan 1/10 Scale racecar Bodyshells, Opel Calibra and Honda NSX. A few weeks ago a good friend of mine gave me the Kyosho thrasher and also the Tamiya Buggy, havnt figured it out yet wich modell it is . Same friend also got rid of some other junk and I could salvage a 1990? Kawasaki KDX 125cc Enduro bike, its pretty rotten from all those years outdoors in the rain but a nice project. So now some pictures of the stuff Greeting from switzerland Lukas
  8. I began first with the little airfix ww1 planes wich are static models. My first RC car was around 97 when i was 4 it was a little Nikko 1:24 Rc car but it didnt had a long life... Shortly after that I got my Tamiya Fighter Buggy RX from the fleamarket wich I still got in working condition. After this mostly my rc cars where old ones I got from friends ... I never built a box new car but restored many old bashed ones. But I might go and buy a rere of the Holyday Buggy. That thing is soo cute
  9. I can exactly recognize this feeling when I drive my box standard Fighter Buggy RX. Got it around 98-99 from my dad. He bought it on a flea market. Until 06 it was my "daily driver" Many weekends and afternoons when school was out I spent the time with this simple solid buggy. 06 was the year I got my first nitro powered car. I thought I never will go back to electric powered cars, but about 4 months ago it took me back. I saw my RX hanging at the wall in the workshop covered in Dust. after the clean up and restauration the fun was back in full power. Its really those memorys wich make it worth playing with it. Regards Lukas
  10. Guys I need your Help. After a little bit of cleaning I tried to start the TNX but there is a Problem. The engine starts up runs for a few seconds and dies out like you would cut the fuel supply... I am using Jets Pro Mix 25% nitromethane fuel. The jets on the carb are set to rich mixture because the former owner told me he put a brand new set of cylinder and piston in it. The diagnosis is allways the same: the glowplug seems to be faulty. It looks like a little bit melted. I tried the Rossi R1 and R2 and also an OS nr.8 but its allways the same problem. What the heck I am doing wrong??? Do I need a hotter or colder glowplug ? Rossi R3 or R4 or maybee R5?? The Engine in question is a OS FS-18 SR wich has got 3ccm. Thanks for your response. Regards Lukas
  11. There we go, its complete and clean now great little buggy =) there also is a youtube video soon wich has way more pictures of the process. Regards Lukas Edit: There is the Video
  12. Sry 4 the doublepost I went to the scrapyard on more time with my moped. currently its 3:25 AM in my country so I was there one hour ago... found some more parts to the hopper and also a few pieces more of a metal construction kit. Tomorrow I think I will get started on the hopper, the two batteries that I found with the car are in good condition so I am able to drive a few rounds before I restore it. Regards Lukas
  13. I would suggest the Tamiya Fighter Buggy RX. It was my first 1/10 scale RC car back in 99. Its just ideal, like the Grasshopper 2 really cheap if not cheaper and also nearly unbreakable. My one runs fine still to this day and I was driving it really hard sometimes.. Also you can upgrade this modell really great. Regards Lukas
  14. Yeah I think you are right, its a Grasshopper 2, btw I discovered it at my local electronic junkyard. There are also some sparepartfrom the transmisson as well as a second motor and some other neat things. The TNX has some broken suspension parts but fixable, the Engine has a brand new piston Regards Lukas
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