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  1. As far as I know the stock driveshaft works.
  2. In the first link you have the motor with a planetery gear which replaces the original motor and 3 speed transmission. In the second link you have the mount for the motor which fits the mounting points of the 3 speed transmission and a cup joint for the drive shaft. I think for the Globe Liner you would need Motorhalter UAT1. I haven't used the unit myself but all the users in the german truck forums are quite happy with it and recommend it.
  3. Servonaut offers a single speed transmission and a mount that fits the original position. https://www.servonaut.de/shop/de/product_info.php?info=p258_getriebemotor-gm32u390.html https://www.servonaut.de/shop/de/product_info.php?info=p111_motorhalter-uat2.html I use a lesu transmission with a printed mount in my MAN. https://up.picr.de/31045757ph.jpg?rand=1518959399 https://up.picr.de/31045769wf.jpg?rand=1518959399
  4. Hey I just recieved my Yeah Racing Kit and installed it to my CC01. Even comes with turnbuckles, ball studs and ballends, which was a surprise to me. I didn't use rhem tho, because I recently installed Tamiza low friction ballends and the turnbuckles are too short since I use different steering knuckles. Connection rod compared to the Gpm one. Looks good to me. Completely installed. Steering angle doesn't look to bad either. One issue I noticed so far the screw for the left steering arm rests directly on the ball bearings, if you tighten the screw too much, the steering can't move freely. The Gpm steering uses short brass tubes in the bearings, so you can tighten the screw without compressing the bearing. Other than that, I would recommend the steering so far, of course I can't predict if it will be hold up for long time. Only wish Yeah Racing made it in black.
  5. Thanks, all BR´s are gone for me.
  6. Thats what I did, just hit return, the br tags just seem to be added automatically every time I edit a showroom. When I don´t delete them they just add up everytime I edit the showroom. Just tested with Firefox and Chrome, same behavior for both.
  7. Well now I can´t reproduce it either. Maybe it was some weird combination, it was my first showroom. Steps were simply press "edit" in the showroom, change more than one description, press "update this model" and I got the error. Another thing I noticed, not sure if it´s the sites fault or my browsers, everytime I edit the showroom, these things in the picture get added in my description after a sentence.
  8. I´m getting the same error, when I change picture descriptions in the showroom. Changing one at a time works fine, but changing two or more results in the error. This is the url: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_updatemodel_process.asp?cid=130797 Best regards Daniel
  9. Hi, if you have run the car quite a bit it might be the steering rod, that runs through the chassis to connect the lower steering arms to the servo. Since there are no bearings and dust protecting the rod wears over time and is harder to move. This issue is quite common with the CC01. There are some aftermarket steerings. Personally from the ones momentarily available I only know the gpm one which also isn't perfect.
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