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    The Lancia 037, too. You can message me if you happen to like Lancia-related nonsense, spam, and/or tangents...

    You can also message me if you want to share your RC concepts or projects. Most of the time, the only thing I can contribute is a listener, but I still enjoy hearing about new ideas!

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  1. A sad epilogue to that particular post (and an explanation for my long absence from TamiyaClub): I was very suddenly kicked out of my house as my partner announced she was breaking off our relationship of 10+ years. The sketchy circumstances and the need for an immediate departure meant I left my RC models behind, including my Super Striker. The beach trip never happened as a result Fortunately, I am safe and have a place to go (my parents' isn't ideal, but it beats being transient), but with my departure from the town I lived in, I no longer have any good place to run my models, either... ... But this isn't a topic about that, so I returned to this thread with some ideas from wtcc5's brilliant modified NovaFox build: - A front anti-roll bar should be feasible for this chassis. There are plenty of mounting points on the lower arms, what with all the holes I drilled or left unused from their intended fitment to the FX-10. - With the release of the BBX, I have some machinations on both front and rear suspensions, and will be doing some reading/research on gearbox conversions. The DT-03 Striker from earlier in this thread is a wholesale upgrade, but what if I really tried to make it a competitive period chassis...? (inasmuch as the original chassis can be "competitive") As I try to piece my life together again, I think that once I begin assembling the pieces, Tamiyas would be a great way to return to the things I love... And hopefully, living in a larger city these days means I can actually find a track! I might not be able to find a park or open space, but there might be a dedicated shop-run circuit somewhere... Until then, a picture from a happier time - Round 29 of the Racing by Post series. I don't recall the Super Striker finishing particularly well, but that's besides the point As I face a challenging new stage of my life, I must remember that I've overcome challenges before - after all, I made a Tamiya Striker driveable
  2. Saw this build on Facebook and had to check out the thread here. It looks a lot like a Super Astute, but I think that's just the general proportions and the rear wing. And nobody said the Super Astute wasn't an attractive racer This thread was well worth the read-through; your solutions to the ever-increasing design challenges and your obvious passion for the project (loved the MDC sticker and the custom t-shirt!) made it a very entertaining read. Excellent work! You've truly done it again
  3. Happy birthday, Grastens. Maybe this is the year you finish those 037s!

  4. That rear wheel also adds the visual balance that I felt a spoiler would have done - while I voted for a spoiler, when a spare tire looks this good, who can argue? Better than some other spare tires, mine included Excellent fabrication skills as always
  5. Goodbye, MadInventor - you and your builds will be so dearly missed by us here at TamiyaClub. We wish for strength for your family; one day, perhaps your son will see what you and your work mean to us on this forum. You will always be with us here. Take care on your final journey.
  6. Sweet! I am on GT7 as well - see if you can find my liveries The Gran Turismo series was what inspired me to acquire Tamiya's Toyota GT-One (GT2) and the Loctite Zexel GT-R (GT3). Meanwhile, the people here and the Tamiya promotional videos led me to acquire my very own "Technigold" motor today. No other bids on it, which was the only way I could (barely) afford one... Once I get the time, I will be sure to give it an overhaul, including a comm cut and perhaps some ball bearings. A repro sticker will be mandatory
  7. Does N in NFS mean "Now" or "Not?" Just checking, since that Lancia Rally piques my interest, and since we share a landmass, may be less expensive than going overseas...
  8. I get plenty of these ideas that remain just that; my imagination exceeds my budget by quite a margin! Lately, it has been putting a Lancia 037 shell on a shortened 2WD drift chassis, sticking some exposed scale parts on there (namely a giant radiator), and slap on some JDM-style decals to create "The Italian:" Sort of like a Deucari approach...
  9. Congratulations! For what it's worth, though, I like yours better
  10. So far, so good - the members who complain about the "lack of character" of some of Tamiya's newer buggies and the "lack of performance" from the older ones, and simultaneously complain about the BBX, are those I don't understand... Your build so far highlights the thoughtful design and the classic character of the BBX nicely. I look forward to following this thread as it progresses.
  11. Found it! https://imgur.com/a/pwPzAsG Whether they ship outside Japan or not is something I have not yet investigated...
  12. They're too capable for me. I was uninspired by them, but then modern WRC doesn't really do it for me, either.
  13. The dilemma, and then the reason for it. And that's why liking the old Lancia Rally is an unpopular opinion Me, I think it doesn't really resemble the 1:1, but it doesn't evoke a cheap toy, either. Even if it did, it IS a toy, and one where the expense of scale appearance was in the better interest of function. I also think it has something to gain from its cartoonish appearance. It reminds me of the Rally-X video game, and in the end, there is something fun about the ridiculous proportions. It was the 1980s, after all... Of course, the box art definitely plays a bit of deception, but there's clarification on my unpopular opinion Already, I am making plans to restore mine! @hamtaro that Subaru on the buggy chassis was the TL-01RA, number 49352 in catalogues. It seems to be a rarity, and in any case doesn't look like it inspired any others in the Tamiya lineup or its competitors'...
  14. And that's why my favourite rally cars by Tamiya include: And (speaking of unpopular opinions!): The Lancia Rally on the ORV chassis has its followers. The TL-01RA-based Subaru? Well, we don't hear about them often, do we?
  15. Another fantastic build, JennyMo! Count one vote from me for a rear spoiler
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