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  1. Paging @ThunderDragonCy your new spares are ready Incredibly exciting batch of releases! Enough to bring me out of hiding once more Still have a backlog and life plans to work out, but I have a feeling the Comical Hotshot and Thunder Dragon may stick around... I do like the variety of angles in which each model is photographed; the Top Force Evo is presented particularly well with the front three-quarter-like shot.
  2. Right now, I am working hard to make the step up to 1:1 as a "natural progression" from 1:10 And I do mean "assembly kits"... Already, I kind of wish the 1:1 kits had "pre-painted and cut" bodies
  3. Think I will stick with the Striker, though ;) Even if I do actually have one in this world!



  4. The closest I will get to obtaining a Tamiya Road Wizard? A Gran Turismo Sport tribute!


  5. I have been staying occupied at home with Gran Turismo Sport. I then wondered what a Tamiya Striker would look like as an actual F1 car: Gran Turismo Sport has a generic 1980s-1990s-style open-wheel race car, as well as a decent livery editor. A Road Wizard tribute was obligatory: And then I went racing in the Striker: The game made me take #16 in the race, which is why it bears the #16 roundel in race photos while still wearing its #6. And in my opinion, the result actually looks fine: But then, I also think the regular Tamiya Striker looks all right, so what do I know? It is not perfect - yet! For now, this is good enough for me: Did I mention that Gran Turismo Sport has a decent Photo Mode? Gran Turismo Sport relies on good Internet connectivity. While this unfortunately limits the amount of offline gaming, it does create new possibilities - like the ability to use decals created by other users around the world. I am confident somebody from here made the "Tamiya Motorsport" logo that appears on the Road Wizard tribute, as well as the "Road Wizard" text. It is largely due to the efforts of Tamiya fans that I was this inspired to create something Tamiya-based in this video game. For the Striker, though, I settled for reworked graphics readily available offline, to resemble the original "Striker" logo. Most of my car-related pastimes these days have been virtual, though I do believe a VQS will be arriving sometime...
  6. I have finally found a local (read: somewhere in Canada) hobby shop that can ship in these strange times, and so hope to be taking delivery of a brand-new VQS/Vanquish by the end of the month I had never considered the similarities between the ETronix brushed motors and the Dynatech, though... I should have tried it on any of my glut of such motors!
  7. The weather was fine, the roads were clear, and most importantly, I don't have a car: At it again with my Shimano 105-equipped Schwinn Volare! With this being the tail-end of the road-riding season, or so I am told...
  8. Someone on Mokei Kagaku's Facebook page supposed that Axial might be responsible... which would make more sense than Aston Martin, I think.
  9. After all the cynicism surrounding this re-release, it is nice to see it looks much the same as the original - bathtub chassis included! I still hope to be able to get my hands on one
  10. ... Because I am banking on the Vanquish/VQS having much less desirable packaging, thereby saving me from the inevitable revelations about the passage of time, entropy, and the fragility of mortality as I discard it to build the kit contained within? I could do with a little less foreboding for my builds That being said, it looks nice.
  11. Where can I find this Vanquish?! I would have been way less excited for this re-release had I known - but then, perhaps it is because I have always had to contend with shipping to North America...
  12. Pre-painted? Well, I used to enjoy bodywork, but current living accommodations make that difficult, so a pre-painted shell would actually be a draw for me at this time. The "bathtub chassis" seems a clear indicator of the return to a plastic chassis over a double-deck FRP or carbon design, as well. Plenty to like about this one. But then, I also have no memories of the original Vanquish, so I am less picky about it being a faithful recreation. The availability of a clear body set is still welcome; I look forward to painting another shell in the Grastens/Italy/Mexican (depending on who you ask) tri-colour I think this car will be close enough to the Vanquish that I can be satisfied with it. Sign me up for one by mid-October
  13. So there WAS an Avante 2001 hiding under all that! The Facebook photos suggested otherwise That would have been an interesting project on another (more ubiquitous) car, but knowing what we know now about the Avante 2001... it does elicit a bit of an emotional response, doesn't it? Nice work cleaning it up!
  14. You could pull a Grastens and do your best to get both anyway Although I admit I never saw the Vanquish coming back... ... Am I the only person who would see some excitement in a Neo Vanquish? I mean, this thing is just BRISTLING - it would look fantastic in 1:10! But then, so does the original Vanquish As an enthusiast who arrived some time after most of Tamiya's most fondly-remembered models, the re-release of the Vanquish provides a wonderful opportunity to get that bit closer to 1980s Tamiya. I will see if I am able to pre-order one... ... and if it is easier to live with than the genuine Avante, then maybe this is the car I really wanted all along!
  15. I tried a TA-04 once: It was a very nice car, but the chassis proved a bit vulnerable to the odd stone that made its way into the belts. For some reason, I found it uninspiring, but that has more to do with how I felt about touring cars and less about the TA-04 itself. But then, I did get one well after the TA-04 was discontinued... The fact that it was a TA-04 I tried was sort of serendipitous, since I was more after the Loctite Zexel GT-R that sat on top of the chassis. I probably could have been just as happy had there been a TA-06 or TB-03 under there (maybe even more so with the better parts support). Still, I have to say the car treated me well.
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