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    The Lancia 037, too. You can message me if you happen to like Lancia-related nonsense, spam, and/or tangents...

    You can also message me if you want to share your RC concepts or projects. Most of the time, the only thing I can contribute is a listener, but I still enjoy hearing about new ideas!

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  1. A wonderfully creative build, with a cool backstory! I am enjoying every bit of this Thanks for sharing!
  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Badcrumble


      Happy Birthday Grastens!

    2. Grastens


      Thank you! It has been most happy ^_^ Time to break out the Ferrari and Lancia for some hot laps ;)

  3. The following come to mind from personal experience: - The Frog (inboard front suspension with torsion bars on an off-road buggy?) - The Hotshot (one damper for each end, and the quirks don't stop there!) - Buggy Champ (rear torsion bars and a mechanism box - strange these days, though more normal in its time) - original Audi Quattro (it needs the MSC servo, even when using an ESC, since the steering servo stacks on top of it to work, among other quirky details) (but good luck finding one) I have heard that the XR-311 is a unique build, and the Fighting Buggy/Super Champ compounds the weirdness (relative to today's RC cars) of the Buggy Champ by using a rear monoshock with an oil bottle reservoir! Beyond that: perhaps consider a 3-speed truck. In any form, it builds differently to other RC cars without gear shifting, so even the more modern High-Lift series should provide a different experience while costing less than a Bruiser or Mountaineer/Mountain Rider re-release. (for added fun, you can always try a 1:14 truck!) And beyond even that: maybe one of the 1:16 tanks?
  4. @Ferruz I can't say I have been that way! However, add that to my bucket list! I am hoping to find some way to run my Ferrari 312T3 on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on October 8, 2023 - or 45 years to the day of his first F1 victory. The facility has open access to the public, either walkers, runners, cyclists, etc., and with my RC car and some broken French, maybe I can convince the staff to let me run on that day! And if not 2023, I will have lots of time to plan for the 50th anniversary in 2028!
  5. Night racing is night racing - that's a bonus lap there Great report! I enjoyed reading it
  6. And now, presenting: Special Stage Route Point 5 (or Special Stage Route 0.5 ), loosely styled after Special Stage Route 5 of Gran Turismo: The initial objective was to design a simpler, faster circuit for the Racing by Post series, but with the combination of corner markers 2 through 4 and the loop at marker 8, it may yet prove a technical challenge. Pending approval from @TurnipJF, we have the next round! And for those Gran Turismo fans out there, we have a soundtrack : (bonus lap if you run this circuit at night )
  7. Thank you, everybody! I could not have expected such a result - although I am quite fortunate to have access to a vacant parking lot where I can run on-road racers. That being said, the Super Striker equalling the GT-R on laps was quite shocking. It was almost 3/4 laps' difference, though; the Striker just crossed the line to start number 35 at 5 minutes, whereas the GT-R was well on the way to Lap 36 before the timer went. Still, I intend to enjoy this one, even though I know it is all for fun I will get to work on a new layout!
  8. After a long absence from entering the Racing by Post series, I planned an all-out assault for Round 25: Conditions were perfect for a concentrated effort. A tarmac parking lot/carpark at moderate temperatures ensured that whatever I brought, there would be grip. To that end, I brought four cars (pictured above): my TA-04 Loctite Zexel GT-R; the F104W Ferrari 312T3; the Super Striker; and my F103RS/LM Toyota GT-One. The first- and last-named were each brought out of storage for this round (if only I entered that GT-One for Trop-Petit Le Mans...). From my experience running the Lancia 037 at Round 18, I figured that four-wheel drive would be the easiest to adjust to, so I started with the GT-R: Four attempts were made, with the first two going on one battery. The second set of runs was made after every other car had been driven. It was obvious that the car was not set up for such a technical circuit, but repetition allowed me to find a suitable racing line for my last runs. The car was on well-worn rubber tires; despite this, the relatively-clean and warm tarmac meant the tires could generate some decent grip. Powerslides around corners 8-9-1 featured prominently, though my best runs used a more-refined line. Of the four, it understeered, but was at least stable. The second series of attempts went to my GT-One: Note the smudging of the chalk; I took a generous racing line with the GT-R! Compared to the GT-R, the GT-One cornered aggressively and gripped well. It also ran near-silently. I got a decent run on my first pass, and was going even quicker on my second attempt until the battery flattened out with 35 seconds to go! I limped it home to avoid the DNF The Ferrari was the third car up: Curiously, despite carrying more cosmetic items than the GT-One, it actually weighed less than the Le Mans chassis. I transitioned from the F103 to the F104, thinking that while I was driving reasonably-well with a Formula/Le Mans chassis, I should continue with the theme. The car cornered well and had decent grip, but was not quite on the same level as the GT-One. Despite this, I turned in a decent result after two attempts, and was quite happy with its performance. The Ferrari also tends to collect the most road debris underneath it - the crackling of stones pinging off the chassis sounded like backfiring! An amazing scale performance from my most-scale entry The Super Striker was the last one out: As an off-road car set up for off-road driving, driving on tarmac, I had low expectations for this one. Sure enough, it neither gripped well nor cornered with any particular enthusiasm. What I can say about it, however, is that it behaved consistently, and allowed me to find a rhythm a bit more quickly than the other cars. This was quite strange, given its lack of outstanding driving attributes - perhaps its slower acceleration meant I could react better to corners? One run was enough for the Super Striker - a second one resulted in a flat battery and a DNF, and it did not sound particularly happy on the pavement (imagine the sound of mini-pin treads wearing on asphalt; the car even made tire-skidding noises!). It was back to the GT-R and then the GT-One for its second pair of attempts. The last run of the GT-One was its best, as I fought a battery that threatened to flatten in the closing stages of the run (I could do two 5-minute stints on one battery with this car - if I limited my warm-up laps). The decision to run on foam tires did well for my results, as did running the differential at minimal pre-load. The GT-R's sessions went off without incident. The Ferrari would have had another set of runs, but it actually nearly had its differential back out during its second attempt; I tightened it again, but thereafter struggled to drive it with the same speed as before. With that, I elected to forego a third or fourth attempt. All in all, it was a rewarding session: I managed to go through 7 batteries between the four cars, so I had plenty of time with them, indeed! As I may have accomplished all that I could with at least three of these cars, any future attempts will likely involve different entrants. I may be inclined to give the Super Striker a go on a non-tarmac surface, however...
  9. Excellent! I am looking forward to seeing your "Supersonic Fighter!" And thank you for bringing this thread back; I had forgotten that this was the apex of my RC car engineering Or, rather, just how hard I worked on it!
  10. Great-looking circuit! I love the presentation as well It looks like Gilles Villeneuve only finished as high as 14th for Ferrari at Silverstone (he placed 11th in a McLaren in 1977), so I will be aiming for that top-15 in the 312T3!
  11. Since everyone else runs brushless now, I don't believe I will have that problem But good to know! As for cutting comms for non-runners: my next adventure may involve the Stock Motor Holder set - but is it true that there is no way to cut sealed-can motor comms? The accessory pack states that it can allow the lathe to cut "sealed stock motors," but I have been led to believe that this denotes open-endbell motors only. If this is not the case, I have a pair of Traxxas Stingers I can work on...
  12. My fascination with 037s (and thus Tamiya's Lancia Rally) came about because it represented the kind of car I fantasized about owning someday: not entirely practical, glorious, able to handle speed bumps, possibly an ex-race car, big spotlights, and fun to drive. Mid-engined is a bonus! I have no idea how I will get there (I have 0.03% of a down payment for a Carteroni replica saved up! ), but having one or more in 1:10 scale helps me realize at least part of my dream!
  13. Indeed it can! I dig up this ancient thread on re-timing Super Stock TZ motors because the original poster does a far better job explaining it than I could: I run a few Super Stock RZs in my cars, and was able to check their comms by disassembling them. I was also able to re-time them by following along this thread Another thing I learned about comm lathes, or at least mine: - A comm lathe on 7.2 V is LOUD! Hearing protection is a good idea. I suppose it is no worse than an old vacuum cleaner, and probably no louder than a regular RC car, but I definitely noticed the noise. Perhaps running at much less load compared to a motor in an RC car will do that...
  14. Happy belated birthday! Grumpy pants has always impressed me as a classy member of this forum, and embodies the civility and friendliness of TamiyaClub
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