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    The Lancia 037, too. You can message me if you happen to like Lancia-related nonsense, spam, and/or tangents...

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  1. I may not have much time for RC cars anymore, but I may get inspired again with Hasegawa's release of the Lancia 037 that ran in Round 3 of the 1994 JGTC: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/0/0/6/1235006-27767-89-720.jpg Of course, I felt the need to compare, so I also bought Hasegawa's 1984 Tour de Corse version: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/0/5/0/123050-10885-pristine.jpg From what I can tell, the JGTC kit inexplicably excludes the distinctive 18" Work Meister S1 wheels that featured so prominently on the original car; knowing that the JGTC kit is essentially a re-release of their previous 037 models, though, it makes sense. So I ordered a set of Aoshima Work Meister S1s in the correct scale: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/gXBj8LPT940/maxresdefault.jpg At least, I think the JGTC car wore them... I suppose I was feeling a little unmotivated with RC - even after some disheartening life stuff, I think the bigger obstacles were winter weather and the amount of scratchbuilding I still need to do for my projects (sorry, @speedy_w_beans - kind of dropped the ball on the 312T3). Hopefully, some static models (and the greater opportunities for brush painting) will get me back into it for the next decade! But back on topic: I intend to build up these models, anyway, for I am curious to see how an 037 goes together...
  2. This was uploaded yesterday - not sure if youve seen it already. What a car!



    1. Grastens


      Basically my reaction the first time I drove my Lancia Rally :wub: Thanks for posting this excellent video!

  3. Happy birthday!!!!!

    1. Grastens


      Thank you very much! I am hoping for a Tamiya, but not likely - oh well :P I hope you have a great day, too!

  4. Happy birthday, good sir!

  5. It's my birthday today! Time for another 037 or something like that :P Maybe someday, it could be a 1:1!

    1. Grastens


      ... That would be a lot of cans of TS-43 Racing Green for the shell

  6. Shipped my Bruiser, Ferrari 312T3, and Lancia 037 shells to London. Plenty of finishing for me out there!

  7. I am absolutely taken by that engine bay - even before seeing everything all together! More top-notch execution and general brilliance there It reminds me that I need to get motoring on my step-side Bruiser, even though it will lack a bit- well, pretty much all the detail you have thrown into Cilla G. JennyMo build threads are one of the great pleasures of TamiyaClub, I think!
  8. In the span of about 132 days since I last posted, a few things have happened: - Tinypic is now charging for image hosting. I have lost essentially all my images to this and my other build threads. I needed some time to figure out alternatives, though not much since I had not done much of note by the time I learned of this. - One reason I have not done much of note is because I moved in with my partner while I started a new job, only to lose said job weeks later over some fundamentally-bad management practices. They haven't even paid me yet... - All this means that I am shuttling between where I live now and where I used to live while temporary engagements in the latter keep money where I need it. The seasonal nature of my current work means I will be once again unemployed in a month, anyway... - In the move, only my Ferrari 312T3 and an already-completed Lancia (the 037 4WD-H tribute) made it to where I currently live. The decision was made since the former looked to be the lightest and easiest(!) project for me to hammer out before the end of the season. If I wanted to get to the action, I would have the latter to rocket down the street, but as of writing I have yet to do that. It all adds up to one seriously-depressed sometimes-RC-car-modeller sparing half a day to lay down a second coat on this project's ABS plastic shell. I masked as directed and set out on what should have been ideal conditions, but once again ended up with more orange peel: I might stick with brushes from here on out... I would not mind orange peel that much if the decals that form significant parts of the livery of this shell were not so glossy and uniform. I made nice, slow passes from sufficient distance with the paint can, or so I thought... Nonetheless, the red is an excellent shade, and seeing the two-tone scheme even in this rudimentary stage is appealing. Small miracles have been: all the parts surviving the trip to the new place; less dust in the work area I can use now (and in a controlled-humidity environment!); and the support of my partner in my projects while I find my way out of this trying time. My partner's brother in town also has a 3D printer and really knows how to use it, so I may also be able to trouble him for a minor piece or two for the cockpit. I head back for the temporary engagement tomorrow, to be gone for just over two weeks. That should give the paint sufficient time to cure, after which I can begin filling in the various ducts, intakes, and details with their prescribed colours.
  9. An inspired build from (as speedy_w_beans noted) were essentially leftover parts! The carbon-effect vinyl looks quite impressive, and the performance you have gotten out of the rig is even better. Amazing as always
  10. Your example certainly makes a compelling case for Tamiya to have released this. The attention to detail for this one really makes it stand out - it is a good-looking "what if...?" with all the period details in place.
  11. Another vote for the GT Power system, which somehow seems a bit nicer than the many similar no-name units offered by overseas vendors. 3Racing also makes a decent light unit, with plenty of LEDs in the box and an option for proper brake lights when the LEDs are plugged in a certain slot on the unit. The GT Power unit also has this feature. As stated previously, the main unit can be bulky, but is easy to use and set up. Once you find a place for it on the car, you are well on your way to a nice setup!
  12. I really hope we see a race series full of Comical Tamiya buggies - and I don't mean the DT Fighter Cup, purists The pseudo-dampers on the side are a fun touch.
  13. @netsmithUK apologies! I was unaware of that. Still, I look forward to the documentary
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