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  1. Found another problem now not sure if any of you might have had the same ???? Fitted the standard drive alxes, took car out for a spin... makes some strange noises, eventually losing all power but can hear motor spinning.. Figured it would be the pinion, so ordered a hop-up hard coated pinion... took casing and motor off, fitted new part (and noted the original pinion looked perfectly fine, no teeth missing), went out for a spin... same thing, makes struggling noise when car moves and then eventually no power, but motor spins... Took casing off, had a closer look......... Only thing i can think of, is the Spur Gear set wheel teeth has run down, as the 2 cogs dont sit close enough now The teeth are still there as such, but can clearly be seen to be worn Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! Guessing you cant get aluminion spur gears ? (to note, this pic is from my build, not how it looks now!)
  2. Sorry for long delay in reply, only just now took the buckles off.... I'm thinking the combination of too much Torque and a few kerb bumps have done this, as i was only out for around 6 mins, and hit the kerb less than 5 times, and not hard either! High speed into powerslides and fast spins, have glued the tires too, so i guess that puts more strain on the drive shafts/axles... As looks like all 4 are wonky! Pic: Shaft on left is from Rear Right side, shaft on right is from Front Right side..... Parts are Jazrider for TT-02.... I'm putting the tamiya drive shafts back in, see how i get on...
  3. Morning all, Well, bust already!! Not sure what the problem is, but to start with, its daaaaam fast using that superstock motor! Anyway, a good few blasts up and down the street, some powerslides, etc etc.... Couple of smacks into the curb (oops! ) Looking at the joint things in Stage9 up above (what the wheels link to for turning!, prop shafts ?) The one has managed to bend, so wheel is super wonky! Luckily, I still got the original Tamiya parts, but I am a bit shocked as to how that can bend ? could it have been from bashing the curb, or too much rotation too quickly has made it bend out of shape?!!! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. I wouldn't mind changing the diffs from plastic to something better on my TT-02, so open to ideas if you know of a different route to go... already ordered the steel pinion thing
  5. Hey guys, sorry for not posting sooner, no pics either..... I took apart from the front of the car, took the dogbones out, wiggled a few bits here and there, put it back together, all moving freely now :) Next part, fire it up again and see how it rolls, and figure out how to cut out the reverse option
  6. Erm, that makes no sense in reflection to the thread, wrong post maybe ????? I'll get some pics up later, will try a video shot too
  7. Well..... I've gone wrong somewhere Plugged in the battery yesterday, took the horn off the servo and got it centered... Think i must have screwed the steering linkage arms too tight as it looked as though the servo struggled to turn left/right... Undone screws a bit, turning is ok now as such.... 2 issues (but could relate to each other) Turn right and let go = goes back to centre Turn left and let go = doesnt quite fully go back to centre The other which is a major thing, if the wheels are turned right, the right side drive shaft locks up and wont turn... Well, it turns, but only turns around 330 degrees, wont complete a full turn.... I am well stuck with that, and cant think of a reason that would make it do that... Would i have to take the front of the car back down to the start, check the front diff and rebuild again maybe ?
  8. For the Merc Body, i have Gun Metal Grey instead of White, however, i have a PVC Nissan GT-R shell which i plan to use instead of the merc shell...... I have my TX and RX now, Absima CR2S V2 Controller and a Absima R3FS receiver.... (no idea if this has EPA ) Think i made a booboo somewhere, as when i roll the front left wheel, it almost spins like it is buckled! no idea what i have done there, so might have to take it all apart and rebuild to see where i gone wrong ?! Duly noted about the Servo Horn and ESC, i got the instructions for both, so plan on working on that tomorrow.. Looks like a right ballache if I do have to remove the Servo horn, as i would have to unscrew the servo itself!! oh well, live and learn! I'll buy a Steel pinion for the TT01 and get that fitted too... Cheers for the input guys
  9. I could'nt find a steel pinion for the TT02, and although i guess the TT02 is very similar to the TT01, wasnt sure whether to buy a TT01 steel pinion just in case it didnt fit.... I need to read the guide on how to centre the servo and program the china special ESC! should prove a nice headache for me! cheers for the replies guys, didnt think about the grease and ball bearings, guess it makes sense now that the grease would collect dust! did wipe a lot off, at least i know now that if need be, i can spend 2 days taking it apart and re-building if need be (although dont fancy doing that! )
  10. Hi all, Heres my Noob guide to building a TT02, to note i am a complete novice at this and still dont understand a lot! especially electronics and power systems for RC! This is my 1st attempt at building any RC car (anything RC infact!). Big THANKS to Quandry & The RC Racer for the guides they have done, as that helps a LOT! I've probably messed up along the way, as i got a feeling somethings havent fitted right, guess time will tell on Sunday when it gets powered up!.... Mercedes Benz GT3 #58586 Tamiya TT-02 Few TT02 hop-up parts & Jazrider TT02 hop-ups/Ball Bearings - 2S1P Turnigy ROAR Lipo Power Tamiya SuperStock RZ 23T motor - HiForce/Venon 320a ESC (china special!) - Turnigy TGY-4409MD Digi metal ball Servo - Absima CR2S v2 2.4ghz control system Stage 1: (5pm) All the bits, left on the table for about 1hour while i figured out where to start Oh Crumbs! Thats my Toe! Stage 2: (6:05pm) Bits still out on table, but after re-reading the threads on here and so on, am ready to test my building patience! Stage 3: (6:50pm) Took me ages to figure out how to put together the prop thing! haha!!! As i had the hop-up part, i just kept confusing myself with which part is which part! Stage 4: (7:20pm) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Trying to hold the motor plate and mount onto the motor to screw it in place was not easy, another thing to take me ages to get going! Got the prop shaft fitted with the joints, bearings etc and slotted into space.... At first, seemed to be some slack on the prop shaft, but had read that others found the prop shaft loose to start with. Stage 5: (8:45pm) Built the Front and Rear Diffs, fitted to the chassis, then added the other bits/arms, etc. Reason this process took for ages is because i got to add the grease to the cogs and all the places it tells you to, DOH!!!!! So had to undo everything and start again after greasing the bits!! Stage 6: (9pm) Motor fitted in easy peasy, although out of the 3 mini things you get to hold the pinion into the motor, i dropped 2 and could'nt/still cant find them! Plate fitted as per instructions.. Stage 7: (9:15pm) All looking good so far i think, next part will be to tackle the Front Upright bits which makes me think a blast of coffee is needed here to steady the hands as the instructions make me think i need to have 4 hands!! ------------ Stage 8: (10:50pm) Front uprights fitted and screwed to the arms, etc..... All that time to do just the fronts...... Yup, you guessed it, forgot the grease again!! DOH! Undo it all again, add grease to the bones, bearings, etc and then refit, super finicky, didnt like doing this part! Real ballache! Stage 9: (11:20pm) Rears complete, remembered the grease this time and found the rears easier to fit (as read on Quandrys thread).... Although the rear right arm/upright didnt seem to fit right when pushing in the screw pin.... took some bodging which has resulted in the rear suspension not looking equal --------- Stage 10: (11:50pm) Shocks fitted and all other bits that go with it, but left screws lose, as forgot to buy damper oil for the shocks..... Built the tamiya ones, but the blue ones look better! Stage 11: (3am) 3 hours straight of pulling my hair out wondering why bits dont fit, turns out i was connecting bits the wrong way round! DOH!!!! and forgeting more greaseing!! The bits to lock in the steering linkage seemed a right pain, but i put that down to me being a novice.. I screwed the steering bits really tight, so there is no 'play' at all in the linkages, not sure if they are supposed to be lose, am sure i will find out the hard way once powered up! Confused myself lots over the servo and bits it uses, turns out you use the Tamiya bits and only the Servo, not ANY of the servo bits! Think i am getting somewhere with it now, and it all looks like it is fitting into place! Stage 12: (3:44am) Just fitted brake discs, motor cover and checked screw points.... Wife gets out of bed and comes storming into the office/stuies playroom , get an earful so time to goto bed! Its now Friday, just gotta wait for the Absima TX/RX to turn up on Saturday, and hopefully my hong kong wheels and i should be cooking on gas, thats providing; A: Once the Lipo battery is powered and plugged in, the car doesnt blow up cos i have done something wrong B: Drive it straight into the Kerb or Wall! C: Something else goes wrong! Lovely jubbley! - Total spent including 2 shells = £327 (quite a few parts from HongKong as cheaper, and i'm a savvy shopper anyway! )
  11. Hi all, I've got a Mercs Tamiya bodyshell with my TT02 Have also bought anther shell for a few quid (not Tamiya) Anyway, it states the material is PVC http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-10-RC-Car-Clear-Body-Shell-190mm-Lexus-LFA-Road-Drift-Yokomo-TT-01-DRB-DIB-/110997476954?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item19d7f7165a Might be being stupid here, but is that the same as Lexan (the Tamiya bodyshells ?) I bought some Tamiya spray paint yesterday, the polycarb stuff, and the guy in the shop said I have to spray the shell on the inside ???? so questions are: Do I spray any shell on the inside... and if a shell is PVC and not lexan, do I use a paint spray can as opposed to the polycarb spray can ?
  12. I've used Jazhobby (ebay) for a few parts (Tamiya and Jazrider), despite coming from HongKong, the parts are quicker than 2nd class with royal mail (average 4th day delivery!!)
  13. So you connected the standard 105BK ESC with Tamiya Plugs onto a Lipo battery ??? Lipo battery with Tamiya plugs or connector cable into Tamiya ??
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  15. To me, this post is a GREAT HELP !!!! I'll be having my TT02 on Xmas day, and as said in other posts, got zero skills with building a car, so thank you!!!!!
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