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  1. My apologies in advance if this topic is placed on the wrong thread. I recently bought a Dual Hunter and am planning to run it soon. A couple of questions to the experts here... 1.) What's a good modified pair of motors (i know the stock is slow), brushless for the DH? Someone told me I could only buy 1 motor and swap the rear end while maintaining the stock on the front. Any PROS and CONS about this? 2.) In relation to question 1, does buying a radio have anything to do with the modified motors? I am planning to get jus the 2PL from Futaba. I am not a racer but would still love to have this run as fast as it can... Thank you in advance for the help...
  2. Wow thanks very much for the reply... actually someone who owns a TT-01 wants to buy my spare Superten body hence my post. Thank you for clearing that up for me =D
  3. I don't know if this is the proper forum to post this question... just in case I was wondering if Kyosho's Super 10 body will fit Tamiya's TT01 Chassis? Thanks in advance for the help =D
  4. Wow thanks for the tip =D I am a bit excited to restore this car... hope it cost me that much. Everything else is in mint condition (except for the tires) =D
  5. Thanks for the tips guys... appreciate it... will try to see if I can restore this =D My friend got tired of the hobby years ago... hence the donation hehe =D
  6. And here I thought those Toyota stickers were there because he likes the brand... =D Thank you for the help.... I saw the link you gave and this truck was released 1990? Wow hehe... Would you happen to know if they still parts for it? I plan to restore it and hope to be able to use it again =D
  7. Greetings! My best friend recently found an old truck while rummaging through his home and gave it to me. Unfortunately it does not have the box or manual anymore so I am not sure what kind of truck this is. I recently (as in 2 weeks ago) went back to the hobby and already one truck. I have a series of questions that maybe you guys can help me out. 1.) I am guessing this is the original Blackfoot? 2.) If so, are there still parts or hop up options available for this truck? 3.) Will the Novak unit be still usable at this day and age? Here are some pictures that I took... Thanks in advance for the replies =D
  8. Great paint job on the Scorcher. I also think it looks fine with the current color of your rims =D
  9. Question, what's a good pair of motors for the DH to make it go faster than the current stock? Thanks in advance for the assistance =D
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