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  1. now sold & deliverd thanks felix nice dealing with you, can this be removed please cad
  2. Hi folks Ive got this unfinished boxed kit either for sale or trade its never been finished just sat in its box for best part of 10 yrs its not my cup of tea so will never get finished, box is not the best but better than some nib ive seen. car is sold as unfinished project some parts are still sealed ... more pics on request.. im in the uk but will post overseas at buyer cost & risk an to tamiya club members only.. will trade for a good used xc pajero - wrangler etc / cc-01 or somethink similar. or ££ offers not looking for ebay prices on it ,id like it to go to a good home where it will get finished an used or added to someone's collection on the shelf. can be contacted by pm with offers etc .. im in uk midlands area so feel free to collect if wanted or p-pal etc if you need shipping & i will only ship tracked so we are both coverd. alot know me on here as caddy shack but old account could not be unlocked so had to re join sometime ago.... pics to be added soon as files to big need me bro to sort it as im no good at this lol link to pics http://smg.photobuck...tamiya martini/ regards cad
  3. Im sure if you pm j-man or gr2fltp on the main site they could hook you up with what you need they allways have projects stacking up that they dont get time to finish ..
  4. Be cool if they did a detailed 1/10th scale rc or non rc KubelWagen or type 1 or ghia or nice military pickup make a change from seeing tamiyas way out of scale things of late... or as above a nice h/rod ...revell do some nice static kits so why not go bigger an better theres a market for it in our r/c world.. be intresting to see what happens
  5. Sounds like the tl-01 clone think the body had banzar/bonzor same style as staduim raidar or somethink like that on it an they had chrome rims on also did white an yellow rims.. same chassis as tl-01 but they used cheap white gears in the boxes where tamiya version are creamy colour or vice versa.. an they used 550 motor where tl use 540
  6. Baz there was a huge back log from hk back in nov ,they wasnt letting parcels out the country i had loads not turn up sellers just kept fobbing us off its been sent will be there an it was all **** i chep tracking an it wasnt showing where it was on there hk tacking map you get to show where your item is. if i didnt know a person out there i would have not know the p/o issues so i hit afew sellers of my goods with the info an suprise i got replys back saying sorry we didnt know stuff wasnt leaving hk so either got refunds or re sent after xmas... i would have gave your seller a few wks to get items to you max then asked for refund or put in a claim the right way. you feeling ok bud leaving it this long ? not like you lol hows the yota you had for blazer deal yrs ago.
  7. cheers was one i built when they 1st came out, it now sits in rallybaz collection. yes as mad i says locking pins i think they only came with one in the kit well i know the hilux did, you remove the outer cover you have cracked an theres a hole behind id turn the diff an you will see where the locking pin goes ive only ever locked the rear's never both but ive seen them with both locked an go well. think about changing your tires to a more softer compound an better trail tread if running stock tyres there not the best may even go for 2.2 tyres bit more ground clearance.. happy trailing
  8. Mark dremel the outer case lip off the cover you dont get the chipping problems then was a 1st mod used on them yrs ago an looked better, no need for diff gaurds they just get in the way like i did on this one you can spray them silver again or red to be diffrent http://www.tamiyaclub.com/pictureframe.asp...008120522_6.jpg
  9. Great finds , the kdx dont look that bad , you will have to get that running & have fun on it. i removed the pin out the power valve on mine got some good boost on them from std.
  10. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/member.asp?id=16781 try this
  11. contact j-man on the main tc site hes the guy doing the alloy ones
  12. no probs bud glad they got there nxt day for you, thanks again for swift payment offers on rest before evilbay
  13. BIG THANKS for sorting pics your a star pm,s replyed to sorry dazza 1 sold in email before i read my pm scooby & rims sold yep has drag brake, regards lipo cut off not sure i know there lipo comp cause guy who done the right up & test on them in the rrc mag sold me the truck new in stratford & said go lipo but i never run the lipo tottaly till cut off so unsure on cutoff will try find out for you but you can buy lipo cutoff alarms cheap Am rx sold all sold items will be sent out 1st thing tues morning regards c tt01 chassis sold to dazza1 all sold item on route & tracking no's pm'd will listen to offers on the rest pm me with offer whats the worst i can say no regards craig £18 esc sold local lipo now sold pending collecton
  14. 2.4ghz sold pending collection in the wk. now payed for pm with email for pics links not working c
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