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  1. ok cool - his grasshopper has already been converted to run hex fitment wheels but i think i have some of the other bits spare to convert it back. Its currently running the newer style buggy wheels as fitted to the Desert Gator etc. He thinks it looks "awesome" on the brat wheels too
  2. think I put this in the wrong section! spent ages looking in Vintage discussions and wondering why i could not find it Cheers for the your replies, definately going to give some of those a try! Are the Brat wheels hex fitment on the rear? Cheers
  3. For sale is my Yokomo MR-4TC SD drift car. The chassis is still fitted with a steering servo and futaba receiver (no crystals included). It has been upgraded with blue alloy rear drive cups and blue alloy shocks and it has a brand new foam front bumper (these bits cost over £30 alone!). I will also include an Ansmann Clash motor, the manual and a spare unused set of wheels (both sets that come with the car are are just normal touring car wheels / tires as I cannot find the drift wheels). I can also include an Acoms transmitter if required. I have used this outside so it has the usual scratches underneath and the shell has seen better days and has a few cracks and splits. This is a very good chassis and was very quick and cost a lot of money to buy new: http://www.cmldistribution.co.uk/cml_produ...ctId=0000002004 (same chassis, just a different shell!) It will need a new pinion gear as the grub screw rounded when i removed the previous motor and i had to drill it off, the spur gear could also do with replacing although worked fine as it is. Unfortunately i dont have the original box anymore. (does not come with these wheels but a the ones fitted in the pics below and also a brand new unopened set) Looking for £70 posted or £60 collected from Newport, Essex (CB11) I am also considering selling my Tamiya lunchbox (although dont really want to), RTR with Tamiya Sport Tuned motor - would be looking for a similar amount to the Yokomo if anyone is intrested (rerelease not vintage). No pics at the mo but everone knows what they look like! PM me or 07999 204460. Cheers Martin I have decided to keep the Lunchbox so thats no longer for sale. few more pics of the Yokomo (it needs a clean!):
  4. Hi, Just wondering if people had any suggestions for upgrading a Grasshopper, particularly the handling. My 5yr old boy has an original Grasshopper that he loves to bits but its a real handful to drive, it has an upgraded motor but he flatly refuses if i mention slowing it down, so i was interested in ideas to make it more easier to handle. The steering in particular seems to get bent very easily and just keeping the car in a straight line is a challenge, with even the slightest touch of steering often causing the car to roll! I think im on about its fifth replacement chassis now, with the usual point of failure being the chassis cracking where the gearbox attaches at the bottom. The car seems to hop under hard acceleration, are there any recommended upgrades I can make to the shocks? Also suggestions for wheels / tires would be appreciated as his are completely bald - we usually do a mixture of on / off road but get through tires in no time! Suggestions appreciated. Cheers, Martin
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