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  1. teddyt

    on ebay - Calsonic gtr4

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-calsonic-nissan-gtr-orginal-very-rare-/380747701586?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item58a654dd52 this ultra rare car is in good overall condition. thining out my collection sensible offers please, check the pics what you see is what you get it is a good runner uk postage £12 via courier more pics if you want them, pm me now on fleabay
  2. as above need one for tank battling cash waiting, may also swap cars etc
  3. as above gents need a set cash waiting
  4. Hi have just picked up so vintage Tamiya cars and tanks as a job lot SOLD!!!!!
  5. Guys just scored a Leopard A4 off the bay but as its 36yrs old, I will need some parts anyone got an idea where i can get some???
  6. as no one else makes a british tank in 1/16th scale. not only would it be a hit with tankers it would also be a commercial sucess
  7. teddyt

    Scania Build - Colour Choice ?

    a nice metallic blue or how about miami blue the colour of the last leyton house march f1 cars very nice
  8. teddyt

    bulldog TET'68

    just finished another
  9. here's my latest Tiger 1 (mid - production version) this time from an SS Panzer unit
  10. teddyt

    Tiger 1 Tunisia 1943

    Iam just finishing a mid - production Tiger with zimmerite finish of the 503rd SS panzer battalion from the eastern front. As soon as its finished I'll whack some pics up
  11. teddyt

    Anyone got a Heng Long Sherman

    I have'nt got one personally but have seen a few at my club meets. and I am very impressed by them (remember Its a H/L). scale is pretty good add on parts that come in box are plentyful and accurate and to be honest, when painted sat next to a Tamiya you really cant tell them apart this is the best all round tank H/L have produced. I will be getting one at the first chance I get
  12. teddyt

    Tiger 1 Tunisia 1943

    yea the Tiger in bovington came from tunisia also but is numbered 131
  13. teddyt

    Tiger 1 Tunisia 1943

    good point bromvw have ordered few bits so we will see how it goes