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  1. OMG!! I don't know whats worse , me singing it or knowing the song and who the Monkeys are . Gee feeling Very very OLD
  2. Looks great so far , interesting idea .
  3. Knight Customs is a member here ( Toykid ) < forum name . Great 3D Master builder .
  4. They look great . What did you print that at ? Great detail .
  5. I'm Amazed you get anything done ! , Or you don't read your own sign .
  6. Must be a great printer to do that much hours WOW . I started of with a CTC < not the best . But it did get me started and learnt alot . Now i have the Flashforge Inventer ( duel extruder ) Works well . I'm still learning , as you do . I will Print your parts when i get home , as i'm still stuck in NZ . Aus has closed and no flights in . My flights got cancelled , as i was heading to the airport GRR .. So i'm here for another month or so , no rc or 3D printing for me . But when i do get back , i will let ya know how i got on . Oh , I had printed the TBLE-02 holder B4 i left , turned out great . I need to change some settings on printer and it would come out better ( had it too hot , ends melted etc ) . Or i need to turn on fan to cool it . Thanks Hobgoblin
  7. Ok , Yes there is that . Of people taking avantage of your hard work and selling it . That's not good . Yes , I have done that once , doing the mirror on slicing software . But didn't what to do the wrong thing by you . So thanks Hobgolin for your time . Take your time m8 . All good Thanks . What 3D printer you using ? .
  8. Nice , is that for both sides ?. Or just right side only ? . Nice proflie on Thingiverse , I'm still trying to learn to make/draw . Not working out to well ha , i have been 3d printing for 3 year or so . Nice of you not hiding things and claming up and saying work it out your self lol . Like most do . Good on ya AND thanks .
  9. I'm liking this idea , Great job .
  10. Them Gens Ace are good Batterys and you can get them in 3S .and 4S as well . Perth RC has them , but i'm sure most hobby shops in Aus would . What ya going to put it in Re-Bugged
  11. OMG!! I'm sure i have the same thing . Red body and chassis was black ( flat chassis ) Steering was on or off , simple rc back then . Ha , just come to me by reading this . I forgot that i had one , May not of been the same . Hope you find one .
  12. 84252 Part number M8 . Just googled it and it come's up with the wheels . Also Stellamodels have them US$6.13 https://www.stellamodels.com.hk/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=84252 84240 stock out for stellamodels
  13. Thrust bearing's are different . Gbox you put 1150 in and on the out side you can put 850 bearing in , b4 the out drive and E-Clip . That helps , but not needed . O ring will slow things and bind it up and should not be needed at all .
  14. OMG!! Yep . Had that many times ,so i bid 30's b4 and i get sniped . Or i do it and it don't go , just sit's there thinking about it . It's always the way , the stuff you don't really need you get , but the stuff you need to have , you lose or old age come's into play and you forget < done that many time's . O-well that's the way it is , ya win and ya lose some .
  15. Don't you hate that , when you really want it as well Grrrrr ... I have done that many times , even got wrong day , let alone time ....
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