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  1. Looks great . What are you using ? .
  2. Same here . Have done for two years now . But only started wearing them more in the last 8 or so months. I didn't what to wear them . Need to use the close up only , but find depth perception bad . When working on rc . This is what happens when we get old lol . So we are in the same boat sadly .
  3. Would like to see how that turns out . You need less house & more shed ....
  4. Thanks , but i have nova fox box's thanks . All good , But IF you don't want it , At some Point , I would be keen . Hope things are going well .
  5. Gee , if ya don't want the fox box , let me know . Mine has a very big hole in it . just keep them , they are herd to come by and the have character and that tells a story ..
  6. Good to see that you will be back , Missed your excellent work . Gee your going to be busy , building a set of HQ'S etc .
  7. Fantastic video @netsmithUK , Great start . Funny how things trigger you into thinking of stuff you had forgotten . Ebay was great in the early days , for pickinig up bargains . But alot didn't have pic's and you didn't know what you were getting . @Wireless thanks , Great collection . Minis are great fun hours of fun , with a group of them ... I feel normal now ....
  8. Don't use C1 parts on the tree , they are the wrong one's . Use the other one's that were supplyed , Part number 0440378 . They are a different off set . I use DF02 / 03 uni's and works well . The hotshot had short dogbones in front & that's what the C1 parts use ( different offset ) . Boomerang use the same size dogbones front & back , this is why C1 parts are different ( were used for short dogbones ) 0440378 ( say new C1 part ) was supplyed to allow for the longer dogbone ..
  9. Yep , will last a long time . Now on the colour . I have vintage A parts Sprues and the colour shading of the Blue is so different , Of the A parts trees i have in vintage . Not sure if it was done like that to show Year of new parts trees ??? Or if they here made on a friday arvo and didn't put in enough colour . Now the re re A parts tree is dark blue .
  10. Just use the A Parts , Never had a problem my self . Never seen alloy at all . I have most alloy hopup parts for boomerang . Mind you , I have Know idea how you could :LOL: , I had 5.5 BL motor in mine and never did that . The alloy would bend & cause more damage , Like most alloy things ..
  11. Sounds good , Pic's would be great and what you did with what parts etc . Hope it goes well . Not too sure on gearing ? When are you thinking of running it too see how it goes . If this works , I would like to do this as well . Thanks & welcome to TC .
  12. Oh , Come on . " WHERE'S " the Selfie shot :LOL: . Great pic's .
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