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  1. Good , I hate it . When i look for stuff , I want to buy . You have to go through alot of crapppp to even find what you want . Theres alot of stuff that has nothing to do with what you are looking for . I have stopped looing for stuff , For this reason . Even google is the same , you look for somthing and you can't find it , with all the crapppp that it comes up with . NOT related at all . As it comes under title , but has nothing to do with what your looking for . They need to clean it up . Tamiya blackfoot for sale <<< simple . Not the BS people use . Keep it simple .
  2. Looking great M8 . Bet you can't wait to get in when it's done ...
  3. Ask Ampro ( pintopower here on TC ) . He does great work and done lots for TC . MIP balldiffs was part of ampro . He test parts and runs them . Not sure on the ebay guy .
  4. Yep hotshot/boomerang rear wheels , as that's what was used . Shock springs are soft and it's not to bad , still have to tinker .. There is a difference , not much of one . But if i put the Fox rear wheels on it will . All i am doing it what was about in 1st pic . In pic it has boomerang triangle wheel adaptors , that are the 4wd boomerang ones etc . But a small amount of difference is alot on a car , in most cases . Will be interesting to see the difference driving it and seting it up as well .
  5. Had a play with this and this is what i have done . Boomerang rear arms and uprights , rere out drives and axles & hotshot Front dog bones . Boomerang shock bottoms . Longer shock shaft . Some spacers etc for shocks and of course rod ends .
  6. It's been too long , Welcome back . CRO1 Manual say make 6.5 mm holes .
  7. The shocks are at the rear STILL , as you are looking at the front of the diff in the above pic . NOW i had only just looked at it again , as i could not line things up with the Boomer arms , the line for the drive shalft etc . So i had to relook at the setup lol. So i put the arms with shocks at front , as your post stuck in my head :LOL: . I should look and read better . It also uses boomer rear uprights as well , that help aline the dog bone out drives etc And i looked at the pic more , mind you . "PUTTING" my Glass's on helps lol . Old age sadly ... Of all the fox's i have , i had to use the only one with vintage dog bone setup , i didn't know i had :O ... The vintage out drive in the fox diff is different seup as it has the blackfoot , MB etc hex type setup . But as luck has it , we can use the rere dog bone setup if i didn't have the hopup vintage dog bones . All i have to do now is the adjustable upper arms . And change the shock bottoms to the longer push on to fit boomer arms . Luck i have them . Just need to find ball joint stuff to make arms etc .
  8. It's been very hot here and muggy as well . So it's heading your way good luck . And if it feels like its not doing anything , go out side . That changes your mind fast lol ...
  9. Fox is only a one off , Wild one has the Fast attack vehicle two chassis as most had two cars off a chassis of more . Who knows , Why . Maybe naming rights or copy rights of the model they used ???. Way too many options and reasons . Ha could be a dart board with prices on it . ....
  10. Put them on , they don't look that bad . Plus they look the part .
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