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  1. Nice clean up M8 , Do you have a white bellend 540 For that year ? . I have not touched my 80's Fox , i can't bring my self to do it . It's the way i left it . You can't get more orignal than that ... Great fox line up bud . Now's ya man cave going , now you in it ..
  2. The 86 boomerang has bigger out drives and dog bones and wheel axle's , So if you want to put DT03 Cvd's you need the out drives ( gearbox side ) , Use the C-clips on OLD gearbox's , If you use RE RE Gearbox ( G parts tree ) you need to use the E-clip on re re gearbox's . Yep , get too set's on that Ebay page , they will fit great .
  3. When will it ever end on how far people will go ?. See this is why it will never end I got traliers , 5 wheel servo , tralier leg kit , mfu 01 , tralier lights and i said i would never get . Way to $$$$ for me , Then came Covid19 and lockdown etc . So i got it all . So i can kill time etc , Plus the Cascadia to build and another tralier . I will get another MFU and leg kit as well for it . Keeped me busy . Or i would have gone nutz . Just built a super hotshot in the last two day i got as well with the Covid19 stuff ..
  4. It's been a BIG learning curve and i have not got a radio yet , i will be getting a DX6e on monday and other Tamiya truck goodies . I'm a car/buggy guy as well . But love the truck builds , as i now have two , Grandhauler & cascadia . Plus 3D printing parts and things for it add's to the fun . That has given me the motivation to get things done as well . Great build JNSD1 . Wonder it the build will ever end ? As there is so much that can be done and added to .
  5. HAha i saw the Nails , but the next vid was BOB from Hobbyconceps-LLC on Youtube . Great step by step vids on how to programe DX6e and more Transmitter setup's . There is a Turnigy-i6 setup , that LOOK's like your flysky radio ? , Bob gets that going with everthing . So that may help ?. He also does light dash setups , look great . You may spend sometime watching the vid's . Like i have ... If you have not all ready . .
  6. Nice , i will give that a go and print it . Great job and thanks
  7. Mtbkym01 not been seen for days , trying to find box lol .
  8. Same as mine , have to wear glass's . Not used to them , even that i have had them for two or three years . Mind you , didn't use them for the 1st year or so . But find i have to wear them more and more sadly .
  9. Yer , postage my become a big problem . I'm hoping to get to Perth b4 we get locked down . Will buy some rc stuff and some more 3D stuff . Just glade i'm in a small town and on a farm . I bet TC will be busy and we all may get them projects done . Harsh times coming . Just glade i also have my own rc track , That will get more use . I think Ha ..
  10. " OH " I was born with mine , " Ok " the driver figure you say . . Very big head , should be easyier to paint ..
  11. Good , More for me . Don't taste anydifferent . But cat food and gluten free pasta may be a new thing . "Tuna you say" Yummy bahahaha ...
  12. I have Nova fox one's you can have . Just PM me with Name address & i can post it tomorrow . Free bud .. Or As above yogi can supply . Up to you .
  13. Do what Twinset said , I have had to do the same . I was thinking it was Aus slow internet ,as it takes a long time to upload . I'm on Kbps ( << YES KBPS not Mbps ) worse upload 65 kbps . But i got to do a few "Aus time " last night this way .
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