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  1. Well thanks , came out great on my inventer , having trouble with my ender 5 pro at the moment . That will print the back part . So thanks .
  2. Thank you , will be good to print it . It's some thing we don't see on cars much theses days , In the 80's 90's they were on alot of cars had them . I had them on the old MK 1 Escort , MK1 Capri . MK 3 cortina . Making a mini one will be great addition to the SS . Thanks ..
  3. Nice , do you have it on thingiverse of your updated one thanks .. Would love to print it my self . Looks fantastic , great job ..
  4. Ampro is pintopower .. Has some great stuff ..
  5. @moffman Looks like your one lol . Nice Avante @Pablo68 , are you going to run it ?. 2011 model , so it should be good to run .
  6. The famous Benchy , there Are more different versions of this now . Looks like it came out great . Nice and clean ..
  7. 2001 Avante body is needed for the egress chassis . As the egress chassis is longer .
  8. WOW M8 , that looks fantastic , Very nice job indeed .. Do you have spear cut off parts off the body ??. As you could use that to spray the smoke 1st too try it ....
  9. Very nice job Re-bugged . Came out fantastic , so whats your next truck going to be ..
  10. Been 3d printing like MAD , 3D printed Avante 2001 rims . Been trying to get it better finish . I'm getting there great guns now , got a few lol . Just finishing off the last white rim now , i used natural filament ( looks like white ) on the 2001 pic . So i will change that .
  11. Abs is a pain to use , UHU stic ( Blue ) is what i used . On glass bed . But Raft is good also . and both can be applied if needed . I try not to use raft , as more to clean up , of course . But some times needed ( i use as last resort ) I also use ( 3DLAC Plus) it's an Adhesive spray for 3d printers to prevent warping great stuff . Mind you not cheap , but works . Hair spray is some thing other people use , not sure what brand ? As i have not used it , But the 3dlac smells like it of sorts . Maybe google it and see what you have in your country ? .. I have some prints look great and then start to warp sadly .. Nothing worse , as it can screw the hole print . So give them a go ?. I have CTC printer that i used the UHU Blue on and worked , with glass on bed . Inventer , i don't have glass bed . But i use 3dlac . Ender 5 pro not glass bed , but i use 3dlac . Let the print and bed cool and most of the time the come off , some times i have to tap it to get it off lol . But they do come off , NO warping .. Good luck . Ok , uk site for 3dlac https://www.amazon.co.uk/3D-Adhesive-Anti-Warping-Spray-Printers/dp/B01HQ4KXZ4
  12. The 1st one of 3 that i want of the VQS . Let alone the MK2 Escort i want 3 of .. Need a 3rd or 4th job to pay for them all lol.
  13. Don't post address here PM them . As people can see it , you don't want that . PEOPLE , DON'T POST ADDRESS ON FORUMS . I SEE THIS ALOT . AS YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TOO SEE POSTS ...
  14. Good to see you back ! . This thread has never been the same :LOL: ... Hope is all well ..
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