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  1. matman

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    Great , whats the price if you have spear ?. May need 3 or 4 . Ha you may need to do what toykid is doing , RC store ( 3D ) for his stuff . I know yours is great quality .
  2. matman

    Help With ReRe Egress equipment

    I have brushless and didn't need to flip the pinion over . Pic of BL and pinion , run well .
  3. matman

    Help With ReRe Egress equipment

    And now they are on my Boomerang Thommo ..
  4. matman

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    No , just made it . helps it to stay stable . Gives it strength , works well .
  5. matman

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    So. How many are you going to Buy ....
  6. You may need to let people know where you live ( like Country , State . ) As that helps .
  7. matman

    Scratch Built RC Holden HX Overlander Panel Van

    Again , Another great update Trini2DBone . Good to see this getting there & your still coming up with new ideas & trying them . Great work & the Video was great . Yer freaky how the vid turned out , with the tv stuff .
  8. matman

    I took the plunge and bought a 3D printer

    X-box Kinect & Raspberry PI , Is all you need for a 3D scanning tool . Now i got back from NZ & the Bag scanners are X-box Kinect ! . The funny thing is , i do have both & i was going to do it and see how it worked . But of course i have not done that . Now the Raspberry PI is cheap & you can download the info etc to make a 3D scanner . They also do almost anything .
  9. SuperSabre is NOT the same . So you have too Get hotshot 2 only ...
  10. matman

    Retro BMX

    I was looking at getting a mongoose as some BMX joint makes them on FB . They were not cheap $1500 + give or take a few $$$$$ . Owell some things you have too let go , So how's it like without kids BAHAHAHA .... ""Oh"" you sold the bikes ! ..
  11. matman

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    Boomerang front with supershot shock bits . Old parts off Supershot manual ( not the re re super hotshot manual ) << as this will be different part numbers . You can go to Tamiyaclub main page and find manuals for the re re super hotshot .
  12. What and you didn't let us know ? . Could have come by and said hi .. I have been on the Motorcross band wagon etc . Had to sell it as i'm getting too old and also on blood thinners . So that didn't help . The kayak sounds great and can go with an RC Boat haha . So how did ya go in Perth IFMAR ?. :LOL: .
  13. matman

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Not too sure , it says Bandai ( Made in Japan ) . I can remember this in red with a black stripe and i have pic of that . But i don't see any red or black at all . As i had painted it that colour , so you would think there would be paint on the inside etc !. Will never build the plastic models . The RS1800 has clear body , so you can see everything in side . Looks great . I may have too look for the one you have said above . I'm almost thinking i had two of these and this a parts one . But i'm not to sure on that . Getting old and not remembering things are a pain .
  14. matman

    Boomerang VS Super Hotshot

    This is what i use , the supershot ( super hotshot ) parts . Works great . They fit the same as it would on the super hotshot . Very simple setup . Just need to get the parts , the shock towers and the lower metal brackets on the front arms . Plus an extra front shock and some spacers for the top towers . I can take pic's if you like . I also have DF03 shocks on mine as well as MIP ball diff's And also other parts . Then again i love the boomerang anyway ..
  15. Good to see ya back M8 , how many BMX did you build ?.