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  1. Did you get a Pre-order price of some sort ? .. But then again who cares on the price i just want them . OH "Only " three Wandy . ..
  2. Nice , somthing else i have learnt new . Thanks for shearing , Love this sort of stuff . It's amazing what had changed and had not knowing it had in the early days . Now put it in a glass case and lock it yup , as you will be lucky to find another one ..
  3. I just saw it on TB and went to say on here .. Yer is looks great , they better bang them out . I'm sure they will go out the door as soon as there made . This will be a good small money maker for Mr T ..
  4. HAHA , is that a new word for , " you stole it" to use and now , She has been looking for it for months . But of course you have know idea where it is . . But it is a great idea .
  5. Plus it comes with Pre painted body , so will need to get body sets as well . I'm going to get a few kits and bodys . I'm sure Tamiya will do very well with this . Now i hope they bring out the MK1 next year and a MK1 cortina the following year ....
  6. Looks like this is coming , Tamiyablog has pic of it , Kit number 58687 . Escort MK 2 PB ( MF-01X ) ..
  7. @MadInventor You also need rear arms off Boomarang to make hs2 . So you need red parts tree and red shocks and rear arms and the body of course . Then your good to go . Would be good if they started making upgrade , like above . Hi-cap packs , shock upgrade ( as above ) Body upgrades ( winger body is one i would like ) , ball diffs would be great and i'm sure theres more . Good idea .
  8. Looks fantastic @toyolien , Love the detail and the TV , laptop , water bottles to the Light swtich next to the door ( with conduit ) . This is the stuff i can't seam to do/get , as in scale wise . My hat's off to you Great job and thanks for the detail thread . Ha you just need a MK1 escort on block's and i'm there ... THANK YOU .
  9. @Ferruz Great pic's again , looks fantastic time of the year .
  10. Great thread so far @toyolien & thanks greatly for doing this and for your time making the thread . Loving the thread and the Pic's , looks fantastic . THANK YOU
  11. Build thread would be great on this . How too and what you did ... For us foke that don't know how .. If you could of course thanks .
  12. Yes you can use 2.4 GH.z and it's not that hard . Look at https://hobbyconcepts.net , step by step guide how to . Great ideas etc , youtube ( Hobbyconcepts-LLC ) has vids as well . You may lose a day watching his videos .
  13. Whos to say the timing is the same ? Between blue and green parts ?. Just my 2 cents worth Is S ( maybe stock ) and T ( maybe timed ) ? Just saying . Would like to find out if that is the difference ..
  14. It , also have foam tyres on rear ? ( looking at pic's ) . Thats why it looks odd , but it is fine . BUT it is a FOX , Not a Nova fox or anything else . Now fox & nova are the same , apart from diff casings ( as it takes E-Clips ) And not the C-Clips and the Fox does . All so out drives , dog bones and axles are different in Novafox . But you can put in fox , But if you use NOVAFOX diff casings you need to use E-Clips , where you use vintage out drives , axles etc or use Novafox out drives , axles and dog bones .
  15. What else you got for sale ?. I'm stuc in NZ and have been since 18 july ( 1st time i tryed to get back to Aus ) . Got here 6th June , as my Mum passed away of cancer sadly on 3rd june . Tryed to get here sooner , but we all know about covid etc . Been thinking of getting an RC to tinker with . G-hopper , hornet , wildone , boomerang ? Runner . And of course i have nothing here .
  16. Very Nice , Now i have seen them on E-Bay , what are they like ? . As i would like too get one , but can't hit the BIN button . .. What's the fit and finnish and Quality like ? .. Thanks , Oh what one did you get also ..
  17. So red and green it is then . Or body number two on it's way with red paint ...
  18. A few years ago 50calibercustoms used to make them and other parts for the orv . I did buy the other stuff . BUT i didn't get these sadly at that time , as that would have fixed the problem as no flex . But i didn't . Now that cooper813 has got it all ( as 50calibercustoms sold all the rights etc ) the price is very high . I can't justify the price .
  19. Good to see ya sort of back .
  20. Looks sharp M8 . Looks like alot of time masking and a few mins unmasking then long time remasking . Just think of how much time we all have spent masking and painting , In our rc life . How many bodys we have damaged in a small amount of time ( sadly) . After painting them ..
  21. For a start , It's a RERE BODY . Not vintage , so it's going for stupid money . Some one is getting ripped off . As it's NOT vintage . NO F.O.R.D on front of bonnet etc , wrong grill . You can see holes filled in body etc ... It's not SRB Vintage body , The new owner will need lube for the reaming he's going to feel , for the price he's/ she's paying for a re re body
  22. I did two weeks ago , headed to Auckland , stopped in taupo etc . . Board as heellllllllll , been here since 6 june . NO rc or 3d printing etc . NO money as thats running out . Can't get home , as they get cancelled . I'm sure it will be cancelled again and i will have to wait , till 25 oct as that will take me to Perth WA . Not through Melbourne then perth . But got to go to Auckland to fly out . I may be stuck here for ever ... MFU in taupo $700 or so . I get them under $500 just , in aus LHS . I almost fell over on the prices here . I would have got an rc or even a truck to keep my self busy . But not at that price :O .
  23. Waipukurau @ (mums)/ Family house . Good you can work from home then . Gee RC is very costly here in NZ WOW !! ... Only saw one rc shop so far , that was in Taupo . Got grasshopper/hornet chassis and B parts tree boomerang . Didn't need them , but just wanted to buy somthing rc tamiya here ....
  24. Yes , it's not good . This will stop me getting back to Australia . I have my flights cancelled last month . I have rebooked them for the 1st sep , but that may get cancelled if this keeps up . I have been here since 6 june . ( had too come to NZ sadly ) So the news of 4 cases and another lockdown not too good . Hope it's only 3 days . But i can't see that it will be . So are you Auckland area ? As i'm not luckily . Was there two weeks ago , seeing a M8 . Great build .. You may have time to do it if, we all get another lock down . ..
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