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  1. Been 3d printing like MAD , 3D printed Avante 2001 rims . Been trying to get it better finish . I'm getting there great guns now , got a few lol . Just finishing off the last white rim now , i used natural filament ( looks like white ) on the 2001 pic . So i will change that .
  2. Abs is a pain to use , UHU stic ( Blue ) is what i used . On glass bed . But Raft is good also . and both can be applied if needed . I try not to use raft , as more to clean up , of course . But some times needed ( i use as last resort ) I also use ( 3DLAC Plus) it's an Adhesive spray for 3d printers to prevent warping great stuff . Mind you not cheap , but works . Hair spray is some thing other people use , not sure what brand ? As i have not used it , But the 3dlac smells like it of sorts . Maybe google it and see what you have in your country ? .. I have some prints look great and then start to warp sadly .. Nothing worse , as it can screw the hole print . So give them a go ?. I have CTC printer that i used the UHU Blue on and worked , with glass on bed . Inventer , i don't have glass bed . But i use 3dlac . Ender 5 pro not glass bed , but i use 3dlac . Let the print and bed cool and most of the time the come off , some times i have to tap it to get it off lol . But they do come off , NO warping .. Good luck . Ok , uk site for 3dlac https://www.amazon.co.uk/3D-Adhesive-Anti-Warping-Spray-Printers/dp/B01HQ4KXZ4
  3. The 1st one of 3 that i want of the VQS . Let alone the MK2 Escort i want 3 of .. Need a 3rd or 4th job to pay for them all lol.
  4. Don't post address here PM them . As people can see it , you don't want that . PEOPLE , DON'T POST ADDRESS ON FORUMS . I SEE THIS ALOT . AS YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TOO SEE POSTS ...
  5. Good to see you back ! . This thread has never been the same :LOL: ... Hope is all well ..
  6. Ok done for now . May change it ? Time will tell . Now need to make and STL file and print it woohoo , so happy i managed to get this far .
  7. This is going to be about 1/2 hour job , need to finish off . Starting to get the hang of this Autocad stuff . So this was my next challange CRP boomerang , hotshot etc front brace . Just need to curve ( fillet ) the ends . Then i can print . This is my 1st draw for RC . I'm sure i will need to make changes lol .. Been trying to Autocad draw for a few years and of course it won't work/turnout etc . Get peeeeeed offffffffffff And stop . But been woring on it and watching youtube over the last 6 or so months . I will print it in PLA 1st ( all i have at the moment ) will look at ABS , petg or nylon maybe , But that's for another RC cad day HAHA ..
  8. That looks great , Plus it looks like its working well . You will be pumping out bodys like nobodys bisness . Hope the escorts , cortinas are going to get some action ...
  9. Locked clod diff mod . 3D printed mod . On thingiverse of course . Came out great . But i have found that my flashforge inventer 3d printer won't print it , with 100% infill . The infill over extrudes and on looking at things and playing with setting , i have noticed that other things were wrong . Holes not right ( size ) . These are printed on the ender 5 pro . About $500 Au for printer ( was on Black friday sale. , inventer $1500 Au for printer ( duel extuder ) . I may need to get a photo image hoast ? . This 4.88MB is a pain .. O-Well back to the 3d printer now . Going to be a great day haha trying settings . Have a great day TC'S .
  10. Been a busy day , mind you been a busy 12 days 3D printing . But i have got some stuff out . Grasshopper 3D Printed upgrade project . The 1st front arms i forgot to have 100% infill , so there are the one's on the right of the 1ST pic . Not sure what the go is with the rear shock mount/body mount ?? .. Body pins in the wrong place .?
  11. Nothing to change , works great . Thanks for putting it on thingiverse . Very easy to print and came out fantastic . Just need to have an inch taller one , would be good thanks . Love ya work , I'm only Just starting to Cad draw , So my hats off to ya .
  12. So glade i'm home , Been. 3d printing like mad lol . Thanks We can all only hope it's a better year next year .
  13. Got this for Christmas for my self , Ordered when i was stuck in New Zealand . Was thinking it was going to take longer to get to Aus , but it only took a week . So it was ready in My car , with my rc cars that i had ordered and was waiting as well . So when i got off the plane in Perth , car was in car park & all i had to do was find it and get in . Drive home and stay home for 15 days ( WA only , WA wants 14 full days ) . So Christmas by my self . My poor 3d printers have not stopped , got 6 months to catch up on , YES 6 months two weeks in NZ . Found this clod stand as well , so i printed it . Came out great . Printer is Ender 5 pro . My Inventor is great as well . The blue/white on right in 2nd pic . So merry Christmas to all . I'm printing Grasshopper stuff at the moment . One of the best X-mas present i got my self ...... This is on Thingiverse & TC member Xeostar made it .
  14. Never seen any for sale as parts . Only came in kit sadly . I had been looking for some time since they came out . The one's i had seen in the early days was from broken up kits and it was pricey . Maybe you could try Japan ? On one of those sites Yahoo japan & other one's . Does get pricey in postage , exchange etc and the process of how it's done . It's the only other option i can think of .
  15. Super hotshot 13450053 ( Propeller shalf ) ( BB19 ) in manual < same as hotshot in length Hotshot 3450053 ( Propeller shaft ) ( MR17 ) in manual
  16. Yep use re-re g-box with E-clips and you can use original fox shafts or of course re-re shafts . Original G-box use's C-clips and you can use both shalfts re-re or original .
  17. You can , as i'm not in Aus still . Don't want to leave stuff in aus if i'm not there . So if you get them and i can look at getting the one's of yogi at some point ?. If that's all right Guys .. Thanks .
  18. Mine is still NIB . WIll not sell and won't take it out of box . Just need to find a NIB fox 1:10 , One day . Have you run your's @mtbkym01 ?? . You can't seem to find the front rims for the fox , i can find rear one's . Had been looking for years . Found white front's << Boo not wanted haha .
  19. Looks great , Nice rims . The mini lites < if i spelled it right
  20. Did you get a Pre-order price of some sort ? .. But then again who cares on the price i just want them . OH "Only " three Wandy . ..
  21. Nice , somthing else i have learnt new . Thanks for shearing , Love this sort of stuff . It's amazing what had changed and had not knowing it had in the early days . Now put it in a glass case and lock it yup , as you will be lucky to find another one ..
  22. I just saw it on TB and went to say on here .. Yer is looks great , they better bang them out . I'm sure they will go out the door as soon as there made . This will be a good small money maker for Mr T ..
  23. HAHA , is that a new word for , " you stole it" to use and now , She has been looking for it for months . But of course you have know idea where it is . . But it is a great idea .
  24. Plus it comes with Pre painted body , so will need to get body sets as well . I'm going to get a few kits and bodys . I'm sure Tamiya will do very well with this . Now i hope they bring out the MK1 next year and a MK1 cortina the following year ....
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